Find your favorite ad on Skokka

Find your favorite ad on Skokka

At Skokka , we want to ensure that our users’ experience is always as smooth and easy as possible, from photo verification to the Customer Service team who are always on hand to help. or Find your favorite ad on Skokka.

And to further enhance this experience, we’ve launched the new “Favorite Ad” feature for you to use now Find your favorite ad on Skokka.

What does it mean to favorite ad on Skokka?

The “Favorite Ad” feature allows you to easily save ads when browsing your search results in the Kolkata escort area Find your favorite ad on Skokka.

Found something interesting but not sure if you’re ready to finalize your order yet? Or do you just want to compare different ads? Now you can save all ads in one place before completing your purchase.

To learn more about the process, watch the video below or continue to read the instructions.

How to use the “MOST VIEWED ADS ” feature in skokka

Step 1: Browse through the advertisements in the chosen section, for example, the category “ Kolkata Escorts “.

Step 2: Find your favorite ad and click the heart icon on the right corner to save it.

Step 3: To view your favorite listings, click ‘Favorites’ at the top of the page.

And that. Now you can find all your favorite listings in one place! Note: Although you can favorite ads without a Skokka account, the ads will not be saved for long. So, to take full advantage of this new feature, create a Skokka account today.

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