World Mental Health Day –How menstruation affects kolkata escorts

How menstruation affects kolkata escorts

More than 50% of women between 14 and 45 years old in Kolkata say they feel intense discomfort during menstruation, and 62% stop going to work, school, or exercise due to problems related to menstrual dignity How menstruation affects kolkata escorts

  • More than 60% of kolkata escorts choose not to work while menstruating, and 65% consider delaying or stopping menstruation in order to work
  • 95% of kolkata escorts say not being able to work during menstruation affects their finances

Although much discussion has been going on about menstrual poverty in recent years, millions of women still lack access to sanitary products and support on menstruation-related issues. How menstruation affects kolkata escorts The taboo that menstruation needs to be hidden has been well known throughout history, despite the fact that nearly half of the world’s population will experience menstruation at some point in their lives.

Therefore, MissKolkata conducted a survey with more than 200 kolkata escorts to learn more about how menstruation affects the mental health and lives of these professionals.

Sex work , like menstruation, is still a highly stigmatized topic in Kolkata and around the world. According to our survey, one-third of kolkata escorts said that menstruating affects them physically. Less than 5% are affected mentally, however, over 45% said they are affected both physically and mentally.

In May 2022, Spain became the first European country to pass legislation granting paid sick leave to anyone suffering from severe menstrual pain. Here in Kolkata, although there are no similar public policies, there are companies that, on their own initiative, grant paid leave for women during their menstrual period.

But what about those who are self-employed, such as kolkata escorts?

Do kolkata escorts work during menstruation?

One of the most frequently asked questions about the profession is “Can kolkata escorts work during menstruation?”. And the answer may not be as simple as it seems. 

For some kolkata escorts, menstruation is not an issue, especially when the client agrees to menstrual sex. However, for many clients and kolkata escorts, menstrual sex is not an alternative, meaning workloads must stop for a few days or even a whole week.

How menstruation affects kolkata escort

Our survey revealed that over 59% of caregivers choose not to work while menstruating, with over 45% claiming that the effects of the menstrual cycle are mentally and physically draining, making work unbearable.

It is common for kolkata escorts to inform their clients that they are menstruating before the date, to avoid last minute surprises. However, some clients may still show up, but penetrative sex is out of the question; however, a quarter of professionals stated that they do not work during menstruation because their clients do not like it.

Another option is to use certain products that can allow penetration while kolkata escorts are menstruating. These products are typically used to block menstrual blood and create a barrier between menstrual blood and the client.

The most common products are:

  • Female condom
  • sponges
  • Menstrual cups and discs (which allow penetration)

For professionals who work during menstruation, 45% said they use sponges, 25% use cotton (method not approved by doctors), 15% use condoms or colored condoms, while 15% prefer anal sex. Some professionals also use dark bedding or even suggest shower sex . 

How menstruation affects escorts

Some professionals say they also opt for alternative sources of income during the menstrual period. For example, phone and/or video sex, or the sale of pornographic videos and/or photos.

How does menstruation affect kolkata escorts?

If a sex worker is not comfortable working during menstruation, she will need to take time off. However, this can result in lost income, clients and more stress or challenges, impacting your mental health.

How menstruation escorts

Our survey revealed that 76% of kolkata escorts say the inability to work during menstruation affects their finances and 96% say they struggle to survive on less income.

Financial stability is one of the most important aspects of any professional’s life. Unfortunately, in the adult industry, a simple bodily function can have a huge impact on many kolkata escorts’ monthly income.

Sex worker Ruby says her periods take a toll on her mentally from not being able to earn money while on her period, which she finds frustrating. She confesses that she also prefers not to use sponges, as she had a horrible experience in the past.

As for kolkata escorts who choose to work during their period, work often becomes much more stressful due to extra concerns such as:

  • Constantly check for blood leaks
  • Choosing specific positions that limit the penile penetration depth
  • Increase foreplay time and avoid penetration
  • Using dark-colored sheets or red condoms

While many of these concerns seem simple, the added stress during menstrual sex can be draining for any sex worker. Our survey revealed that 65% of kolkata escorts have considered delaying or completely interrupting their menstrual cycle to work, and 96% of them take contraceptives.

How is mental health linked to menstrual health?

Menstruation can have a variety of effects on women’s mental health, but the most common are menstrual poverty, shame, and hormonal imbalance.

menstrual poverty

Menstrual poverty refers to portions of the population that cannot afford sanitary products and is directly linked to mental health and menstruation. 

According to research carried out in 2018 by the sanitary pad brand Semper Livre in partnership with the Kyra and Mosaiclab Institutes, many women affected by menstrual poverty use products that are not indicated to absorb menstruation during their period. For example, using plastic bags, old clothes and socks, cotton, coffee filter, toilet paper and even bread crumbs.


Talking about menstruation is still considered inappropriate and taboo by society. Therefore, many women feel ashamed or even guilty about menstruating. However, it is important to emphasize that menstruating is not a shame, it is a natural fact and should be seen as a sign of health. 

Many NGOs such as Girl Up Brasil have been mobilizing people with the #LivreParaMenstruar project and talking to state deputies, where they have already managed more than eleven bills to tackle menstrual poverty in the country.

hormonal imbalance

Last, but far from least, hormones also play an important role in menstruation and women’s mental health.

Hormones are essential to the menstrual cycle and necessary for menstruating women to remain healthy. However, if these healthy hormones are out of balance, they can cause mood swings, depression and anxiety.

How menstruation escort

Menstrual cycle hormones can also cause physical symptoms such as pain, uncomfortable bowel movements, and severe headaches. These have a negative impact on mental health and can cause a lot of discomfort in the lives of women and those around them. 

Take care of your health

As much as your main goal is to win more customers and increase your billing at work, value your health and well-being first. Whatever your choice of contraceptive, condom and menstruation care. 

Maintain your health routine, consult your doctor and gynecologist regularly and seek help if any of the symptoms mentioned above are happening to you.

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