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know about squirting

The female orgasm is still considered a taboo by society, where ejaculation is only associated with men. However, women also ejaculate and, unlike men, this can happen before, during and after orgasm.In this article, we answer all your questions know about squirting, from why it happens to the differences between female ejaculation and squirt. 

  • What is squirting?
  • What makes a woman ejaculate?
  • Squirt or female ejaculation
  • Can all women squirt?
  • How to explore the squirt
  • Common myths about the squirt
  • Not every woman squirts and that’s normal.

Note: the word “squirting” comes from the English “squirt”, which literally means “squirting”. Throughout this article we will use the word “squirt” to refer to the squirting or fluid, and the word “squirting” to refer to the female act of ejaculating.

know about squirting?

know about squirtingis nothing more than a type of female ejaculation and happens when women excrete fluid during sexual intercourse. Sometimes, this fluid can be characterized by a large volume of colorless and odorless liquid, or resemble semen, whitish and thick. 

Where does he come from?

Nowadays, there are many people familiar with squirt. This could be through pornography, popular culture, or even when women exploit their own bodies . 

There is evidence to suggest that studies of the squirt date back to the 16th century. In the Kama Sutra , for example, it is described as “female semen” that constantly flows from a woman during sex with escorts.

What makes a woman ejaculate?

Squirt is usually caused by an intense orgasm and it occurs when the urethral sponge (the part of the body that releases lubricating fluid through the urethra) releases fluid. This fluid sometimes backs up into the bladder during intercourse, and if the woman has a certain level of urinary incontinence, the fluid may come out during any other intense orgasm.

Basically, squirt occurs when the “ G-spot ” is stimulated intensely. It’s worth remembering that some women have orgasm after ejaculating, and others ejaculate even without orgasm.

How does it feel to squirt?

Female ejaculation occurs in a very individualized way. Therefore, the sensation of ejaculating may vary from woman to woman. There are some people who describe squirt as an orgasmic explosion that is out of their control, and also as a very pleasurable experience. However, for others, ejaculation can be uncomfortable and even embarrassing.

Since not everyone has heard about female ejaculation, squirt can be scary when it first happens. Many women confuse fluid with pee, as this secretion that comes out of the vulva comes from the bladder and it is very similar to urine.

Were you in doubt if what you expelled was urine or ejaculation? The tip is easy: just smell and assess whether it has a characteristic odor of urine.

know more about squirting

know about squirting or female ejaculation

There are many studies and debates about whether squirt is the same thing as female ejaculation. One of the arguments states that they are not the same because the fluid released during female ejaculation and during squirt are different.

However, they can happen simultaneously, which is where much of the discussion comes from. The liquid that comes out when a person squirts is described as more “ watery ”, while the liquid that comes out during female ejaculation is a little thicker.

Can all women squirt?

Although know about squirtingis natural, ejaculation is not something that happens to all women. There are some who squirt all the time, some occasionally, and women who never squirt. 

There are many things that science still doesn’t know about the squirt. And while there are some techniques to try to induce squirting, chances are they won’t work for every woman. Since not all women can squirt and the sensations also differ.

How to explore the squirt

If you’re looking to try know about squirting, it might be best to try it on your own first. This allows you to explore your own tastes, at your own pace and without any pressure. 

First of all, make sure that the place is ideal for masturbating. And remember that some women can squirt a lot, so have a towel nearby so you can absorb the liquid. 

To begin with, it’s best to try to stay as relaxed as possible. Each person has their own way of getting into the mood. For some people, it’s listening to some music, lighting candles and even making the environment darker. For others, it might be reading an erotic story or watching pornography. So we recommend whatever works to get her in the mood and really excited.

When you’re ready, you can use your fingers or a vibrator to find your G-spot. The choice of sex toy is also very important, as some will stimulate the G-spot and penetrate at the same time.

When you start to feel horny, the important thing is to keep going and intensify that feeling. Some people are apprehensive when they start to experience a very intense orgasm, as it is sometimes described as similar to peeing. However, if you want to try know about squirting, take advantage of that feeling and try to enjoy it as much as possible.

It is worth remembering that the squirt may not happen on your first try. So, don’t feel bad and remember that some women aren’t capable of squirting, and that’s okay.

How to squirt with your partner

know about squirting with a partner may be the best approach for some women and the chances increase depending on sexual position. So, choose positions that have as much G-spot stimulation as possible, such as horseback riding, inverted horseback riding, and even doggie pose.

And again, each person has a different orgasm. So while certain positions can increase the chances of squirting, it’s best to experiment with different approaches until you find one that works for you.

Tips for trying out the squirt

Squirting can be a lot of fun. However, to ensure that this experience is amazing for everyone involved, there are some tips you can follow. 

  • Prepare the area with towels
  • Explore different ways to stimulate the G-spot
  • Understand that not all women squirt and that’s okay
  • Talk to your partner about the squirt
  • Think of lots of foreplay to really get in the mood.
  • Be open to experiencing new sensations
  • pee before

Common myths about the squirt

Squirt and orgasm are the same thing

There are many myths about squirt. But one of the most common is that it is the same thing as an orgasm. While the two can happen at the same time, remember that they can also happen separately, so just because a person isn’t squirting doesn’t mean they aren’t having an orgasm, and vice versa. 

Squirting is a myth

Many people also believe that squirting does not exist. That’s because, most squirts shown in porn videos are not real.

There is a trick to getting squirt 

If you’ve heard about some “special technique” that makes all women squirt, that’s not true. While there are some techniques that may work for some people, they are far from universal; therefore, if you want to try to know about squirting, respect and explore your own body.

Not every woman squirts and that’s normal.

Squirting is a safe and natural thing that can happen to some women during sex. And even if you’re someone who can squirt, it can take a lot of time and trial and error before you figure out what triggers this type of ejaculation in your body. 

That’s why knowing your body, how your sex life works with kolkata escorts services and having the help of a gynecologist ensures that you keep your sexual health up to date. 

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