Kolkata escorts reveal the most unusual client requests

Kolkata escorts reveal client requests

Team October 30, 2022 comments Kolkata escorts reveal the requests of the most unusual clients

Working as a Kolkata escort, like any other profession that requires contact with clients, has its positive, negative, and curious aspects.

With that in mind, we conducted a survey of testimonials from professionals about what was the most unusual request for sex they have ever received from clients.

The stories range from the funniest to some rather bizarre. But they show well the flexibility that companions must have in their profession.

Here are some of the top testimonials about fetishes and different requests for sex we found on the internet, including forums like Reddit and Yahoo! Answers.

the confused dominatrix

The beginning of a career can be a challenge for many people, especially if they are faced with a more intense request like the one below.

“ I’m a domination specialist these days, but I used to do a pretty normal program. One day, in the middle of the program, out of nowhere the Kolkata escorts reveal client requests asked me if I had taken my toys, and at the time I swear I didn’t understand what he wanted. When he realized I didn’t have any comfort, he kept making strange requests, told me to hit him in the face and asked to wear my lingerie, and at the time I was afraid it would tear, but I let him wear it. Then the guy told me to spit on him and say he was my little whore. He told me to hit him on the ass with my shoe and that next time I should not forget to bring a leather whip and a big dildo”.

fruit salad woman

Sometimes it seems that healthy eating is very important to customers as well. A Kolkata escort revealed a client’s particular taste for fruit.

“ I went to serve a client and the program was good, he was beautiful, fun, nice… But when I thought it was over and that nothing more was going to happen, he said he wanted to put a strawberry on me and then eat it. Request granted! Except that after the strawberry he asked to put a banana, then he put whipped cream and licked everything, then he put some grapes and then he came with half a passion fruit, and that dripped onto the bed. And he didn’t stop, he said he wanted to eat everything he had with my taste ”.

Request for unusual sex - fruits for the body

No judgement

Not always what it seems really is. Professional reveals that tough men can often turn completely into a date.

“ Many guys are macho and father of families in front of other people, but when they are between four walls with us, things change. I’ve lost count of how many people ask me to be penetrated, I don’t even see it as an unusual request anymore. But what was strange for me was once when a guy who was being penetrated by me and a friend started to make a high voice, putting all the words in diminutive. I don’t judge anything, but it was weird, it was”.

Is there a cheap one there?

What might be disgusting to some people is exciting to others. Have you ever had a Kolkata escorts reveal client requests wanting to use insects during sex? This professional below, yes.

“My work as a dominatrix means that I don’t always need to have sex. But it also means I have to deal with some pretty bizarre requests. I have all the equipment for domination (whips, collars, gags…). But I once helped a client who watched a movie where a man was tortured with insects. Isn’t it that the guy, executive and all, took a jar full of insects out of his suitcase and asked me to do the same with him? Disgusting. I declined, of course.”

Request for strange sex - use of insects in the fetish

A pat does not hurt

Pain can be an important component of pleasure for many people. But be careful not to overdo it, like this person below.

“Once a customer asked me to slap him in the face. I gave it, but he started asking me to do it harder. And I was hitting harder while he masturbated. I only stopped when he came. Only then did I realize that I had drawn blood from his mouth, poor guy”.

tasting yourself

When the client has a great passion for you, unusual things can really happen in the program. As is the case with this Kolkata escorts reveal client requests who wanted to taste his own body.

“At first he just wanted me to take Spanish. We did this for about 20 minutes, I found it boring and dull, I don’t like it. Then he wanted to put his ‘instrument’ in one of my armpits, he put it on and then started making sex movements. I found that strange, I felt kind of, but it was good. After he finally placed the instrument where I wanted him to place it, he asked me to put one of my fingers in his anus… and then 2, then 3. And at the end, when he came he put the cum in his own hand and placed put it in your mouth.”

luxury and comfort

The unusual doesn’t always have to be bad. This Kolkata escort below, for example, did well when he was chosen by a millionaire client.

“My best experience was with a foreigner who lived in a five million dollar house. It was super modern and elegant. We ate dinner prepared by his private chef, went on a boat ride, and swam in the pool. In the end I still got €3,500 to spend the night with him and have sex”.

Sex requests - luxury and comfort

Protection above all

Requests for unprotected sex can be recurrent, as shown by the professional below. Don’t fall into temptation, think about your future and not just about the gain of the present.

“Some Kolkata escorts reveal client requests offer extra money to have sex without a condom. They insist, but nowadays it doesn’t work. Asking to have sex without a condom is cruel. I can’t say that I’ll never agree, because I don’t know if I’m going to have any needs tomorrow. For now, I’m not even there. Just safe sex with me.” 

All together and mixed up

Having sex with a couple can be quite intense and a little confusing for Kolkata escorts Services, as this companion shows below.

“Once, a newlywed couple asked the man to masturbate while he penetrated the woman. All at the same time in several different sexual positions . It was a somewhat strange and chaotic service, but it was very tasty and we had a lot of fun”.

Prioritize your integrity and safety

Have you ever had to deal with any requests for unusual sex? How did you get around it if it was something that was beyond what you can offer?

Whatever the request for sex or other fantasies, however, keep in mind that the most important thing is not to put your health and safety at risk at any time.

You will often have to take a lot of flexibility when saying no, but it is undoubtedly better to maintain your principles and integrity than to submit yourself to risk just to satisfy a single desire of a Kolkata escorts reveal client requests.

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