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sex for music

There is not always time to prepare the environment for a special night. But if you’re on the team that can’t do without a song at the right time to warm up the mood, you don’t have to waste time thinking about what to play. After all, we prepared a complete sex playlist for you.

In addition, we have also gathered in this article some tips for you to create your own playlist of songs to get laid. Thus, you guarantee a personalized playlist, whether for moments alone with your partner or partner, or to please a special client .

How to create a playlist with music for sex

A fuck playlist is something very personal. After all, everyone’s taste in music is different. So, before saving the sex playlist we put together, follow these tips to add the songs you want and guarantee an even more sensual moment:

1. Go with the flow

In order not to have to interrupt the action to skip a track, think that the songs must follow a flow that follows the intensity of the couple. That is, imagine what you want to hear from the preliminaries to the finals , and look for songs that accompany the growth of that intensity.

2. Escape karaoke

Hardly anyone will put “Evidence” to play on a sex escorts services playlist – but if they do, there’s no problem either… As long as it doesn’t distract the couple . After all, it’s one thing to hear the other person saying some dirty words or other sounds that only appear at that time . Another bad thing is to get completely out of the mood because you’re paying more attention to the music than the action.

3. It doesn’t have to be a hit

Good sex music is music that helps you create the right mood . It doesn’t have to be a mega hit, or that song that everyone says is perfect for getting laid. If the song plays on the radio all the time but doesn’t get you excited or excited, don’t put it on the list.

It’s also worth remembering that not every song that talks about sex is a sexy song. That is, there are songs that are great to enjoy at the club or even dance and seduce before having sex, but they don’t work at the right time.

4. A special touch

You know that song that reminds you of a good one, excites you more in bed, makes you want to do a provocative striptease or even has to do with the couple? Don’t miss out! This is your own sex song . So you can be sure that when it starts, your excitement will get even bigger. And that’s the point of a sex playlist, right?

Playlist with songs to do a strip

Finding the ideal song for that performance is not easy. That’s why we made a selection of ten songs that can make you want to take off your clothes in a sensual way:

Music for sex: playlist on YouTube

But if you’re looking for a full list of songs to get laid, there’s that too. We separated 15 sounds that will raise the temperature between four walls, with different styles and beats and national and international artists, to please all tastes.

You can press play on it and go for the hug, or take advantage of our choices to put together your own playlist to listen to having sex according to the tips we gave.

When the music to fuck goes wrong

It’s worth remembering that music is an extra stimulus in bed. And the bed is a place where there are already many stimuli: it smells, touches, tastes… That is why, for many people, having music during sex ends up being too much happening.

Then, the plan can backfire: the selection can make it difficult for the person to focus on the action, relax and really enjoy the moment. This is quite common with songs she already knows, or any song with lyrics. Especially if it’s in a language the person understands.

But if you still want an ambient sound to help set the mood, it’s worth trying a track that doesn’t have lyrics. For example, you can search for “lo-fi” on YouTube: there are several hour-plus mixes with sultry beats and no lyrics at all. See an example .

Music for sex

What’s your favorite H-hour song? Or would you rather just hear the other person’s moans? Tell us in the comments.

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