What’s your favorite type of escort?

Favorite type of escort

Choosing the right type of favorite type of escort for an evening of excitement can be difficult. A lot depends on your personal preference and what you are looking for, of course.

There are plenty of girls out there who can pander to a certain speciality and it’s easier than ever to find a date that can really float your boat.

It’s all about having fun and, if you find the perfect girl with all the right qualities, you can have a really great night.

Here are just four types of escort that have proved particularly popular with male clients over the years.

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  • The Cougar Escort

The Cougar Escort

These are mature older escorts who are generally considered to be at their sexual peak. The cougar could be simply a wild escort over 40, a MILF or even a GILF.

While they may be mature, they still have that sense of allure and sophistication which interests many male clients.

It’s no wonder that these types of escort are popular with the younger crowd, guys looking for someone with a host of experience, all combined with that ultra-feminine reckless abandon.

Often called MILFs, hot mums or housewives, there is something mystical about these escorts that guys simply love.

They know how to dress and how to treat their man.

The Dominatrix

If you want your favorite type of escort with a much firmer sense of control, the dominatrix is another specialist service that guys with a certain mindset love.

If you’re thing is to be told what to do and punished for your transgressions, the world of BDSM opens a whole new world of excitement and possibilities.

The good news is that there are plenty of escorts to choose from and there are a range of different dominatrices who specialize in every peccadillo including cross dressing, bondage or humiliation and foot worshipping to name just a few.

If you want to spend your night in a dungeon being tortured for your pleasure, a dominatrix should be your first port of call.

The Girl Next Door Escort

That clean-living and slightly virginal look is one that many guys simply love.

This is the girl next door escort, someone who fits in perfectly with the local landscape without causing too much of a stir.

If you like the natural look and an air of innocence this could well be the type of escort you choose for a great night out.

The key with the girl next door is that they hide a volcano of emotions and urges below the surface, passions that are just waiting for the right moment to erupt. You simply need to find the right buttons to press.

The Student Escort

Another favourite for guys is the student or pupil favorite type of escort.

It normally appeals to those who have something of a dominant streak themselves, guys who want a girl they can tutor or school, and perhaps punish in some way.

This can often involve a lot of role playing by setting up a mock classroom and giving the escort certain tasks to complete.

It might also involve the favorite type of escort wearing a uniform.

This is probably one of the most enduring of the role play scenarios that are still a favourite with guys of all ages.

Whatever your personal tastes, the good news is that there is usually an favorite type of escort out there who can fulfil your dreams.

Whether you want someone to take control or you’re looking for an experienced hand to take you to new heights, it shouldn’t be long before you find the girl of your dreams.

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