Oral sex – best tips for memorable moments for two

Oral sex best tips for memorable

According to surveys such as  miss 2.0, Oral sex best tips for memorable is practiced by more than half of the Indian population. However, despite being extremely common, there are still many people who cannot fully enjoy the moment.

Whether it’s because you don’t know your own body and desires, for fear of becoming infected with a disease – quite legitimate -, or even for lack of skill at the H time, the subject is still a kind of mystery for many people.

With that in mind, Misskolkata decided to list some tips and suggestions to find true pleasure in the practice of oral sex – whether with her or with him – with a girlfriend or boyfriend, husband or wife, casual partners or even companions.

  • what is oral sex
  • How to give oral sex to a woman
  • How to give oral sex to a man
  • Know how to have good oral sex (on her and on him)

All the suggestions listed below are a general guide on how to get the most out of oral sex, but the most important thing is that you better discover your body and your partner’s to find what really excites and gives you both pleasure.

what is oral sex

Oral sex is, quite simply, sex with the mouth. For men it is the stimulus in the penis and for women the stimulus is in the vagina region, especially the clitoris.

Some people take the view that oral sex isn’t really sex with escorts at all, but a foreplay for “real sex”. But that’s not necessarily true for everyone. Many people understand, for example, that sex is the exchange of intimacy between people.

In this case, oral sex is the practice of sex. Or do you want more proximity than mouth contact with your partner’s genitals?

How to give oral sex to a woman

Although women have an organ specially designed for pleasure – the clitoris –, the ideal is to avoid going straight to it. Explore her body, find erogenous spots that help her relax and get in the mood before getting down to business.

The tongue is your main tool here, but remember that you can also use your hands and even the rest of your face, applying more or less pressure at the time. Many women react well when you use one or two fingers during Oral sex best tips for memorable, combined with masturbation .

Choose the position that pleases him the most. She can be lying on her back, face down, standing, or any other position she prefers. Use your hands to vary the sensations felt by her or even gently adjust gently to the vulvar area.

Learn how to perform good oral sex on women

Finally, if you’ve found her perfect pleasure spot, stick with it. Don’t be afraid of repetition or boredom. If you find out that her mouth found the gold mine – she’ll indicate it with body language or even speaking – don’t leave until you’ve accomplished your goal: making her come.

How to give oral sex to a man

Anatomically, men tend to be easier to give Oral sex best tips for memorable. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone is the same.

Just like for women, not going straight to the point is also true for men. Excite and tease him before starting any movement. Describe in detail what you will especially do with your mouth for his body.

After the promise, it’s time to start driving him crazy. She starts running her mouth up and down his body. Also using your hands, caress and kiss the legs, groin, butt and don’t forget the testicles.

Leave the glans last. This is the most sensitive part of the penis, so saving it for last will make him even more hard and aroused for when you actually start sucking him.

Jerk off the penis as you move your tongue around, then alternate sucking on the glans, moving up and down, putting it all over your mouth – this will drive him crazy.

If you want to turn him on more, use your voice, describe what you’re doing, touch his body and make him surrender completely to the moment.

Discover how to perform oral sex on a man

Take your time

After a long time exploring and making him more excited, without rushing, it’s time for him to come.

It’s important that you decide if you want him to come in your mouth or not. If you enjoy trying and swallowing his sperm, indulge. He will definitely find it wonderful.

But if that’s not your case, ask him to cum on your breasts, your ass, belly, face, wherever you want, he’ll like it too. If you don’t want sperm contact, that shouldn’t be a problem for him. Let him come eventually in his own body.

Know how to have good oral sex (on her and on him)

Whatever your sexual preference or preference in bed, the most important thing about Oral sex best tips for memorable – as well as sex in general – is that you are comfortable, relaxed and that you agree with your partner which techniques or maneuvers you like. want to use and learn together.

A good oral sex is composed of involvement and commitment of both. If you’re the person on the receiving end, let yourself relax and enjoy every second, letting you know what you like and don’t like at all times. Guide your partner and encourage them to discover their body.

In the case of those who do, the important thing is to get into the idea. Avoid thoughts that disparage the practice or attitudes such as denying all requests from those who receive oral sex. Remember, oral sex has to be fun for both of you.

Protection is always essential

Finally, an equally important detail: protect yourself. Oral sex best tips for memorable can also transmit diseases. For steady partners, a periodic medical examination is important to rule out any doubts.

For those who have several partners or sporadic encounters, the ideal is to always use a condom. But do not worry. In addition to being possible, practicing Oral sex best tips for memorable with a condom with call girls is also very pleasurable. In addition, flavored condoms and lubricants have grown. So enjoy a lot and safely.

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