The Complete Guide to ‘Kolkata Escorts’ – The Oral Sex That Makes Men Go Crazy With Pleasure

Complete Guide Kolkata escorts Oral Sex

Did you know that the head of the penis alone has over 5,000 nerve endings? This is not counting the nerve endings on the shaft and, of course, on the balls.The scrotum actually has a lot more nerve endings than you might expect, making them very sensitive (any man who’s ever been kicked in this part of his body would know this).But what many people don’t know is that balls can be a great source of male pleasure – that’s where ‘Complete Guide kolkata escorts Oral Sex’ comes in, which literally means something like tea bag.

If you’ve never heard of this sexual practice and you’re wondering: “What exactly is Kolkata Escorts?”, keep reading and we’ll tell you all about this technique that refers to oral sex on the testicles.

why do people love it

What is Kolkata Escorts and why do people love it?

Kolkata Escorts is an English term that means ‘tea bag’. However, in fact, the true meaning has nothing to do with tea bags, and rather, when a man puts his testicles in his partner’s mouth.

This practice is not very conventional in the world of oral sex because it usually doesn’t involve much stimulation of the penis itself (although it can, in some cases). The focus is all on the testicles, which can give a man a lot of pleasure, as this erogenous zone is loaded with very sensitive nerve endings.

Kolkata Escorts can translate really well into the BDSM realm , particularly for those who enjoy humiliating banter, though it’s generally great for healthy sexual exploration as well.

Interesting Fact: Complete Guide kolkata escorts Oral Sex originated in the world of video games, especially shooters, where the winner of the game would repeatedly crouch over the face of his defeated friend (or foe).



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What you need to know about Kolkata Escorts positions

When it comes to the sex of this practice, getting in the right position is often harder than it looks.As mentioned, this sex position traditionally involves the man lowering his testicles into his partner’s mouth (or face, in general), so the man will almost always be on top.

Read some important tips below:

  • There are a few ways to Complete Guide kolkata escorts Oral Sex, and having the person performing oral sex lying on a supported surface is a good place to start. This will allow the man to climb over the face and position himself as he pleases.
  • If his bed doesn’t have much support or is too soft, the man may have difficulty balancing on his partner’s head in a squatting position. If that’s the case, try starting on a more resistant surface, like the floor. The man can crouch over his partner’s face from the front, back or side
  • The easiest position involves the man kneeling over his partner’s head, giving him more control and ease of getting up and down. This will also keep the man’s legs from getting too tired.
  • Another position involves the man squatting rather than crouching. This is a much more vulnerable position for the man, and will give the partner much more access to the man’s balls (and other areas as well). Remember that squatting can tire quickly as he will need to use his leg muscles a lot more.
Kama Sutra sex

There’s no limit to the sex positions you can practice ‘Kolkata Escorts’ – and you can even try mixing it up with the Kama Sutra sex positions.

You’ll find that some positions can be more pleasurable than others for a variety of reasons, particularly those that give you easier access to your testicles. If you’re in need of inspiration, you can try out some of the sex positions preferred by Indians

What you need to know before trying Kolkata Escorts

If you’ve never tried this position before, here’s some important information to remember so you and your partner can have a more pleasurable experience.

First, it is important to understand that patience is key. Getting started and trying to find the right position can be frustrating at first, but it’s all part of the experience.

If your partner is at the bottom in this sex position, your partner has virtually no control. While this may be ideal for BDSM couples, you will still need to make sure your partner is comfortable, as when Complete Guide kolkata escorts Oral Sex the partner may find it difficult to breathe if the man sticks all of his testicles in his partner’s mouth.

The most important thing is to start slowly. Both the man and his partner will find that the use of gentle sucking and licking will produce a lot of pleasure.

It’s worth remembering that you can spice up this experience by incorporating sex toys such as cock rings for extra stimulation. BDSM lovers can also try BDSM sex toys.

The partner must remember that a man’s testicles are very sensitive. For that reason, he doesn’t go in with his teeth first. Also, avoid performing oral sex immediately or too suddenly, otherwise you could cause your partner a lot of pain. The key is to start slowly and gently.

Complete Guide Kolkata escort Oral Sex

How to prepare for Complete Guide kolkata escorts Oral Sex

By now you may be aware that ‘Kolkata Escorts‘ is a form of oral sex.

For this reason, the best way to prepare for this position is to take a shower beforehand (perhaps in two), making this experience much more enjoyable for both parties involved.

But that is not all. A man’s testicles tend to be a little cooler than the rest of his body. This is how the body protects its sperm count, as very high temperatures (like holding a hot computer on your lap) can cause some fertility issues later on.

A good idea is to take a hot bath together, practicing some foreplay , and the warm water will warm up the scrotal sac region.

But what about protection? Unfortunately, there is no condom for this area of ​​the male body. Also because it would be very uncomfortable for the man and probably would not work.

If you want to avoid skin-to-skin contact, try wrapping your partner’s testicles in clean plastic wrap or having your partner shave the area around your testicles. Making the experience much more enjoyable for both parties.

How to feel safe

One of the most important Complete Guide kolkata escorts Oral Sex tips is to have a safeword.

Those who already know the world of BDSM should already know the importance of having a safe word.

For those who don’t know, a safe word is a non-sexual word that lets your partner know you want to stop and take a break.

It’s important to use a non-sexual word so your partner doesn’t get confused. For example, when you yell “broccoli,” your partner can easily recognize the safe word and not mistake it for anything sexual at the moment.

Try it!

Now that you know everything about Kolkata Escorts, an eccentric type of oral sex, and ideal for those who want to give that region a little more attention and affection.

Because this position is rooted in humiliation, it can be ideal for couples who practice BDSM. It can also be great for those who want and are looking for an exciting sexual experience.

If you’re a man looking for that experience, find a date to practice Kolkata Escorts today.

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