Anal sex: how to do it and have more pleasure

Anal sex how to do

A subject that is still taboo for many, especially for women, anal sex can raise many doubts and questions about how to practice it safely and generate maximum pleasure with the option.

Many may also think that anal sex is only done with the penetration of the penis into the anus. But in fact, it can be characterized by the use of vibrators, fingers, hands, and even the tongue.

  • what is anal sex
  • How to have anal sex without pain
  • What is the best position for anal sex?
  • How to prepare for anal sex
  • How to have anal sex safely

To help with these doubts, Misskolkata created the brief guide below with information about what it is, how to prepare and do it (avoiding pain), in addition to suggesting some of the best positions for the act and, of course, staying safe. and healthy during every sexual practice.

what is anal sex

Anal sex usually involves the penetration of an erect penis into a person’s anus for sexual pleasure. Other forms of anal sex include using fingers, using sex toys for anal penetration, oral sex performed in the anus, and pegging.

Although sexual activity is commonly associated with homosexual relationships, research indicates that not all gay men engage in it and that it is not uncommon in heterosexual relationships.

How to have anal sex without pain

First, we need to talk a little about anatomy. The rectum is approximately 17 cm long and the outer part is called the anus, which has its opening controlled by the external sphincter muscle, which you control (squeezing and relaxing when you have a bowel movement).

The external sphincter is a voluntary muscle, however, right after it there is the internal sphincter, over which there is no control, as it is controlled by the central nervous system.

So if the person is relaxed, that muscle will be too. If you are nervous or tense, the external and internal sphincter will contract. So, to have pain-free anal sex , you need to relax.

So, relaxing is not just to get in the mood, but to help the body and the region at the time of penetration.

Use and abuse of lubrication

As you’ve already seen, tension is one of the factors that can cause pain during sex. But besides that, the other factor that contributes to it is the fact that the anus does not have as much lubrication as the genitals normally do.

Therefore, for sex to be pleasurable, you must always have a good lubricant on hand. And the recommendation is that water-based lubricants be used. The use of alternatives such as creams, oils, soaps can cause health problems.

Explore the moment together

In addition to being relaxed, involved and with the correct lubrication in the practice of sex, here is the premise for every sexual act: talk to your partner and understand what may or may not please, seek to explore and get to know each other.

Keeping the partner informed during the act about the pressure, speed and different ways of penetration will also make a difference when it comes to preventing any pain and leaving room only for excitement, pleasure and orgasms.

Yes, it is possible to have an orgasm with Escorts Services. For cisgender men (gay and straight) and trans women, with correct penetration, the prostate is stimulated and causes intense orgasms. In the case of cis women and trans men, orgasm during anal sex is more difficult, but it can happen, especially if there is genital stimulation at the same time.

Learn how to have anal sex safely

What is the best position for anal sex?

In summary, the best position is the one in which the person being penetrated feels most comfortable. The four position, for example, may not be the most comfortable.

Some suggestions are:

  • Lying on the side (or spoon): With the person being penetrated lying on their side for the person who is penetrating, who may be lying down or on their knees.
  • Raising the hips: Raising the hips allows penetration from the front to happen easier and smoother.
  • Perfect fit: With the person’s legs pierced upwards, this position is also classic for practice.
  • The little surprise: Present in the Kama Sutra, this position takes advantage of the relaxation of those who will be penetrated, usually on their stomach, and the person who penetrates from above.
  • Roast chicken: Experts say that the famous roast chicken position – where the person being penetrated is lying on their back and resting their legs on their partner’s shoulder – is also a great alternative for pleasure in the sexual act.

Often in practice, each person tends to develop preferences regarding the best time and position for anal sex.

How to prepare for anal sex

You must have heard about the chuca, right? This is nothing more than cleaning the intestines, using some suitable materials, such as an intimate shower. But if done incorrectly or too often, it can cause problems.

The rectum mucosa is composed of sensitive cells and bacteria responsible for water absorption, digestion and in addition to having an important role in the immunity of the entire body. Changing this area can directly affect your health.

How to have anal sex safely

The main indication for hygiene before anal sex is daily bathing and washing the area with soap and water. Also, evacuating before intercourse will help to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Last but not least, condom use is essential for your safety. In addition to protection against possible contact with bacteria from the intestine and anus, the condom is the main instrument to protect you from STIs ( Sexually Transmitted Infections ) and HIV.

For women, an extra caution: never alternate anal fuck with kolkata escorts sex with oral or vaginal sex without changing the condom. Bacteria can be taken to the vagina and mouth with this.

Prevent yourself and enjoy the pleasure that this practice can provide.

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