discoveries about male escorts

discoveries about male escorts

Male escorts – discoveries about male escorts

When talking about sex professionals, many have the image of women immediately related to the subject. However, although women are more present in terms of numbers in the entertainment industry, the presence of male escorts has been highlighted in recent years.

Many surveys have been developed worldwide to better understand the profile of professionals, as well as the public’s perception of male professionals.

A BMC public health document, “ A new public health context to understand male sex work  , for example, indicates that the idea of ​​a male sex escorts services It is not a new phenomenon and can be traced back to ancient Greek times.

  • Male escorts around the world
  • Common assumptions about male professionals
  • Discoveries of male sex work
  • Potential dangers of male sex work
  • Safety measures for male escorts

In India, the number of men offering sex as a service has been seen to be more common, with many providing sexual services to a variety of clients, including male, female and married clients.

But how has the market behaved worldwide? For a better understanding, we consulted a survey that shows a good overview of this market worldwide.

Male escorts around the world

In global terms, it is possible to say that there are about 42 million professionals spread across the five continents.

And, on a closer look, it is observed that around 20% of this number identifies as male sex escorts . This means that approximately eight million men are sex escorts worldwide.

This number was analyzed and unraveled by the study “ Me, You and Male Escort ” (I, you and the male escorts, in English), developed by professors Victor Minichiello and John Scott. The survey compiled the online profiles of male escorts across the world.

According to the findings, the top five countries with the highest number of profiles of male sex escorts (in total 93% of online escort profiles) were:

Male escorts around the world

Common assumptions about male professionals

Despite the numbers showing a wide representation of companions, many people still do not know what this professional is, in addition to there being several myths and incorrect assumptions.

The main assumption assumed before these professionals is about their sexual identity. That is, it is common for people to assume that sex discoveries about male escorts are gay and have predominantly male clients. However, research by Minichiello and Scott has proven that this is not the case.

While the findings found that the majority of male escort profiles are aimed at male clients, it was also found that clientele by gender can vary. Some sites have profiles of discoveries about male escorts serving only female clients. While others, for example, offer services to couples of the opposite sex.

Target audience for male escort profiles

Furthermore, although there are male sex escorts with mostly male clients, this does not mean that they identify as gay. Your profession and sexual identity are and should be considered two separate elements.

Discoveries of male sex work

Just like female sex escorts , male escorts are also multifaceted. Some men, for example, work as full-time sex escorts and treat the activity as their main income.

Others may eventually have steady clients, meeting them several times a month, but working only my time, while earning a steady paycheck at another full-time job. Every case is different for men as well.

Another interesting finding from the survey is that male sex workers are likely to be more comfortable initiating online contact with clients than female sex escorts.

Male escorts are also more likely to work as private escorts. Whether to keep you company at events, trips, dinners, or just for sexual satisfaction.

Male escort on the phone with client

Potential dangers of male sex work

As with female escorts, male sex escorts also need to take precautions to avoid dangerous situations, ensuring safety is the number one priority.

From being tricked into meeting someone who is not the person he initially thought, to verbal, physical and sexual assaults. The risks are quite varied for men as well.

Prostitutes can also suffer dangers and discrimination as much as women working in this market.

A report on sex work called Beyond the Gaze found that discoveries about male escorts are the group least likely to report a crime to the police, with 70% of respondents admitting that they have not reported incidents to the authorities.

Safety measures for male escorts

Most clients of sex kolkata escorts want to be taken care of and have their needs met without any problems.

However, you need to be aware of the moments that can generate some risk. Whether it’s because you notice strange behavior or because you’re vulnerable in a place with a person with bad intentions.

To avoid problems or headaches, it is essential that you keep an eye on places and people. In addition to always having communication device at hand in case of any emergency. Use your instincts and avoid customers who might pose a threat.

If you suffer any threat or aggression, try not to shut up. Seek help, whether through organizations , health professionals or law enforcement authorities.

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