Attract More customers Create a Video

Attract More customers Create a Video

Create a video ad and attract more customers to Miss Kolkata

There is no shortage of resources on Miss Kolkata to create an attractive ad and get Attract More customers Create a Video, which can complement the photos and give a special taste, with more emphasis on your advertisement and your services.

Therefore, in this article you will see the step by step to include this type of media and check out our tips to create an irresistible video.

Step by step: video on Miss Kolkata

On the ad creation page , just after the photos, there is a space for you to upload a video. Just click on the icon and choose the video.

Create a Video

But be careful: the video must have a maximum length of one minute and be in one of these formats: asf, avi, m4v, mov, mp4, 3g2, wmv.

When it finishes loading, the icon will have a green indicator next to it. This means that the video has been uploaded successfully.


Important: you will not be able to edit or cut the video on the website, just upload it. That’s why it’s essential that it’s ready to go live when you create your ad.

Want tips for doing this? Read on, we’ll show you how to make a sexy video for your escort ad.

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How to make a sexy video

The first step for a good video is the same as for a good photo : lighting . If the light is not good, the quality of your video will be compromised. So before you start recording, make sure you have good lighting.

However, that doesn’t necessarily mean shining a light directly on you like a spotlight. Good lighting can be a dim light, or an amber lamp, which creates a more sensual mood kolkata escorts. Another idea might be to stand between the light and the camera, capturing the silhouette, for an air of mystery.

Attract More customers Create a Video

But, if you don’t have the confidence to do something more elaborate, rely on the basics : clear, general lighting that clearly shows the protagonist of this video – you! – and bring out the best in you.

Scenery and costumes matter a lot

For photos, it is also essential to think about the scenery and costumes. That is, having a beautiful environment and a look that values ​​you. In the video, however, these items are even more in evidence, and it is essential to think about how they will appear and help you when showing off in motion.

After all, there are clothes that look very sexy in the photo, but in video they can hinder your movement, for example, or make you uncomfortable in some way. In addition, as we have already mentioned, lighting plays a very important role in video.

That’s why thinking ahead of time about how lighting, scenery, and costumes go together (and how they could be better) is essential to making a compelling video for your ad.



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Beginning middle and end

The video still gives you one Attract More customers Create a Video possibility than the photo: it has a beginning, middle and end, as if it were a story, even if it is short. And knowing this can further expand your horizons when creating your own.

That’s not to say you have to think of a script, lines and all. Instead, imagine how you want it to start, what the key moment is, and how you want it to end. Having that clear, you already avoid that moment of ′′ what do I do now? as soon as you hit record.

Now, we come to an important point in the video: after all, what should you do in it?

Attract More customers Create a Video

What to do in a sexy video

A video is a great way to showcase your personality. So, first of all, try to feel free to show the side you want your customers to know.

This can be done in many ways in a sexy video. For example, it could be a dance, an intimate moment (like a bath, for example), an invitation, a presentation to your potential clients…

However, you must be careful with the content of this video to prevent your ad from being removed. After all, there are some types of content that cannot appear in advertisements on Miss Kolkata. See what they are:

  • Talking about prices, other sites (including comparing with Miss Kolkata), swearing or talking about genitals
  • Masturbating, suggesting masturbation, or using sex toys
  • Showing the sexual act, or simulating the sexual act
  • Nudity showing the anus
  • Talk about or demonstrate any service you offer
  • Any kind of violence or threat
  • Background music with lyrics that mention any of the above
  • Attract More customers Create a Video than two people in the video (if it is a double service, they must be the same people in the photos in the ad)
  • Minors (if you appear to be a minor, the video will be removed and you will need to prove your age) Smoking and drug use
Create your video ad now

Now that you’ve got all the tips for making a sexy video for your Miss Kolkata ad, just put it into practice. In addition, these same tips also apply to making videos to sell separately to your customers. , for example.

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You can even use your cell phone to take the video, as the cameras on phones today have great quality. If you don’t have a tripod or someone to film for you, just prop it up with something, like a stack of books.

Also, if you are going to record alone, the tip is to use the front camera to record and guarantee the angles you want. and the right framing. So you can see yourself while recording.

Did you like the tips? So create your ad now and start making money on MissKolkata today.

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