7 things escorts can do in periods of less contact

7 things escorts can do in periods

At the end of the year, it is common for there to be a drop in demand for escort services . However, you can use this period to organize other 7 things escorts can do in periodsrelated to your work and ensure that you are going to start the new year with everything – also because January is usually a period of great demand, so it is good to prepare for it.

To help you program yourself, we have prepared a list of things for you to check and see if they are right. And, if they are not, straighten everything out before the movement picks up again.

1. Take care of your social networks

Maintaining a good presence on social media is essential for gaining new clients and keeping yours close , as well as connecting with other Escorts. Therefore, this might be a good time to take a good look at how your profiles are doing, what type of content is most successful, what doesn’t work out so well, and even prepare some posts for the future.

To help you with this, you can use sites like Canva , which have free and easy-to-edit designs; Adobe Lightroom, to enhance photos with good editing; and MLabs, which allows you to schedule posts on different networks and is all in Portuguese.

7 things escorts can do in period

2. Make new photos

And, since you’re going to think about new posts for your social networks, why not take the opportunity and take new photos ?

That way, in addition to having fresh content to share, you can also update your ad photos on Miss Kolkata .

Another advantage of taking new photos is being able to sell photo packs and earn extra money. The good thing about these packs is that you only need to take the photos once and you can profit from them over and over again with different customers.

To renew your photos, you can get in touch with a photographer you know and schedule a professional shoot . However, if he or she has a busy schedule or you prefer to save money this holiday season, you can take the photos yourself at home . After all, today’s cell phones allow you to make excellent images and, with good editing, they become even better.

3. Extra income

Since we are talking about photo packs, this is a good time to take advantage of our extra income tips for companions and earn extra money or supplement your income, even more so considering that the movement may drop due to the end of year festivities .

In addition to photo sales, you can do personalized videos, video calls, or offer phone sex . Another possibility is to sell used panties or other objects, such as shoes and socks , to satisfy certain fetishes .

things escorts can do in periods

4. Check your financial planning

Checking your finances is something you should always do to make sure you’re earning more than you spend, make plans for the future and figure out where to cut costs. And, at the end of the year, it’s interesting to do a real analysis of your money in the last 12 months.

But that takes some time. So, if you are in a period of lower demand from customers, take the opportunity to take your bank statements and credit card bills and go through them with a fine-tooth comb. The objective is to discover expenses that can be cut or reduced and learn from what you spent for nothing, so as not to repeat this next year. Also, if you don’t know your cost of living, it’s time to find out to know exactly how much you need to earn per month.

That way, you already enter 2022 with much more organization and clarity with your money , and you can plan and go after your goals.

5. Clear your contacts

New year, new life… And why not new clients? You can take advantage of this time to see your contacts and categorize them or even delete those who haven’t contacted you in a while.

A good tip is to use the ClientEye application for this. It was created thinking about the safety of those who are sex workers and are collaborative.

In other words, anyone who works as an escort can add, completely anonymously, information such as the client’s telephone number and the type of problem he caused. Thus, other call girls, when receiving a message from this person, will know that he may not be a good customer and decide to serve him or not.

ClientEye is a partner of Miss Kolkata and we recommend that all our advertisers download the application for more security in their calls 7 things escorts can do in periods.

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6. Review your taxes

The period to declare your income tax in 2022 starts only on March 1st. But, as it relates to the year 2021, it is worth taking advantage of this period of less demand to gather all the necessary proofs and confirm that everything is ok .

So, if there is a problem, you have time to find a solution or hire a good accountant to help you understand everything. That is, take advantage of this time to ensure that, when the time comes, you will be able to deliver your statement without any problems.

escorts can do in period

7. Renew your ad

Don’t forget to renew your ad on Miss Kolkata escorts  (or create an ad , if you don’t have one yet) to ensure that your customers will find you. For this, in addition to the new photos, it’s also a good idea to revise the title and description to ensure you’re attracting the right audience.

Also, pay special attention to the Extra Services 7 things escorts can do in periods section . After all, it’s there to save you and your client’s time: you can select each service it offers, from kissing on the mouth and striptease to companionship at events and performing fetishes, and how much each one of them costs.

Remember: it is normal, in the escort profession, to have 7 things escorts can do in periods of greater or lesser demand. Therefore, it is essential to identify these trends and prepare for them, to avoid surprises and deal with these situations in the best possible way.

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