How to ride: all the tips for taking that sit

How to ride all the tips

No one can resist a good sitting. But that doesn’t mean that this movement is easy or comfortable for everyone. That’s why, today, you’ll learn how to ride hot without tiring your legs and ensuring a night of pleasure for everyone involved.

After all, many times the woman does not enjoy sitting as much as the man. This usually has to do with one’s body: horseback riding doesn’t always stimulate the right places in a woman. So, it’s time to learn to stimulate these points, whether you are the person sitting or the person being mounted.

What is a cavalcade?

Riding or sitting is that position where the woman is on top of the guy, fitted during penetration. She has the greatest control over all the movements, but her partner can also participate, either by guiding her with his hands on her hips, or by giving that gas in the penetration with the movement with his own hip.

Despite being a common position, you can also incorporate techniques and test positions that help improve performance, spice up the action and stimulate the couple’s erogenous zones .

Tips for taking that sit

Before going to the sexual positions with call girls for you to innovate while sitting, let’s talk about some How to ride all the tips that can improve what you already do and increase the pleasure of both of you:

1. Use your How to ride all the tips

Riding tires, yes! And the best way to reduce this fatigue that will reach the legs is to use the hips.

So, instead of the woman using her legs to sit down, the ideal is to do this with her hips to give her a rest. Thus, the movement is shorter and can be slow or fast, depending on the woman’s will (and the ability to move that part of the body, of course).

Focusing movement on her hips also allows for a range of motion, such as bouncing, rolling, or rocking back and forth, which is often more pleasurable for her because it stimulates her clitoris.

No Fatigue: Concentrate the movement on the hips

But be careful! It is precisely this movement, in this position, which is the main cause of penile fractures in bed. So, it is important for the couple to hold back their excitement so as not to cause such an accident, which causes a lot, but a lot of pain, and even needs surgery to put everything in place afterwards.

2. Four supports

You can sit squatting, but it’s hard to hold that position for a long time! Therefore, she can use her arms and hands in the sitting position to reduce the weight on her legs and support her for much longer.

By the way, supporting yourself with your arms or hands releases all the weight from the waist down and allows the woman to move much more easily and creatively when riding.

3. To lift his hips

Something that can improve the fit and give more pleasure to both of you is to support his hip on a pillow or a rolled up towel. That way, he gets more inclined, which favors penetration.

Another tip that makes riding easier is to have a hard mattress , as a softer mattress will require more effort to keep it in place. That is if the sex is in bed, of course: you can do it sitting on a chair, on the floor, on the sofa…

4. Erotic toys

You can also bring more fun to this movement with erotic toys . After all, while the woman rides, the man can stimulate her clitoris with a vibrator (or even with his fingers), or use an anal plug or a cock ring to delay ejaculation. There are also cock rings with vibrators, designed to stimulate the clitoris at the same time, as well as handcuffs, blindfolds and other items used in BDSM . It’s up to the couple to decide what they’re going to play with that day!

How to ride with sex toys

3 positions to ride in sex

  • Riding: is the traditional sitting: the woman on top, being penetrated while making the movement of riding with the hip. The tip to fit right is not to sit exactly on top, but a little forward, inclined. Thus, she has more room for movement.
  • Sitting of the Bad Queen: the woman sits crouching down on her partner, preferably wearing high heels and on a harder surface (she does very well on the floor). Thus, in addition to pleasing those who have a fetish for feet and shoes, it works as a lever for the bounce. This position allows the woman to totally dominate the situation, and is perfect for those with a submission fetish.
  • Inverted riding: instead of facing the partner, the woman sits with her back. This is a very interesting position for him, because men are usually very visual and, in reverse riding, he has a beautiful view of his partner’s butt.
  • Mixed chair: the man sits, it can be on the edge of the bed or in a chair. The woman, as usual, sits on top of him. This position brings a lot of intimacy to the couple, as they can embrace each other during sex and exchange various affections, in addition to allowing the man to move more than when he is lying down in a sitting position.

Now that you know the best How to ride all the tips to improve riding and even learned new positions to feel more pleasure, just put it into practice! Find an escort near you here at Miss Kolkata to make your fantasies come true today

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