Pain-free anal sex: the complete guide to feeling and giving pleasure

Pain free anal sex

The anal is, for many people, the sexual “last frontier”. After all, it is a practice full of taboos, especially the fear of pain. That’s why today we’re going to reveal everything you need to have anal sex without pain and with great pleasure.

Take a look at what we prepared in this true anal guide :

  1. Who is anal sex for
  2. Anal for men vs anal for women
  3. What can’t be missing for the pain-free anal
  4. The best positions for pain-free anal sex

1. Who is anal sex for

Short answer: for anyone who wants it!

But you can explain this better, and we will explain.

Many people feel pleasure through the anus. Remember when we told you about the Greek kiss , which both men and women can enjoy, regardless of sexuality?

This happens because sexuality has nothing to do with the human body itself. So, giving the fuck isn’t something only gay men enjoy: straight men can get a lot of backdoor pleasure too, as well as women, whether they’re gay or straight.

However, pay attention: we said “they can” feel, not “will” feel, right? It’s because sexual pleasure is a set of factors . Stimulation of certain regions (the so-called erogenous zones ) is essential, of course, but few people enjoy without feeling comfortable. Also, each person is different and reacts to these stimuli in different ways, and not all of them work for everyone.

That’s why, although it is possible to experience anal pleasure, not everyone does. Therefore, the first step to pain-free anal sex is to want it!

2. Anal for men vs anal for women

As we said, both men and women can experience anal pleasure , and this has nothing to do with being gay or straight.

In men, one of the most powerful erogenous zones is the prostate . And to get there, the best way is the anus. After all, the prostate is about 10 centimeters from it. Therefore, both the ground wire and anal sex are practices that usually make men very horny and can even make them come hard.

On the other hand, women do not have a prostate. But, just like men, this entire region is full of nerve endings that can give pleasure – that’s why women can also enjoy Greek kissing, ground wire and anal sex.

There is a nerve, the pudendal nerve, which exists in both men and women in this region. It branches through the perineum, the anus and, in women, the clitoris. And, as you know, the clitoris is made for sexual pleasure. So yes, a woman’s body allows her, at least in theory, to experience anal pleasure.

But remember: not everyone is going to feel anal pleasure, or who is going to be interested in this practice. And the first rule of any sexual relationship is consent. If the other person says no, don’t insist!

pain free anal sex for men

3. What you can’t miss for a pain-free anal

Now that you understand that anyone can enjoy anal sex, it’s time to find out what needs to happen for it to be painless and pleasurable:

before sex

Consent: you already know, but it bears repeating. If one doesn’t want to, two can’t do it. Any kind of sex without consent is a crime. And this can happen at any time: if both of you are naked, in the position you’ve chosen to have sex, and one of you decides you don’t want to have sex anymore, you can stop right away.

Foreplay: they heat up the mood and prepare the body for sex. So, they are essential for a shag like that! Therefore, if the proposal of the night is anal, don’t go straight to the finals: take care of the preliminaries , take your time.

Relaxation: This one also goes for more than anal sex. Having tense or tense sex with escorts services, in addition to making it difficult to enjoy the moment and reach orgasm, also greatly increases the chances of experiencing pain in the relationship.

Desire: it has to do with being relaxed and relaxed, so let’s face it: there are people who have no interest in anal sex, and end up accepting it just to please someone else. Without real desire, the person cannot relax and there is no preliminary, position, erotic toy or technique that helps.

during the act

Lubrication:  unlike the vagina, the anus has no natural lubrication. Therefore, it is essential to use lubricants to have anal sex without pain.

Remember: Lubricant is not spit, nor Vaseline or anything other than… Lubricant! The most suitable are those based on water, and you can easily find them in pharmacies and sex shops.

Desensitizing: Not mandatory, but using a product like this can help with pain-free anal. They help relax the anal area and reduce sensitivity, and some are also used as a lubricant.

But attention: it is not to use anesthetics, such as xylocaine! These types of products, in addition to not being suitable, can make the person completely lose sensitivity in the region and, when the effect wears off, the pain comes with everything. And that’s not the intention: what we want is for everyone to enjoy the moment, without feeling pain before, during or after.

Condoms:  condoms not only prevent pregnancy, but also  ISTs . And, in the case of anal sex, in addition to sexually transmitted infections, there is a risk of transmission of bacteria and even remains of feces that can cause infections in the penis and vagina. For that same reason, vaginal sex can never come immediately after anal, agreed?

After anal (but before and during too)

Hygiene: after anal, it’s good to at least shower before continuing to play in other areas. But it doesn’t cost anything to also give it a good cleaning beforehand and, if you think it’s necessary, even do the intimate shower, the famous chuca .

The chuca is nothing more than letting the water in to “wash” the intestine, that is, to take the feces that are there out and prevent that, with the anal stimulus, they come out at the time of sex. But if something like that happens, take it naturally and with good humor. Don’t let something completely normal spoil a sexual experience that involves so much intimacy and respect between the couple.

4. The best positions for pain-free anal sex

Of course, there are positions that help you have anal sex without pain. See some of them:

  • Spoon: the couple lies on their side, and the person behind penetrates. This position is good because it allows the person being penetrated to be more comfortable and have more control.
  • Lotus: the person who is penetrated lies with the belly up and the legs close to the trunk. The other then penetrates from the front. The person lying down can also rest their legs on the other person’s shoulder, which gives more control.
  • Crab: the person who is going to penetrate lies down with his belly up, and the one who will be penetrated lies on top of him, also with his belly up. This way, you can fully control the penetration with your legs resting on your side.
  • Seated: this position is very similar to the previous one, because it gives complete control to the person being penetrated. Whoever is going to penetrate sits on the edge of the bed or in a chair, and whoever is going to be penetrated sits in front, with one knee on each side, completely controlling the movements.
  • Lying facedown: the greatest advantages of this are relaxation and intimacy. After all, the person lies down, face down, and can even roll a massage before the act. So, whoever is going to penetrate lies down on top and stays with the body very close.
Face down: position for pain-free anal sex

Now that you have this real guide to pain-free anal sex, all you have to do is put it into practice! And, if you still don’t have company, find one right here at Miss Kolkata .

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