How to know if you are hiring legitimate kolkata escorts?

hiring legitimate kolkata escorts

While there are hundreds of real kolkata escorts out there, sometimes it can be difficult to differentiate scams from legitimate ads. Don’t risk it and choose the first escort you find. Instead, research the professional first to ensure you both have a great experience.

  • How to find kolkata escorts
  • How to spot fake kolkata escorts and scams
  • Tips for finding legit kolkata escorts
  • how to stay safe
  • Be careful but have fun

Finding an escort nowadays is easy. Whether online (on a site like Misskolkata ) or through an agency, you still need to be careful. That’s why we’ve created a tips and tricks guide to make sure you know what to do and avoid problems when hiring a sex worker.

How to find kolkata escorts

If you’re looking for kolkata escorts, there are many places you can start. Thanks to the internet, we are all more connected than ever. But with this heightened connectivity, it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s fake.

To find the best escort services for you, try the options below.

reputable sites

Whether it’s your first time hiring an escort or not, we always advise using reputable websites. Trusted sites are here to make sure you are protected and so is the escort. Also, reliable escort sites are much easier to use than social media sites as these sites allow you to filter your preferences and find kolkata escorts near you at any time.


Another reliable source for hiring an escort is through an agency. Escort agencies are companies that organize your escort service and meeting point and can arrange long-term kolkata escorts. Typically, you will be able to choose between external (at your residence/hotel) or internal (at the agency) meetings, and the rates differ between the two.

Along with traditional escort agencies, you will also find high-class escort agencies. These agencies are very similar to standard escort agencies, except that these companion options are aimed at clients looking for luxury kolkata escorts . With the higher fees, customers also receive a greater level of discretion and secrecy.

hiring legitimate kolkata escorts?

Social media

As we move into the digital age, you can find kolkata escorts on social media as well. If you enjoy using social media , use these apps to find and schedule your next date.

Although many of the kolkata escorts on social media are real, this universe is not monitored, so you will need to trust your instincts. Many genuine kolkata escorts have social media, but we always advise using a reputable social media site – especially if this is your first time hiring an escort.

How to spot fake kolkata escorts and scams

To avoid unpleasant experiences. Here are the top signs to look out for when browsing escort sites.

Unusual payment information

You should be wary if the listing encourages unusual payment methods and money upfront without simple conversation. Genuine kolkata escorts are not shy about discussing fees and prices. Therefore, be wary of people who pressure you or ask for money in an obscure way. This type of scam is very common.

Ads that take you to a third-party website

Some fake escort ads direct you to a third-party website. This is often a clear sign of a fake ad, and that site might even contain viruses that could harm your mobile device or computer. Never click on strange addresses and do not disclose bank details or any other personal information on unknown sites.

inconsistent photos

When looking for an escort, photos will play a significant role in your selection process. However, photos can also be a telltale sign that this escort’s profile is fake. A fake ad typically contains blurry and/or inconsistent photos. Reliable kolkata escorts will have high quality images that show they are all the same person.

Some fake ads use photos of models, which in this case are not real photos of the person who created the ad. In that case, be sure to report the ad to the site where that ad was posted.

pornographic website ads

Escort ads appear frequently on porn sites, but they are fake ads 99% of the time. While this might pique your interest, it is always best to find a genuine escort through a reputable website or agency.

Lack of information

When reading the companion’s profile, a sure sign that the profile is fake is the lack of information. If the listing only lists a price but no contact information, it’s best to ignore it.

It sounds too good to be true

Finally, if the ad offers an incredibly low price and looks too good to be true, it’s probably fake. Significantly low prices attract customers, but do not offer any services. Stay tuned! This is a common scam technique as well.

Tips for finding legit kolkata escorts

So now you know what to avoid when finding an escort. But what are the signs of a true ad? Here are the best tips to follow when hiring an escort.

read the comments

Some reputable websites and online agencies have review sections. Reading past customer reviews can help you find the best type of service, protecting you from bad experiences in the future. If you see a lot of dissatisfied clients, avoid hiring that professional at all costs.

search the site

In the same way that reading customer reviews is important, also check the reviews of the site where the ad was published. Good sites offer information about kolkata escorts services and useful information for you.

Price equals quality

As mentioned earlier, low prices that seem too good to be true should be avoided. A sign that the advertisement is true is when the price of the service is higher, as it shows that the escort is a genuine professional. Of course, the price shouldn’t be much above average unless you book with a luxury agency.

clear communication

Professional kolkata escorts will offer clear communication throughout the process. If you feel unsure about something or vague information is given, ask them to clarify – or don’t move forward. Remember kolkata escorts want to be and feel safe as much as you do.


Prepayments are not always frowned upon, but at the same time they are common if you are looking for services with a genuine escort agency. Upfront payments are a sign of good faith, but if you are dealing with an independent escort, this can be a dubious sign.

meeting points

See the places your companion is available to attend. The sign that the agency or professional is unreliable is if the meeting places are usually in low-quality hotels or in neighborhoods that are not safe.

hiring kolkata escorts

how to stay safe

Escort services can offer fantastic experiences and unforgettable nights, but first you must know how to protect yourself.

Do not invite to your home

Some kolkata escorts offer in-home services, and while this may seem like an easy option, we suggest booking a hotel to ensure your safety. Professional kolkata escorts usually meet in safe hotels, and this professional will never force you to hold a meeting at your home.

Never give out personal data

When contracting the services of an escort, you do not need to provide all of your personal data. Of course, you’ll need to provide your cell phone number and complete the payment (if you do the service online), but never your home address, job title or any other sensitive information.

avoid pressure

If an escort is pressuring you to meet at an unconfirmed time, asking for extra pay, or acting in an unprofessional manner, it’s best to cut ties. This goes for both kolkata escorts and customers.

Also, this goes for kolkata escorts who want you to spend more on lavish meals, gifts, and other materialistic items. If you agreed to a sexual experience, you shouldn’t have to spend money on extra things on the service.

Be polite

Like you, kolkata escorts will be unsure before a date. To help both parties feel comfortable, be sure to be polite and friendly when you meet. Remember, be a gentleman and respect the professional. Sexual consent never hurts.

Be careful but have fun

Hiring an escort is always exciting, but it can be stressful at the same time if you’re not careful. When in doubt, use trusted sites such as Misskolkata. We’re here to help you have a safe and easy experience without the stress of independent agencies.

Have you already hired an escort? How was your experience? Leave your comment.

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