5 types of erotic massage to drive your partner crazy

erotic massage to your partner crazy

There are several types of massage that focus on different parts of the body with the aim of relaxing, recovering and restoring health and well-being. When it comes to erotic massage to your partner crazy, touch techniques are used on another person’s body to awaken their sexual energies and reach erogenous zones.

The author of The Massage Book , George Downing, differentiates between ordinary massage and erotic massage: “One is sensual, the other sexual. One makes the body relaxed, the other makes it excited.”

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Erotic massage heals and awakens your mind and body, and can increase the recipient’s sexual arousal and even lead to an orgasm.

If erotic massage appeals to you, here are five types of erotic massage that can strengthen the intimacy and connection between you and your partner.

erotic massage to your partner

Types of erotic massage

Lingam massage

If you enjoy caressing below the waist, then a lingam massage is for you. Lingham is the Sanskrit word for penis, and is often translated as the “Wand of Light”. It is an erotic massage to your partner crazy style of tantric sexual practice that focuses on the male genitalia.

Unlike a common masturbation , men can enjoy a special massage of their penis, testicles, perineum and prostate. This activity dedicated to the penis is aimed at feeling and surrendering to pleasure and discovering new erogenous zones, which can cause multiple orgasms during the massage.

What happens in lingam massage?

During this penis massage, the massager lubricates the penis and testicles with massage oil (your preference). The massager begins to rub the thighs to help the massageee feel relaxed and activate his sexual senses before moving on to the genitals.

Then the testicles are gently and slowly massaged with the fingertips or they can be stroked in the palm of the hand. When moving to the penis, the person may experience mild to more intense tightening. In addition to various sequences and techniques, such as a twisting movement and a mixture of speed, touches, pressure and rhythm.

erotic massage to partner

Nuru massage

The nuru massage is an erotic massage to your partner crazy body-to-body massage using a smooth, very slippery gel made from natural nori seaweed found off the coast of Japan.

The art of nuru massage originated in ancient Kawasaki, Japan and is highly sexual in nature. The term “nuru” also derives from the Japanese word for “slippery”.

What happens in nuru massage?

During this massage, the massager and the massaged are completely naked and covered by Nuru massage gel. The massager uses his body to massage the recipient’s entire body, sliding the body up and down, specifically targeting more sensitive areas to stimulate sexual desire and increase pleasure in the erogenous zones. Although sex with escorts is not involved, the recipient can experience orgasms with this erotic massage to your partner crazy.

Yoni massage

In Sanskrit, yoni is the word that defines vagina and is interpreted as a sacred space. This is a female equivalent of the lingam massage, involving massage of the vulva and vagina. It releases mental and physical tensions and helps women connect, heal and develop their sexuality.

What happens in yoni massage?

During a yoni massage , one massages her body using essential oils and sometimes may focus on other erogenous zones such as her breasts. Once she is relaxed and comfortable, her hips and thighs should be gently opened to begin stimulation of the ‘yoni’ area, particularly the vulva and labia.

The person receiving the massage is encouraged to participate in some breathing exercises. In some yoni massages, the massager may insert their fingers into the yoni to probe or uncover tension points and help release any stress in the woman’s vagina.

massage to your partner crazy
Tantric massage

Often referred to as the “science of ecstasy”, tantric massage harnesses the sexual energies in the body through massage. It involves meditation, genital stimulation and breathing techniques to relax the mind and body, create connection, achieve enlightenment and use sexual energies for healing.

This exhilarating massage focuses on the giver giving pleasure to the receiver so they can surrender to pure pleasure and therapeutic healing. Like yoga and Zen, the goal is for the receiver to be fully present in the moment.

What happens in tantric massage?

Although tantric massage can be done in a variety of ways, generally the massager uses touch and the whole body to massage the person into a state of relaxation and sensuality. This is a gentle massage that should work on all areas of the body, from the nipples to the abdomen, feet and thighs before moving on to the genitals.

Tantric massage is quite similar to lingam and yoni massage as it involves stimulation of the penis or vagina in the same way. However, its main focus is not on ejaculation or orgasm, but on awakening sensuality, sensitivity and senses. While the yoni and lingam take place, it usually seeks a “happy ending”, with stimulation to reach the climax.

Discover more information about tantric massage here .

massage with soap

A soap massage is as fun as it gets. It is a wet and slippery massage in the bathtub or shower with specific soaps that exfoliate and clean the body and sometimes Himalayan salt stones are used.

Originating in Thailand, this passionate massage aims to relieve tension in the body, rejuvenate the skin, achieve a state of lightness through intense relaxation, and create emotional and physical harmony to give a sense of renewal.

What happens in the soap massage?

Usually two people or more naked in a tub of warm, foaming, bubbling water. The massager takes soap in his hand and rubs it all over the other person’s body, cleaning and massaging them with soap instead of gel or oil. The massager, also covered in soap from the bathtub, can use his body and hands to massage the receiver by sliding back and forth and creating an intense intimate connection.

After a wet massage, it can often end up on a bed for massages with more soap and is usually followed by sexual interaction and ended with orgasms.

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How to give the ideal erotic massage

If you normally enjoy massages or want a new erotic massage to your partner crazy experience, our list of sexual massages can help give you a wonderful feeling of relaxation, as well as keep your mind and body healthy to improve your sex life.

escorts massage your partner

If you are still not sure which type of erotic massage to your partner crazy to choose, we recommend trying one or more depending on the style and methods that suit you and your partner. There is no recipe for choosing – the important thing is that both are involved, committed and enjoying the moment.

Erotic couples massage can be an essential part of your self-care routine. And it’s a way for you and your partner to spice up your sex life with escorts and create an even stronger connection.

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