Morning sex: start the day with more pleasure

Morning Sex

Each of us has a different way of experiencing sex . And this also concerns the preferred time! But there are certain benefits that just morning sex can bring to your life.

Do you want to see how very pleasant it can be to wake up early? Read on to see how morning sex can affect your entire day.

What is morning sex

Morning sex is, as the name says, when the couple has sex in the morning. Since it happens first thing in the morning, there isn’t any kind of preparation. That is, it usually happens in a more spontaneous way, as soon as the two awaken.

In addition, many people prefer sex when they wake up, as this is the time when they are most rested. Then they can surrender completely.

However, it is worth remembering that morning fuck kolkata escorts does not necessarily mean penetrative sex! Oral sex , for example, can be an excellent way to start the day.

5 benefits of morning sex

But did you know there are health benefits to morning fuck? See some of them:

1. Strengthens the immune system

There are studies showing that couples who have sex in the morning have 30% more antibodies. Antibodies are responsible for protecting our body against diseases. That is, those who have sex with escorts tend to have more immunity!

In addition, this strengthening of immunity also helps to reduce the risks of other health problems, such as heart problems.

Sex has many other health benefits. Click here to see more of them!

2. Better concentration and intensity in orgasm

As we said before, our body, in the morning, is more rested and relaxed. This alone already helps to increase the levels of sensitivity of the erogenous zones . That is: more intense orgasms and more pleasure!

Also, after a night’s sleep, it’s easier to focus on sex alone, without being distracted by other thoughts. In this way, the performance of the couple also improves.

Finally, adrenaline levels are low in the morning. Then it becomes easier to focus on you and the other person.

3. Relaxes the body and reduces stress

Starting the day with an orgasm also helps to produce endorphins. They are the hormone that brings that feeling of happiness and positivity!

Also, it’s worth remembering that sex in the morning is also like a natural physical exercise. That is, just the activity itself already helps with this production of endorphins!

Morning Sex

4. Help when waking up

If you have trouble waking up in the morning, sex escorts can be a great game changer. After all, in addition to being a great incentive to wake up, it also stimulates your entire body.

In the end, you’ll “feel” that you’ve woken up and you can even escape that common morning sluggishness!

5. Increases your self-confidence

As you may already know, sex elevates anyone’s mood. And sex contributes a lot to that.

Believe me: after sex, you’ll probably feel more willing and confident to face the challenges of your day-to-day. Whether they are at work or in your personal life.

Sex positions for morning sex with escorts

Since you will be waking up when the weather starts to warm up, it is safer to rely on the less complicated positions. So, here are some options for you to choose from:

  • 69: This position is well known! The couple is lying on their side, facing each other, or one on top of the other, upside down. Then they stimulate each other with oral sex. Also, the hands tend to be free to touch and caress the other person.
  • Cachorrinho: also known as “doggy style” or “on all fours”, the woman is on all fours and the man penetrates her from behind.
  • Roast chicken: here, the woman sits or lies down, with her legs open upwards and flexed close to her chest. Therefore, this position is perfect for him to see all the penetration happening in the smallest details!
  • Sideways: as the name implies, this position performed with both of you lying on your side (facing each other or one behind the other person) is a good idea for a change in sex and is a good option to start sex morning
  • Hard Landing: This is one of the sex positions that least requires strength or balance. That is, it allows the couple to be more relaxed! In it, the woman lies on her stomach and the man lies on top of her.

Want to innovate in morning sex? Check out some more of our suggestions for sex positions !

Morning sex position
Start having morning sex

If you still don’t have the habit of having morning sex with kolkata escorts, this might be one of the best attitudes to make your relationship even better!

After all, in addition to helping with your routine and your health, sex in the morning is also another moment of pleasure and intimacy between you, increasing the connection and making your sex life even more pleasurable.

Do you usually practice morning sex? Tell us in the comments what your favorite position is first thing in the morning!

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