How to become a luxury escort

How to become a luxury escort

How to become a luxury escort

The companion profession can be experienced in several ways and provide different experiences for each professional. And one of the main facets is the so-called luxury companion .

But do you know what differentiates a normal escort from a luxury escort? And how to be a luxury escort? To help you understand the differences, we’ve brought you information on how to become a luxury escort.

  • What makes a luxury escort
  • How to be a luxury escort
  • How much does a luxury call girl charge
  • luxury male escorts

What makes a luxury escort

Luxury escorts serve clients who hold high positions, such as executives or businessmen. And they accompany them on trips, meetings or important events.

That is, these escorts usually attend social events and parties, travel, tours, nightclubs and sometimes swing clubs . But they can also be hired for a casual meeting for a moment of relaxation.

So, a luxury escort may or may not offer sex to the client. It depends on what you are looking for and what the customer needs. Everything must be agreed in advance, including limits and values of what will be offered.

Among the main differentials of a luxury escort services are the level of education, culture and care with beauty and clothing.

Benefits of being a luxury escort

See below the main advantages of being a luxury escort:

  • Higher pay for work
  • Travel and attendance at important events
  • Tendency to have quality customer
  • Greater flexibility in service hours
  • luxury lifestyle
  • Increase your contact network (networking)
  • Not every date demands sex
How to be a luxury escort

How to be a luxury escort

Anyone who wants to know how to be a luxury escort needs to keep in mind that the first step is self-care . And not only with regard to her body, but also with her education, discretion and elegance .

take care of your body

With regard to the body, the most basic tips are as follows:

  • Physical activity: A regular exercise routine helps you stay in shape, as well as contributing to your overall fitness
  • Healthy Eating: A healthy diet can also support many aspects of your health and mood.
  • Hair and skin care: Be careful not to make too radical changes to your hair and stick to a skin care routine
  • Clothes: If, on the one hand, escorts wear more common clothes, luxury escorts usually follow fashion trends and high-end brands

culture and education

These two elements are essential for anyone who wants to know how to be a luxury escort. This is because you may be involved in travel, meetings or other events that will require interaction with people other than the client.

Many luxury escorts have a high level of education, having completed higher education or even gone beyond their professional training. But if that’s not the case for you, don’t worry. After all, with the ease of access to information and online courses, it is becoming easier to acquire knowledge.

Also, music, art, cinema and books are always great topics to stay up to date. After all, these are topics that can be brought up in conversations with your client or others during a meeting.

Finally, always maintain good education and elegance, along with good humor. With this combination, you will hardly have bad moments with your customers.

How to be a luxury call girl

Meet other escorts

First of all, to start this career, a tip is to make contact with anyone who works or has worked as a luxury escort. After all, these people will be able to give tips and suggestions that will help you get started.

Also, having friends who are by your side and help you in case of problems or unpleasant moments will make a difference in your life. They will even be able to indicate the best places to find their customers.

Take care of your personal marketing

But it’s no use having all that effort if you don’t show it to anyone who is interested in your services. That is, without having a good job of personal marketing .

In addition to maintaining a steady clientele, anyone who wants to be a luxury escort can benefit from having their own website or websites advertising luxury escorts. It is very important that you show mastery of the language, without making mistakes in Indian, as this could be decisive when an executive chooses who will accompany him to an event.

Another key element is your ad photo . As the service does not always involve sexual intercourse, be careful when choosing: use images that will really show a luxury escort image and reach your ideal target audience.

How much does a luxury call girl charge

Luxury call girls invest more in intellectual training, aesthetics and designer clothes, in addition to serving a more selective clientele. Therefore, she may charge proportionally more than other escorts.

Values vary from customer to customer according to what is combined. However, currently, a luxury escort does not charge less than R400 or R500 for her hourly work.

Tips: how to be a luxury escort
luxury male escorts

All the tips and suggestions mentioned above are also valid for male escorts.

After all, the constant search for knowledge, care for one’s appearance and investment in sophisticated clothes are key when it comes to offering luxury service.

So, if you already offer a luxury escort service, post your ad in the Male Escorts category and include that element in the description.

male luxury escort
How to work as a luxury escort

The luxury escort profession can be very attractive for those who want to earn more money. However, be aware that this requires extra dedication, both in terms of time and money.

But if you are willing to invest more in your development, this is the ideal path for your career as an escort.Now that you know a little more about luxury escorts and how to conquer this market, publish your ad now and join Miss Kolkata’s select list of luxury kolkata escorts.

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