The Perfect Finger:How to Pleasure Using Only Your Fingers

How to Pleasure Using Only Your Fingers

That penetration with a penis is not necessary to have sex and reach orgasm, you already know. After all, there are many couples who are adept at gouinage , and erotic toys , tongue and How to Pleasure Using Only Your Fingers are there for that too.

But you can always sharpen the technique and guarantee more How to Pleasure Using Only Your Fingers for your partner. Yes, because fingering is not exclusive to women! So, keep reading to learn how to have the other person in the palm of your hand in bed … Literally.

What is the finger thing?

First of all, let’s make sure everyone is on the same page about what fingering is. This is the most common, most popular name for a type of masturbation that one person does on another.

However, there is not just one type of masturbation. For example, masturbating a woman can be clitoral stimulation without finger penetration. But it is this penetration with the finger that we call “fingerprint”.

Also, as we said before, the finger is not exclusive to women, nor to the vagina. It is also possible to give a lot of How to Pleasure Using Only Your Fingers with the finger in the anus, and both men and women can enjoy this type of stimulation very much.

Using Only Your Fingers

First step: preparation

A good fingering starts long before you even meet the person. And it has to do with preparing for sex with kolkata escorts itself.

The first thing you need to remember seems silly, but maybe you never thought about it: cutting your nails. That’s right: keeping your nails short is very important to masturbate your partner or partner without hurting or even causing some kind of infection.

Firstly, because long nails can cause scratches and cuts. And, secondly, because there is a lot of dirt under the nails, and this dirt in contact with private parts can cause health problems. So, it’s also important to wash your hands before sex.



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How to give a finger

The first thing to know before playing with fingers is whether the other person is into this action. Consent to sex is essential. Sometimes your partner doesn’t like that kind of stimulation, and that’s okay. There are many other possibilities to explore in bed!

But if everyone wants this joke, it’s not just sticking your finger in anyway. After all, there is a reason why a well placed finger feels so good, and it has to do with the region that will be stimulated. And this is different for men and women.

In women: the G-spot

If your partner is a woman, what you’re going to be trying to find with your fingers is the G-spot . For this, the hand is with the palm facing upwards, and the finger makes a “come here” movement. The region can be found by touch: when the woman is excited, it forms as a roughness that, when stimulated, can drive her crazy!

In men: the prostate

If the partner is a man, the finger is in the anus. After all, it is through him that you can stimulate the prostate, which is one of the male erogenous zones and guarantees a lot of How to Pleasure Using Only Your Fingers. It is also because of her that men feel pleasure in anal sex with escorts, and fingering can even be the first step towards discovering this modality. That is, for a man who is curious to try the anal, gradually putting his fingers there can be a good way to become familiar with the sensation and even understand if he really feels anal pleasure.


Attention to lubrication

Whenever there is going to be some kind of penetration, there has to be lubrication. So, especially in the case of anus fingering, it is essential to use some water-based lubricant.

If the vagina is not lubricated enough for the finger to enter without causing discomfort, it is also recommended to use this type of product.

Calm down!

You already understood that fingering can be a very pleasant type of foreplay , even leading to orgasm , and even what to “look for” when the finger is inside. But, when the boner hits, the excitement can end up speaking too loudly and the experience is not so good for those who receive the fingerprint.

Some of the things that can cause this are movements that are too fast or too strong , for example. The best way to know if what you’re doing in bed is being nice to the other person is to communicate with them, both verbally, i.e. by talking, and through body language. After all, if you are paying attention to the other person, you will definitely be able to understand whether you are doing well or not.

Did you like the tips? So hands, or rather fingers to work!

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