11 ideas for escorts to save money

11 ideas for escorts to save money

11 ideas for escorts to save money

Taking care of your finances is essential to ensure your peace of mind. After all, 11 ideas for escorts to save money is a way to guarantee freedom and the possibility of making your own choices for your life.

And, to keep the account in the black, get rid of debts and invest for the future, some say that it is more important to spend less than to earn more . That’s why we’ve listed 11 ways that sex workers can reduce their own labor costs and thus increase profits from their online advertisements .

1. Take pictures for portfolio

Many photographers, whether they are beginners who need to practice or build a portfolio, or are just looking to renew their photos to get new clients, can accept taking their photos for free.

After all, it’s a situation where both will have advantages: they need a model to shoot, and you need photos to use in your ad and your social media . And if they are professional photos , even better. That way, you get high-quality photos that show professionalism, and without incurring any expense.

See how kolkata escorts can leverage social media to make more 11 ideas for escorts to save money

Attention: it is important that this agreement between you and the person who will take the photos is a serious commitment, and the best way to guarantee this is with a contract .

It is possible to find models on the internet, and, to guarantee your privacy, it is essential that you state what types of use can be made of these photos. This must be agreed between you before the rehearsal, and you should only accept to photograph with someone who gives you confidence and makes you comfortable.


2. Take your own photos

If you have a cell phone and a tripod, you’re halfway there to taking your own photos. After all, cell phones these days have great cameras, and it’s perfectly possible to take sexy pictures at home that way. In addition to being completely free, this option is advantageous for those who don’t feel comfortable being photographed by someone else.

If you want to take your own photos, it is important to pay attention to some points:

  • The backdrop : Make sure you have a nice background for your photo. A messy room, for example, does not convey the professionalism that your work deserves.
  • The lighting: you can experiment with different lights using table lamps and cellophane to change the color, as well as exploiting natural light for a more “natural” effect – it’s very successful!
  • Editing: don’t weigh your hand when editing the photos, or try to change their appearance through applications – the chances of the result being artificial are great. So use these programs primarily to make color and brightness improvements. Trust me: that alone will give your photos a professional look.

3. Join motel loyalty programs

If you don’t have a fixed location to serve your customers, look for an easily accessible motel that offers a good atmosphere and has an advantageous loyalty program.

Nowadays, many motels offer these types of programs. The rules vary from one to another, but, in general, you accumulate points with each visit, both for the daily rate and for everything consumed during the stay. And, every so many points accumulated, you can exchange for free nights.

As each motel has its own rules and offers different benefits, it’s up to you to do a good research and find out which offers the best program for your services.

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4. Join hotel points programs

If it’s better to serve your customers in hotels rather than motels, you can also look into hotel points programs to get discounts or free nights.

One of the benefits of working in a hotel room is that, with good planning, it is possible to book more than one client on the same day. Thus, the daily value is “diluted” between the earnings of the day. And, in case you get a nice discount or even a free night, your earnings also get higher.

hotel program

As in the case of motels, the ways to get these points to exchange for daily rates vary according to the hotel chain. But a good advantage is that some of these programs are linked to credit card points programs. So, the more purchases you make on the card, the more points you accumulate and get better discounts.

But be careful : the ideal is to use your credit card to buy what you already need or want, and only if you already have the 11 ideas for escorts to save money in your account to pay. Don’t go into debt trying to save!

5. Use public transport

If you are going to meet your client and your transport is not part of the payment, using public transport is a good idea to 11 ideas for escorts to save money. Remember to plan ahead, as journeys by bus, metro and/or train tend to take longer than those by car.

If you don’t want to get to the service by public transport, an alternative to reduce this expense is to make most of the trip that way and call a car for the last part . For example: when arriving at the nearest metro station, call an Uber.

That way, you spend the least amount of time and still take advantage of those minutes to touch up your makeup and calmly prepare for the date.

6. Buy condoms in boxes

We don’t even need to tell sex workers that using a condom is essential to work safely. But buying condoms in separate packages can end up making your service more expensive, and decreasing your profits from your work.

One way out is to buy condoms in boxes, as shopkeepers do, wholesale. To give you an idea, the value per unit of condom in a closed box is around R$0.58. When buying at a pharmacy, you spend about R$ 1.16. The difference is not just 58 cents: it is 50% of the value! That is, you can end up spending twice as much buying condoms at the pharmacy.

Condom prevents pregnancy and disease

7. Lingerie online

Lingerie can cost hundreds of dollars. But you can greatly reduce your spending on these parts by purchasing them from online stores. After all, there are several stores that offer lingerie at cost price for those who want to resell. But you can buy them to use in your day to day work.

To give you an idea, you can find complete lace sets for around R$20, sexy nightgowns for around R$35, panties for around R$7… In addition, many stores offer free shipping above a certain amount. and a discount on the first purchase.

Finally, you can still assess whether you want to make extra income selling lingerie . That way, you can take advantage of the same purchase to acquire both the models you want to use in your appointments and the ones you want to resell, greatly reducing the cost of that purchase and boosting your profit.

8. Wholesale bedding

As with lingerie, you can also find wholesale bed linen and towels. And, as these are items that need to be changed frequently by those who work as escorts, it is necessary to have several to change for each client. In this way, buying in bulk is advantageous, because it reduces the price of each piece.

Values ​​vary greatly according to the store and type of fabric. But you can find double bed sets for less than BRL 80 and bath towels for BRL 25, both in hotel standard – that is, the same type you would find in hotels.

Wholesale bed linen: save on customer service

9. Care with your appearance at home

Appearance is a very important aspect of the call girl profession. But as much pleasure as going to the beauty salon is, the treatments can be quite expensive. It doesn’t mean that you should never go, but that this should be a foreseen expense in your monthly budget. And if it can be reduced, even better.

For this reason, it is interesting that you learn to do the basics, such as hair care, nail care and even waxing. For depilation, it’s even worth doing the math to find out if it would be advantageous to invest in some device for that, or even in laser or pulsed light depilation sessions. After all, despite having a high cost, they will save you from thinking about it for a long time!

Think of it as maintenance for the service you did at the salon : something you can do quickly and at no cost at home. In addition, you can see this moment as a “home spa”, a self-care session that can help a lot with your mental health .

10. Exams at SUS

It is essential for those who work with sex to keep their exams up to date to protect themselves from STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) and detect any problem early on. But doing these tests regularly in private laboratories can also end up generating high costs.

However, every Indian and every Indian has the right to use the Unified Health System, the SUS, completely free of charge. And one of the services that SUS offers is STI testing!

It even has quick tests to detect HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B and C, made with a drop of blood collected at the time by the finger or with saliva (for HIV). While conventional tests take up to 20 days to be ready, rapid results are available in half an hour. You can find the service center closest to you at ConectaSUS , under the Rede de Saúde link.

11. Pay your taxes

Paying your taxes may not seem like a money-saving tip. However, it is a very important tip for your finances. After all, not doing so could end up costing you much more in the future.

About this, it is important for you to know that, although the Ministry of Labor made the profession of companion official in 2002, sex workers cannot issue a note as MEI, that is, they cannot be a legal entity. After all, this work does not count on the list of activities in this modality.

So, one way to do this is as a self -employed individual: declare your 11 ideas for escorts to save moneyby rupa every month, if you receive at least 12,998 per month. By regularizing your taxes, you escape the lion’s bite, which can take a lot of money when charging late with fines.

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