5 ideas to make your kolkata escort service online

make your kolkata escort service online

5 ideas to make your kolkata escort service online Without a doubt, the sex worker industry has been one of the most affected by the presence of the coronavirus. For kolkata escorts who depend on personal contact with clients, the current moment during COVID-19 has proven to be a real challenge.

There is, however, a light at the end of the tunnel. Some professionals have found great success through services delivered online, such as some doctors offering virtual consultations and schools providing content for online classes. Sex workers are no exception to this trend.

With many kolkata escorts having to deeply rethink their line of work, the data has shown a growth in the offer and search for online services.

If you’re a Misskolkata customer, the tips below can help you become a virtual make your Kolkata escort service online – or even help improve what you already offer – and ensure you keep your business and customers. Check out some of our suggestions for making your virtual giveaway as successful as your in-person meetings.

Check below for more details on how to make your online business more attractive to your regular customers and future new contacts.

1. Present your services online

If you normally post ads in the make your kolkata escort service online, Trans Kolkata escorts or Male Kolkata escorts categories , why not make it clear and prominent in your ad that you offer services online?

Revealing that you can arrange webcam services or even phone calls with your regular customers will show that you are still operating as before, but for now digitally.

Clearly displaying your “new” virtual services means that you:

  • Highlights your services to customers
  • Let users and customers know you are available for online fun during social distancing
  • Make the most of the services section of your ad
  • Maximize opportunities during the coronavirus epidemic
Present your services online

2. Offer webcam and video services

Why not create an unforgettable experience for your customers, such as a live session via webcam or even via video call through platforms such as Whatsapp or Messenger?

Ask your customers what they would like to see you do, incorporate into your service and keep them hooked by the image as you perform.

The video service will help you:

  • Adapting to isolation measures
  • Continue to meet your customers virtually – and generate more business
  • schedule virtual meetings
  • Provide visually pleasing virtual fun – ensuring the customer continues to get the best service you can offer
The video service will help you

3. Exchange some steamy messages

In addition to the look, provocative and exciting texts can be an excellent formula when communicating with your customers. Using SMS or apps like Whatsapp and Telegram, you can offer them the so-called “sexting” – a contraction of sex and texting (text message, in English). With this service, the customer can be charged per hour or, when agreed, for the time you and he are chatting via messages.

Text messaging can help you:

  • Continue adapting to social isolation measures
  • Maintain interaction and provide services to customers
  • Engage your customers and generate more business
Send some personal and thought-provoking photos

4. Send some personal and thought-provoking photos

If you are one of those people who believe that a picture is worth a thousand words, this tip is for you. Attract your customers with sexy photos of you and earn money from it. As an extension of the text message service, you can use your photos, both existing ones and new ones that you can produce especially for a particular client, for example.

Offering photo services will allow you to:

  • Stay in social isolation, as recommended
  • Provide an additional service to regular customers, keeping them interested even when you can’t find them
  • Create a bespoke photo, either for a group of clients or for a specific person
  • Develop a new form of income during the COVID-19 crisis

5. Offer sex or a hotter phone conversation

Although more uncommon in today’s world with the internet and messaging apps, the phone is still a great way to keep your customers entertained. Establishing in advance with your client how your time will be charged, offer this option to them, increasing the scope of your escorts services.

Phone service will help you:

  • Staying in social isolation
  • Keeping in touch with your regular customers while offering service over the phone
  • Maintain your income by establishing the most convenient billing method for you and your customers
Offer sex or a hotter phone conversation

Protect your health and that of others

Follow the guidance of the relevant authorities to stay safe – as well as others – during the virus crisis. Using the methods above, you can keep your business running during this difficult time while staying at home and saving lives.

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