Connect with Nature: A Guide to Safe Outdoor Sex with kolkata escorts

Outdoor Sex with Kolkata Escorts

After the pandemic and two years of lockdown at home, people are taking every opportunity they have to get adventurous. And for many people, that means getting out there and exploring the beauty of nature.But there is one type of outdoor adventure that we often overlook: Outdoor Sex with kolkata escorts. Many of us have tried it and had a lot of fun practicing it outside the home, but there are also a lot of people who have been caught doing it, which isn’t as much fun.

  • Outdoor Sex with kolkata escorts: why is it so exciting?
  • How to practice without breaking any laws
  • best locations 
  • best positions 
  • Tips for having a great experience
  • Are you ready to connect with nature?

So is there a way to safely have sex outdoors?

Well, yes. It’s true that there’s always an element of risk, but that’s what’s part of the fun. However, there are some ways to make the most of this experience without dealing with the problems that Outdoor Sex with kolkata escorts can cause.

And in this article, we’ll tell you all the details about this practice, including some tips to help you on your next adventure.

Outdoor Sex with kolkata escorts: why is it so exciting?

First of all, we have to investigate why people like to have sex outside four walls so much. If there is such a high risk of getting caught, why take that risk in the first place?

Well, for many people, risk is exactly what turns them on. When you have sex outdoors, you are in a new and unfamiliar place, and that can be very exciting. From checking if there are people around to looking for the right place with your partner, it’s already an amazing experience.

Outdoor Sex with kolkata escorts can be done in many places. Some people like to have sex in parks and beaches, while others like tighter spaces like cars or public restrooms.

However, we know that these places are not for everyone. So, if your partner isn’t very interested in trying it out or you’re not really into it, there’s nothing wrong with talking and deciding if this type of adventure works for you.

But if you and your partner want to try and have sex outdoors, there are a few ways you can safely enjoy the experience. So, first of all, let’s explain about the laws and if it really is illegal. 

It’s a crime?

In Brazil, according to law 233 of the Brazilian penal code , it is a crime to “ perform an obscene act in a public place, or open or exposed to the public” and the penalty can be imprisonment, from three months to one year, or a fine.

Outdoor Sex with Kolkata Escort

How to practice without breaking any laws

It’s a fact, if you have sex outdoors, you risk breaking the law. And if someone catches you in the act, that person can report you. And that’s why it’s very important to always find out about the laws surrounding Outdoor Sex with kolkata escorts and accept the risk and possible consequences before trying it.

So there is no way to practice without breaking the law. However, if you do this carefully, you can reduce the chances of getting caught. And for many people, having sex in public places without breaking any laws can make things even more exciting.

best locations Outdoor Sex with Kolkata Escorts

Let’s talk about the good part of this practice? Here is the list of the best places to have sex outside the home.

On the beach

The beach is likely to be the most popular place to get laid, so much so that it has even become a cliché. The fact is, the sand, the sound of the waves and the relaxing ocean breeze make for a great time for any couple. Also, seeing your partner in the sun during intercourse can be an amazing experience.

In the forest

The forest is the ideal place for couples who want to have a little more privacy and cover while enjoying a great view. Some say that being with your partner in the middle of a forest or with a waterfall in the background is irresistible.

on the porch

This is a great place for beginners. If you have a balcony at home, whether on a high rise or low rise building, it can be a great place to try out having sex outdoors. Plus, if anyone starts to feel uncomfortable or you’re spotted, it’s super easy to run and hide indoors.

in the tent

If you like more privacy when it comes to sex, this place is for you! When you get that hard-on at camp, this can be a great place to have a lot of fun with your partner.

in the car

Car sex can be cramped and dangerous, but it’s also a great option if you’re looking for a semi-private place to have sex outdoors. Just be sure to pick the location or a parking lot to make sure people don’t accidentally spot the two of you.

best positions 

Here are some of the best positions for Outdoor Sex with kolkata escorts.

Lawn mower

This is a pretty unique position and one that most people have never seen before. Much like the doggy position, the receiving partner places their hands on the floor and gets into a position of all fours while the partner penetrates from behind for a stable and pleasurable experience.

tree pose

If you are in the woods, don’t forget that you can use a tree to stabilize the receiving partner during sex. This position is perfect for anyone who enjoys rear penetration and is a great way to utilize the outside environment when having sex.

inverted riding

As much as the inverted cavalcade is a very common position, it is still a very appropriate position for Outdoor Sex with kolkata escorts. Since the soft grass of the forest or the sand of the beach can make this experience more comfortable for all couples.


This position is recommended for all couples who cannot do without oral sex . Whether in the woods or on the porch, this position is practiced with one person standing while the other kneels for oral sex.

Outdoor Sex with Escorts
Tips for having a great experience

No matter where or how you do it, Outdoor Sex with kolkata escorts services can be risky, but that’s part of the fun. Here are some more tips on how to avoid problems while having fun with your partner.

understand the risks

First of all, it is very important to know more about the place you are going. Which is exactly why we recommend reading your local laws and understanding that if you get caught, you will have to deal with the consequences.

This is why most people prefer a quickie outdoors as this can lessen the chances of getting caught.

keep the lights off

If you’re in a tent in the woods having sex at night, we recommend keeping the lights off. This is true even if you are in the woods or on the beach at night. If you have the lights on, you will attract more attention and therefore increase the chance of getting caught.

It’s worth remembering that keeping the lights off can be very erotic in itself. It adds a new mystery to sex and maybe something the two of you haven’t tried before.

Explore trails and alternative paths

When looking for a location, try to stay away from the more popular trails where most people will walk. 

There’s nothing wrong with exploring the alternative trails. Quite the contrary, this can make the whole experience more memorable, as looking for a suitable place to have sex is already a totally exciting experience!

Make the most of the experience

This doesn’t mean having sex for hours in a very risky location. It’s about exploring different ways to use the environment around you. For example, you can use trees, benches and other things around you to make sex more enjoyable and interesting.

Are you ready to connect with nature?

Having sex outside can be a lot of fun. However, one of the first things you need to do before trying. it out is accept the risks and protect yourself. 

Wherever you choose to have sex, understand that you can get caught. That’s why you don’t have to be in a hurry when choosing the right location. And once the location has been chosen. all you and your partner need to do is try out the positions. that suit you best and prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience.

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