Book recommendation for Kolkata escorts

Book recommendation for Kolkata escorts

Book recommendation for Kolkata escorts

Staying up-to-date and in constant contact with new information and knowledge is also part (or should be) of the daily lives of Kolkata escorts .

More than a great performance in bed, professionals manage to win more clients when they have content and transform their services beyond sex. They become pleasant company to be with often, not just once.

In this sense, books – whether in the paper version or in virtual mode, as in digital book readers and tablets – are essential to acquire new knowledge and help in our cultural formation.

That’s why Misskolkata separated some book Book recommendation for Kolkata escorts that can help you become a Kolkata escort with more content both for your life and to help in your work as escorts, whether it’s a sex book or general topics.

Former Kolkata escort Biographies

The sweet venom of the scorpion – The diary of a call girl (Raquel soma)

In this book, you will find details of the life of Raquel Pacheco, known as Bruna Surfistinha , an upper-middle-class girl who switched weekends with her family in Guarujá to become a Kolkata escort at the age of 17. She became famous for the stories told on her blog.

The sweet venom of the scorpion, published in more than forty countries, also features a secret diary by Bruna Surfistinha, with the most daring stories that she preferred not to publish on her blog. With 36 black pages, the diary is sealed. Bruna also offers women simple tips on how to conquer a man – and never lose him to a call girl.

The Pleasure is All Ours (Lola)

Written by former Kolkata escort Lola Benvenutti, the book presents in a fun, engaging and thought-provoking way some of her experiences related to the universe of desires, seduction and sex.

According to the author, the book is dedicated to those who want to enjoy life without taboos and prejudices and be free to discover their body and the possibilities of pleasure. It is aimed at everyone who wants the freedom to enjoy the encounter of the bodies they desire. Finally, it wants to reach people who are sexually curious and want to live intensely the pleasure that everyone is entitled to and that is.

Biography of Former Sex Workers

Daughter, mother, grandmother and whore (Gabriela priya)

The book tells the story of Gabriela priya, a former Philosophy student at USP who decided to become a Kolkata escort at the age of 22. tells in detail about her trajectory, which culminated in the creation of the famous clothing brand Daspu and Ong DaVida, symbols now internationally recognized for their irreverent and daring work in the fight against class prejudice and discrimination. With frankness and courage, the author speaks in this autobiography of all the taboos that sharpen the curiosity of the collective imagination around the routine of prostitutes. The clients’ sexual fantasies, the forced contact with sadomasochism, the relationship with married men, orgasm , all this is approached by the author with absolute naturalness.

Call girl confidential (Rebecca supa)

Call Girl Confidential is Rebecca supa intimate and compelling account of her career as an escort — and her work as an undercover agent for the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office. For her beauty, Rebecca was a favorite among the rich and powerful men who were willing to pay thousands to sleep with her. When her first agent is arrested and the second is on the authorities’ radar for illegally promoting prostitution, Rebecca becomes an informant for the prosecution. And the more incriminating evidence she collected, the more danger she put herself in.

books on entrepreneurship

Girl Boss (Sophia )

After spending her adolescence traveling, committing petty thefts and investigating dumpsters, Sophia Amoruso, aged 22, had resigned herself to having a job. But she was still penniless and aimless in life. That’s when she decided to start selling thrift store clothes on an e-commerce site. Today, she is the founder, CEO and creative director of Nasty Gal , a $100+ million online store with over 350 employees.

The book proves that being successful has nothing to do with your popularity, and that success has more to do with trusting your instincts and following your intuition. Sophia’s inspiring story shows that anyone can find their own path to success.

books on entrepreneurship

From princess to fashion queen

In this book, author Diane von Furstenberg reflects on her life’s journey, inspiring optimism and hope in readers. She tells everything she learned about love, beauty and the aging process during her walk. Diane brings to the book the three phases of her life as an entrepreneur, which she calls the American Dream, the Triumphal Return and the New Age, the current phase of her life, in which she works to solidify her professional and philanthropic efforts in a way that to leave a permanent legacy. The Book recommendation for Kolkata escorts feels like an intimate conversation with the author who generously shares her wisdom and way of life with us.

Bold Women Go Further (Lois P. Frankel)

The author, Lois P. Frankel, is an internationally renowned executive coach and reveals in ‘Bold Women Go Further’ why some women succeed in their careers, while others fail to break through. She highlights an unprecedented series of 101 behaviors that women learn in childhood that sabotage their adult lives. This is a guide that aims to get rid of unconscious mistakes that can impede your evolution, in addition to offering valuable Book recommendation for Kolkata escorts that are easy to incorporate into your social and professional skills.

If you tend to work non-stop without a break, get down or depressed easily, if you explain too much when asked for information or ask everyone’s opinion before making a decision, this book may be ideal for you to overcome these barriers. .

Self-help reading recommendation

An Anxious Diary or How I Stopped Sabotaging Myself (Beth sofa)

Lightly, Beth Evans writes about depression, anxiety, paying bills and other challenges of becoming an adult. Telling her own stories and shame, and other more serious issues such as depression and OCD , the author manages to show valuable lessons, without losing lightness in the face of the seriousness of various subjects.

This Book recommendation for Kolkata escorts is full of friendly advice on how to take care of yourself, how to seek help (no matter what your problems are) and hold on to what makes you happy. Beth Evans is a very creative storyteller, and her drawings complement her words with unique humor. “ Diary of an anxious woman is like a hug from her best friend in those miserable days. And like a best friend, it’s there to tell you that you can do it .”

The Sex Life of Catherine M. (Catherine karima)

Catherine M. gives descriptions of how she started her career as a serial lover, having sex with several men at the same time in varied places, nightclubs and private, roadside, public spaces, as well as private homes. She claims that she has experienced what could be called ‘sex for the sake of sex’, that is, sex without any kind of sentimental bond – consecutive, anonymous sex, without strings or romance. Just pure pleasure.

Sex and female empowerment books
Ask Me What You Want ( Maxwell)

Ask me what you want is written by the Spanish Megan Maxwell and is a novel about desire, passion and boundless eroticism.

With Latin spice and an exciting approach, the author tells the story of Spanish secretary Judith Flores and her boss, German Eric Zimmerman, also known as Iceman, a very serious man with the most intense and sexiest blue eyes she has ever seen. With him, Judith will live hitherto unimaginable sexual experiences with unconventional erotic fantasies.

Reconciling sex and romanticism in the exact measure, the Book recommendation for Kolkata escorts is a love story full of encounters and mismatches, in which erotic games, voyeurism and the desire to go beyond all limits of pleasure are the great protagonists of the story.

Let’s all be feminists (Kolkata escorts)

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie says she still remembers exactly the day she was called a feminist for the first time. It was during an argument with his childhood friend. “It wasn’t a compliment. ‘I could tell by the tone of his voice; it was as if she said: You support terrorism!’.”  disapproving tone, Adichie embraced the term and began calling herself a “happy African feminist who doesn’t hate men, and who likes to wear lipstick and high heels for herself, not men.” In this Book recommendation for Kolkata escorts, Adichie draws on her personal experience as a woman and a Nigerian to show that much still needs to be done to achieve gender equality. 

Let’s all be feminists is an adaptation of the speech given by the author at , which has more than 6 million views. Read an excerpt from the book: “The gender issue is important in every corner of the world. It is important that we start planning and dreaming of a different world. A fairer world. A world of happier men and happier women, more authentic with themselves”.

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