clients expect from Kolkata escorts

clients expect from Kolkata escorts

What clients expect from Kolkata escorts

Working as a Kolkata escort has numerous challenges and important details to be aware of. There is no right formula or single direction for all professionals. Also because there are different types of customers, moments, services and desires. But certainly, there are key elements to success in any and all circumstances in serving customers.

In general, people who decide to hire escorts are looking for something more, something that they cannot easily find in their daily lives, something extraordinary. Be it something related to your insecurities, desires and fantasies, or even just to have good company or conversation.

What do clients expect from Kolkata escorts?

Even though a client’s tastes and requests to professionals vary and can often be unpredictable, there are certain aspects related to their appearance and performance that can make a difference and make them repeat customers.

In this list below there is no stereotype involved or standards of appearance and any other specific issue of any person. Misskolkata India is to help you improve your contact with them, either via websites or social networks , as well as your service. We want you to win more and more customers, and of course, earn more with it.

Discover the most sought after characteristics in escorts

What are the main attributes that customers look for in escorts

Ranging from your physical characteristics to how you behave in certain situations, clients expect from Kolkata escorts will invariably look for at least one of the items below, but they may be looking for all of them at the same time.

Keep a good physical appearance

Of course, beauty is subjective because the characteristics that can attract the other vary from person to person. But taking care of your mind and body can make all the difference when a customer chooses you over a competitor.

Doing physical activities, maintaining a good diet, taking care of your skin, hair or nails, and even maintaining a relaxation routine – such as yoga – can help you maintain your body’s health and vigor so that you can stand out in the eyes of those who seek by a Kolkata escort.

Your performance counts a lot.

Whether it’s your performance in bed or the date as a whole, this is an essential element when it comes to pleasing clients expect from Kolkata escorts. Seek to empathize with the other and seek to offer what the person wants, sometimes this can be intuitive depending on how the meeting takes place.

Sympathy, prompt service and education are very important for the customer to feel more comfortable and really enjoy the occasion. After all, a smile is much more receptive than a frown.

Also, keep up to date with new trends, new techniques to apply during sex, new fetishes or fantasies that clients expect from Kolkata escorts may be looking for, so that you are always ahead of the curve when someone asks for something new.

If you charge more for a certain extra service, don’t be afraid to let the customer know. Transparency helps captivate people when choosing who to go out with next time.

Know how to have a good conversation

Sexual relations and moments of pleasure are normally the main objective of clients expect from Kolkata escorts, but on many occasions it is not just that. A good conversation or interaction with the other can make the professional and client relationship even better and yield more in the service or even in the future of the business, building loyalty for future meetings.

Also, there may be some people who are really looking for some good company to spend some leisure time with and have someone to talk to about different things.

Thus, one of the suggestions is to maintain a regular reading of books , seek information about events and current affairs, and even seek different interests and courses that can add both your profession and your private life.

Health and safety above all

Despite having a minority of people who want to have sex at all costs, without worrying about hygiene or health, this is not and cannot be the rule. Valuing your own health and the health of your customers should be a priority in your service.

This includes having a place to shower, towels, and condoms on hand for you and the other person. Of course, in a time of pandemic, care must be redoubled. Washing your hands with soap frequently, avoiding touching your face and, when possible, wearing a mask are some of the main recommendations of health authorities.

Preserving your hygiene, health and safety will help you face this most difficult situation in the world and recover more easily in the coming months.

The cleanliness of the environment also makes a difference. If your place is owned, keep it clean and tidy. If you use other locations, such as motels, make sure it is a location with proper hygiene.

Discretion is the key in business

This item is clearly something that many Kolkata escorts are fully aware of, but it deserves special mention. Many clients like to keep their private lives private, treating escort service as something only he and the professional know about.

Therefore, it is essential to avoid revealing names or any personal information that could be used to identify your customers. 

Keep your health up to date to better serve your customers

What Customers Might Not Like in an Escort

It is also necessary to be aware of what clients expect from Kolkata escorts may not like about escorts, including to demystify some misinformation about the profession. Mechanical or standardized calls, or even delays and not fulfilling what was previously agreed without any plausible reason are some of the main things to avoid during customer service. But here are some other things that are even more basic:

  • Being arrogant or maintaining an air of superiority
  • Appearing too artificial and inauthentic
  • Not knowing how to deal with the situation or with the customer
  • Not being attentive to the customer and what he or she wants
  • Responding in a hurried and inattentive manner
  • be unfriendly

Make your service the path to more customers

What we show above are some of the main tactics and suggestions to make your service unforgettable and unique for your customers, making them come back often and generating more profitability for your business.

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