Pompoarism: what it is and how to improve your sex life


Maybe you’ve heard a lot about pompoarism lately. Despite being “fashionable”, this is an ancient oriental technique that can improve your sex life and that of your partner. For those who work as an escort, mastering this technique can ensure that your clients will always be ready for a true experience in bed.

Do you want to know more about what pompoarism is, practical tips on how to do it and the benefits it brings not only in sex, but for your health? Keep reading!

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  • How to do pompoarism
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What is pompoarism

You already know that it is an ancient technique from the East – some say that the practice began in Africa, some say it was in Asia. But it is believed that the origin is from very ancient fertility rituals, in which women contracted the vagina muscles following a rhythm. The technique was perfected and influenced by different cultures and customs until it became the way we know it today.

Basically, pompoarism consists of strengthening the pelvic floor muscles . It’s like intimate bodybuilding to make sure everything stays in the right place. After all, the pelvic floor is what supports organs like the intestine, uterus and bladder, and it can lose strength over time.

In the East, it is also common to refer to pompoarism as “ Kegel exercises “, since it was the doctor Arnold Kegel who popularized it in the 40s. He found in Eastern practice a solution to help his pregnant patients who suffered from urinary incontinence.

Pompoarismo: what it is and how to do it

Benefits of pompoarism

“Like any physical exercise, pompoarism brings many benefits to women’s health, in addition to restoring self-esteem and confidence” , teaches Cátia Damasceno , specialist in female sexuality and creator of an online pompoarismo course. See some of the advantages that pompoaristas can take advantage of:

  • Treats and prevents urinary and fecal incontinence (i.e. helps hold pee and poop)
  • Facilitates childbirth and postpartum
  • Decreases menstrual cramps
  • Reduces menopausal symptoms

In addition, there are also sexual benefits . Among them are:

  • Increased lubrication, since the movements increase the blood supply to the vaginal canal, explains Cátia
  • Greater elasticity of the vagina, which decreases penetration pain
  • Easier to reach orgasm  (and more likely to have multiple orgasms )
  • Greater control of vaginal muscles, which increases sensitivity in intercourse
  • Allows you to vary performance in bed with different movements
  • Strengthening the muscles near the anus, which are part of the pelvic floor. “Therefore, if you also enjoy anal sex with escorts, you can benefit” , recommends the specialist
  • Increases your confidence in sex

You could see that pompoarism only brings advantages, right? So, let’s talk about how to do pompoarism in practice.

How to do pompoarism kolkata escorts

You don’t need anything other than your own body to do pompoarismo. There are several exercises that can be done and, just like in the gym, you can increase the “load” over time. In addition, it is an exercise that does not have a certain age: even teenagers can practice it to relieve menstrual cramps, for example.

However, to get started, you can follow this step by step:

  • Step 1 : Lie down or sit down and take a deep breath to relax. It’s time to connect with your body and understand it a little better. For this you need to focus
  • Step 2 : make a contraction movement in the vagina and anus, as if you were pulling it in, and hold for two seconds. It doesn’t have to be a strong contraction! Also be careful not to contract the muscles of the abdomen: the movement is lower!
  • Step 3 : relax counting to eight. Alternate steps 2 and 3 ten times. It’s like going to the gym: you’ll do ten sets of this two-second contraction and relax for eight seconds.
  • Step 4 : to finish, do a final contraction for 10 seconds

How to use pompom balls

If you want to invest in “equipment” to do the activity, you can look for pompoar balls , also known as Thai balls . And how to use Thai polka dots?

It’s simple: using a water-based lubricant, insert the first pellet into the vagina. Then, contracting the muscles, “pull” the others inward. Then, relaxing your muscles, start expelling one by one.

Pompoarismo balls: how to do exercises

male pompous

Despite being a practice aimed at women, there are also exercises that bring the same benefits to men. Therefore, they are called “male pompoarism”. And, in addition to also preventing and treating urinary incontinence and increasing pleasure in bed, they also help those with erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation . “And there’s more: it increases libido, self-esteem, confidence and helps to reduce anxiety during intimate contact” , explains Cátia.

The first step to male pompoarism is to identify exactly which muscle needs to be contracted. A good way to do this is, while urinating, holding the pee and noticing where it “squeezes”. It is exactly this muscle that will be contracted in kegel exercises for men. It is recommended to repeat the exercises 3 to 8 times a day.

Specialized follow-up for pompoarism

You could see that pompoarism exercises, even though they are relatively simple to do, can bring you many benefits, right?

However, it is recommended to include them in your routine with expert guidance. After all, doing pompoarism without follow-up is like starting to do exercises at home without a personal trainer or physical education teacher helping you. That is, if they are done the wrong way, or if you exaggerate the dose, the effect can even be the opposite: the muscles can become sore and even cause pain at the time of sexual intercourse , for example.

In addition, there are some specific cases in which pompadourism is not recommended, as explained by kolkata escorts:

  • Pregnant women: with up to two months of gestation, it is recommended to avoid pompoarism so as not to cause contractions in the uterus
  • Endometriosis: Those who suffer from this condition may experience pain with the practice, as it increases blood flow.
  • Fibroids: if they are in the growth phase, it is better to avoid pompoarism
  • Inflammations and intimate infections: before pompoarism starts, it is necessary to cure the problem, or it can get worse
  • Who uses IUD: it is recommended to ask your gynecologist when you can practice the exercises as soon as you insert the intrauterine device. However, it is worth remembering that it is in the uterus and pompoarism affects the muscles of the vagina, that is, they are different.
  • Menstruating: there is no problem doing pompom menstruation, but the specialist recommends not using accessories, such as pompom balls, to prevent infections

Finally, we recommend looking for a professional, which can be from a physiotherapist to a sexologist specializing in the technique , to ensure that you only enjoy the benefits of this ancient technique. “Practicing pompoarism the right way, there is no risk at all” , concludes suprna.

Do you want to offer this experience to your customers? All you have to do is say in the advertisement on Miss Kolkata that you know everything about pompoarism. Create yours now !

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