Getting fit for sex

Getting fit for sex

Being an escort involves meeting with many clients, and, of course, the more men you meet, the more likely you are to have a lot of regular Getting fit for sex. Hungry for intimacy and steamy sexual experiences, guys hire us to demand the best experience their money can buy. And, we, like true pros, work our way towards delivering the best of services. At least, those who want to have a business for a long time provide escort services.

So, our body, and overall looks, is our tool, our ticket to open doors and live experiences that could make us more than happy, and why not offer us a couple of perfect orgasms, besides sending our guys to the moon and back. And, let’s admit it. The fitter we are, the best we can perform.

Judging from my experience, foolproof ways to get fit for Getting fit for sex are simple to put into practice. For example, in the gym, at home, or on the move. Guaranteed to cause your clients’ endorphins to soar and make your time in the sack more pleasurable.

Table of Contents

  • For Cowgirl & Inverted Positions
  • Exercise on the Move
  • Increase Endurance & Stamina
  • Yoga Poses for Better Sex Fitness
  • Posture For Better Oral
  • Exercises Make your Vagina Tighter

For Cowgirl & Inverted Positions

In general, strength training, flexibility, and cardio exercises should be on your everyday workout plan. They help alleviate pains and aches and allow you and your client to experiment in more challenging positions. It would help if you had suitably shaped and well-toned legs and booty for the times you would like to be on top. Squats are ideal for this as they send more blood to the lower body and help prepare you for the cowgirl position and improve your libido.

You may also try pelvic tilt pulses to strengthen your lower back and core and prepare your body for Kegels (I’ll expand on that later). Note: When having Getting fit for sex with lots of on-top positions, our back is prone to injuries, especially after several appointments in a row. I have realised that opting for stability-ball pull-ins helps strengthen the core and abdominal muscles, which, in turn, will protect the back.

Exercise For Stronger Orgasms
The bridge pose (also known as the wheel) is the precursor to Kegels. It will help you strengthen your inner thighs, hamstrings, and glutes and awaken the pelvic floor muscles that lead to controlled orgasms. Depending on the strength of your guy, either you or he can be on top or bottom. It is a game-changing move you certainly need to include in your menu as it also reinforces the sex organs.

Exercise on the Move

Kegel exercises are perfect for tightening the muscles we need the most; our pelvic floor muscles. Strengthen them and enjoy stronger orgasms while offering greater sexual satisfaction during penetration. Make sure to hold the contraction for at least 5 seconds and repeat as many times as possible (don’t hold your breath; instead, allow oxygen to flow through your cells). It is an easy exercise you can try on the go (i.e. waiting for the taxi).

To amplify the intensity of a great moment (imagine sexy guy books an appointment), try Kegels during sex and let me know if you enjoyed it just as much as I do each time I meet with an exciting client. Note: Speaking of pelvic floor muscles, you may run the extra mile with a variation of the bridge pose, where you lift into bridge pose while holding 3-pound dumbbells (or lower weights or even bottles of water). Press them towards the ceiling and slowly return them to your chest.

Increase Endurance & Stamina

The Plank pose and open-leg rocker effectively strengthen the core and entire body and improve balance through core strength and control. Plus, you will notice more flexibility in the inner thighs. More muscular thighs make several positions much more accessible.

To prevent shaky or quivering legs between appointments, invest in a few seated leg extensions each day. Add tricep dips to enable you to prop yourself up without feeling fatigued. Your legs should be able to go the distance when your schedule is a bit demanding.

Yoga Poses for Better Sex Fitness

We all know the benefits of saving some Yoga time in our day. I mainly focus on the downward dog (perfect if stand up positions are preferred to traditional doggy position) and upward-facing dog positions that help stretch the hip, psoas, and core flexors increase energy for the pelvic region. Another excellent stretch for the hips, hamstrings, glutes, and back is the happy baby pose, allowing you to open tight muscles of the lower body.

In general, the child pose is a great thing to try during Getting fit for sex, too, as it allows your client to have penetration from behind while stretching your arms forward and pulling your hips back. Finally, I suggest you try the butterfly pose, as well as its handy variation, the reclined butterfly pose, to open up those hips and stretch your inner thighs. That can help strengthen, loosen up, and get ready for a multitude of sex positions.

Posture For Better Oral

The forward bend position* is an excellent posture for when you are about to give an kolkata escorts or escorts services. Your client can also enter from behind. In this case, play with the distance between your legs to find the ideal position for optimal penetration and pleasure. Changing into having your feet together forward fold will spice things up and increase his sex drive too. Step your feet apart and forward fold. Bring your hands as close to the floor as possible or your bed if you can’t reach the floor with relative ease.

Exercises Make your Vagina Tighter

Squat workouts, leg raises, and yoga (see Bridge pose and Child’s pose) are great ways to tighten your vagina. However, I strongly recommend Kegel exercises (slow, fast, AND pull-ins) as I have seen an impressive improvement in several days. Of course, many vagina-tightening treatments and topical tightening gels are available right now that you could also consider. Keeping fit is a vital component that will determine how long and successful you are in this highly demanding and competitive business.

Have a closer look at the success of Instagram models in building a following to get a taste of how you can use your body and face to become established either as a model or in the escort world. The road is open for you as long as you make sure you keep your valuable asset as shiny and gorgeous-looking as possible.

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