Kama Sutra: Discover More About Sex and Intimacy

Kama Sutra About Sex and Intimacy

Much is said about the Kama Sutra About Sex and Intimacy, but few really understand what it represents and what its true objective is – which goes far beyond the best sexual positions for foreheads with partners.

  • What is the Kama Sutra?
  • Best Kama Sutra Positions to Kill Sex
  • How to Make the Most of the Kama Sutra Positions

If you are curious or interested in understanding more about the Kama Sutra About Sex and Intimacy, its concepts and techniques for which it stands out, continue reading this article and discover how it can help you .

What is the Kama Sutra About Sex and Intimacy?

Contrary to popular belief, the Kama Sutra About Sex and Intimacy is not a book that only lists different sexual positions. He goes beyond that.

The Kama Sutra is an ancient Indian text on human sexual behavior and considered a definitive work on love in Sanskrit literature .

Although many think that the book is a sex manual, the author’s objective, the Indian philosopher Vatsyayana, was to study and praise kama, or enjoyment, in its various forms.

Therefore, in addition to the 529 sexual positions displayed and explained in the book, it also has several tips and ideas to spice up the relationship. Methods to achieve different kisses and even how to organize the environment to make it favorable for the sexual act.

Kama Sutra About Sex

Best Kama Sutra Positions to Kill Sex

Even though it’s not the main purpose of the Kama Sutra About Sex and Intimacy, its 529 sexual positions are one of the highlights of the text, of course.

As it is not easy to know (and practice) all of them, here we separate 10 main positions on the list to help you innovate and rock when it comes to sex With Call Girls In Kolkata, whoever your partner is at the H-time.

the marquise

In this intense position, partners form an “M” with their bodies. Therefore, it must be practiced on a firm surface. The person receiving penetration is seated, leaning back with hands supporting the body, while their legs land on the other person’s chest. The partner sits underneath, with the legs bent and also leaning on the arms behind the body, to act as if it were a scale.

At the queen’s feet

Here, the one at the bottom, lying down, is the one who penetrates. He must keep his companion sitting on top of his body. And she leans on her partner’s flexed legs, while he makes the penetration movement. She rests her feet on his shoulders, allowing the two to have new sensations and stimuli in different parts of their bodies.

butterfly dance

With an air of romance, this position has partners wrapping their legs around each other as they exchange kisses and caresses during sex. This position helps to establish a better connection with the other. In addition to contributing to increase the exchange of energy between the two, a prominent element in tantric sex, for example.

Kama Sutra About Sex Intimacy

crouched ballerina

This is a very challenging position, but it brings greater control to it and makes the two experience sensations of great pleasure , especially in relationships between women and men. Here, she is squatting on tiptoe, fitted to her partner who is lying down with her legs also bent.

subject’s kiss

Totally focused on female pleasure, the woman kneels over the other person’s face and receives oral sex and lots of kisses on her private parts. All control is from who receives the stimuli and she can use her hands to do this control too.

dominating the stallion

Control of the situation here belongs to the person who is penetrated. She is on top of the partner who is below, lying on her back, with her leg slightly bent. Who is penetrated controls all movement and speed of coming and going.


The penetrating partner is on the bottom, in a position where his legs are flexed and his feet are in the air, so that he can move back and forth, like a seesaw, with the penetrated person on top. In this posture, the partner who is underneath has pressure on the pelvic region that stimulates him and even feels more freedom of movement and penetration control.

deep stud

The position focuses on shortening the vaginal distance, ensuring deep penetration. To do this, his partner raises her legs and hips, lying on her back, and he has her legs resting on his shoulders, while he has the perfect, barrier-free angle to penetrate.

Kama Sutra About Sex with escorts
Moses Parts the Red Sea

This one requires a little more elasticity, but allows for deep penetration. Sitting, in an armchair or on the bed, he suspends the legs of the other person, who is supported on the floor with his hands. To spice up the moment, he can give the penetrated person an erotic massage .

princess throne

In this position, one of the people squats with his back to the other person with his legs closed and sitting on top of his partner. He remains lying down with his legs apart. Here the lack of eye contact is compensated with the creativity and imagination of the partners. Besides, of course, the free use of the hands for more caresses.

How to Make the Most of the Kama Sutra Positions

Whatever your choice, the connection and intimacy with your partner make the difference when it comes to the outcome of any desired position. Commitment to finding something that gives pleasure to both is as or more important than the act itself.

As the Kama Sutra preaches, sexual behavior is broader and involves more than simply a means of reaching an orgasm – sex with escorts is about connection, mutual surrender and joint discovery of what gives each person pleasure.

If you are a lover of sex, and want to try new things with your partner or even with companions , the Kama Sutra About Sex and Intimacy can help you better understand how to generate and have more pleasure and intimacy with the other person, with new positions and concepts of sexuality.

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