Masochist: what is this extreme practice in sex

You’ve probably heard of masochism. It is not a position, nor a sexual practice, but a type of pleasure that can be extreme for many people. But, after all, what does it mean to be a masochist?

We’re going to tell you today, in addition to explaining what types of sexual fetishes have to do with masochism and even telling you how to find partners or partners to practice.

What is a masochist

A masochist is a person who takes pleasure in pain. And in this case, it could be as much physical pain as being verbally humiliated in bed. Therefore, masochistic sex has a lot to do with submission, as the person seeks another who will cause this suffering.

When a person takes pleasure in causing pain, the name given is sadism . Therefore, when talking about sadomasochism , we are talking about two things: the sadistic part, which likes to cause pain, and the masochistic part, which likes to feel it. There are people who enjoy being both.

Does relating pain to pleasure in sex escorts seem very strange to you? So, let us tell you some practices that those who are masochists might like.

what is masochistic sex

practices in masochistic sex

Among the most common practices of masochistic sex are:

  • get slapped
  • get stepped on
  • be tied
  • be handcuffed
  • blindfold
  • be humiliated

There are both more extreme and lighter versions. So if any of the things on this list sound like something you’ve done or would like to do, that’s completely fine. After all, there is a biological connection between pleasure and pain.

However, how much each person supports and wishes to have pain to reach pleasure, if that is what they want, is very personal and must be respected. Therefore, nothing is more important in sex than consent , even if you and your partner are adept at very light versions, such as tying your wrists to the headboard of the bed, blindfolding or lightly slapping.

Asked to stop, stopped!

It is also important to define the “ safeword ”, a safety word that, when said, shows the other person that the moment is not being nice and must be stopped at the same time. After all, in submission, the word “no” can be part of the game – but this must be very well combined before too!

Therefore, it is common practice to define another word that has nothing to do with sex to signal that it is time to stop – for example, “window”, “cell phone”, “fishing”… It could be ANYTHING.

masochistic sex

masochistic fetishes

You can already understand that the masochistic person is the one who tends to prefer submission in bed and seek in pain a way to feel intense pleasure and even reach orgasm. And there are fetishes that are directly related to masochism.

See some of them:


It already has it in the name: BDSM is the acronym for Bondage, Domination or Discipline, Submission or Sadism and Masochism . In BDSM, it is common to use erotic toys specific to this practice, such as whips, handcuffs, blindfolds, as well as clothing and costumes, including latex overalls and gag balls, for example. For those who are more experienced, there are even furniture, such as beds and chairs, made for submission.


The cuckold has more and more fans in Brazil, and it is the fetish of seeing your partner in bed with another man . This fetish is masochistic because of humiliation. After all, in addition to watching the partner with another man, called a bull, it may be part of the agreement that the cuckold is verbally humiliated by both.

golden rain

It is also related to humiliation. In golden rain, the person gets a hard-on when someone else urinates on them. In addition, another fetish that can also be considered a form of extreme submission linked to humiliation is brown rain, which is made with feces instead of urine.


The foot fetish does not necessarily have to be masochistic. But there are those who get excited about being stepped on in bed, even with a woman wearing stiletto heels , which hurt more. In this case, it can indeed be considered a masochistic practice.

Podolatry: foot fetish can be considered masochistic


There are those who feel a lot of pleasure when being suffocated or suffocated just before orgasm. However, this is a dangerous practice , which requires a lot of trust and that the other person knows exactly what they are doing!

masochistic masturbation

Yes, you can also be a masochist alone and alone. There are some gadgets you can use to safely cause pain during masturbation, such as bondage bands or nipple clips.

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But attention: be VERY careful with your safety when doing this with no one around. After all, there are masochistic practices that can cause serious injuries and even death.

Find companionship for masochistic sex

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Do you consider yourself someone who enjoys masochistic sex with kolkata escorts? Tell in the comments what your favorite practice is.

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