How to do a professional sensual shoot and attract more clients

professional sensual shoot attract clients

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If you are an escort, you know more than anyone how important it is to choose the photos that you will use in your ad, either by photos taken by yourself or, when possible, through sensual essays.

Investing in professional photos or sensual essays can be a great deal when it comes to gaining more clients or even increasing the value of your fee.

Therefore, we separate some tips and suggestions when deciding and choosing what to do in your sensual book or erotic essay.

Choose who will do your sensual rehearsal

This is a fundamental decision when deciding on your professional sensual shoot attract clients shoot. That’s because professional essays don’t come cheap. Good photographers charge between Rs 500 to Rs

2,000. But, as we mentioned, this investment can generate much higher profits to cover and justify your expenses.

With the internet, it became easier to search for photographers who do this type of work. One of the first places you can start is to do a Google search by adding your city to the search. Try to focus on those who have positive referrals or reviews, especially other companions if possible.

Still on the internet, social media is an excellent way to find photographers who do sexy shoots. Below are some names I bet a quick search on Instagram :

  • Julie Melaim
  • leo Bouidoir
  • Johan Moraess

Another way to find an ideal photographer for your professional sensual shoot attract clients is to recommend other companions. If, for example, you see an advertisement with professional photos that attract you, be sure to get in touch with them, many will be open to indicating who took their photos.

Studios and professionals who do sensual rehearsals

Check below some studio names and professionals that you can hire to do your sensual photoshoot across the country:

  • Deborah Menezes
  • Priscilla Limos
  • sensuality
  • Mariana Bertram
  • Frottola
  • Manuel Guimaraes
  • Joao American
How to choose who will do your sensual shoot

How to choose the ideal one for you

Check out the work of the chosen professional, ask questions and be clear about what they can or cannot offer you.

When checking out their work, be aware of a few specific things:

  • Framing and angles used
  • Creativity in creation
  • Lighting used
  • models pose
  • Photo editing after the shoot

Ideas and poses for your sexy shoot

Here are some suggestions for different poses and angles that you can use in your sensual shoot.

Butt photo: Photos that highlight your butt will definitely draw the attention of potential customers to your ad.

Photo of high heels:  In addition to high heels being quite sexy, you can still charm those people who have a foot fetish.

Leg image: Highlight your legs in the sexy shoot, many people go crazy with a well defined leg

Hair in motion: Hair is a weapon of seduction for every woman, so use it to your advantage and take some photos to attract more interested parties.

Portrait: A portrait can say a lot about your personality and how you can charm your customers, with the photo in the eyes and mouths it is possible to give an intense air of sensuality to your photos.

Silhouette: Play with the light and create an atmosphere of mystery and entice customers with a silhouette photo, wearing lingerie or even naked, drawing the waist and your entire body.

Sensual photo shoot theme

When choosing what your photos will look like, deciding on a theme can make it easier for the professional to adjust your photo shoot according to what you want.

For example, if you want to do a test to attract clients who are looking to experience one or more fetishes, you can conduct a theme full of fantasies, with erotic toys , BDSM with kolkata escorts objects or with different sensual fantasies.

If your profile is more geared towards luxury dating, attracting clients who want a VIP escort experience, you can opt for a more luxurious shoot. For this, wearing high heels, lingerie and more luxurious settings can make a difference.

But maybe you just want a casual sensual shoot. In this case, you can try to give it a more relaxed atmosphere, with more everyday situations and scenarios, such as a kitchen, a deserted beach or even a sofa or bed.

Choose the scenario

As we said above, the scenery can make a difference in your photos. You can get inspiration from fashion magazines such as Vogue and Ellen. See what kind of backdrops and how they are used to photograph the models shown in them.

The use of different angles, cleaner spaces and good lighting are often a good alternative for escort photos.

Some places you can rent to take your photos are properties on Airbnb (beach houses, penthouses or even sites), motel or hotel rooms or even in the professional’s studio or your home, if the budget is tighter.

Scenarios for sensual rehearsals

Decide what to wear

What you are going to wear is also a differential at the time of your sensual photo shoot. The best alternative is to have a varied choice of clothes and accessories at your disposal.

Ideally, you should have some photos in sexy clothes, some in lingerie or a bikini, and finally some nude photos.

But be careful with that last option, because if you want to attract more customers and make them horny and willing to meet you, showing absolutely everything might not be the best idea.

Take care of your body

The more you take care of your body and well-being, the better prepared you will be to get your image in your professional sensual shoot attract clients book.

Avoid exaggerating in food in the days before the test, do not forget that fluid retention can make your body more swollen.

Still on your body, take good care of your skin – keep a healthy diet, avoid exposing yourself to the sun without sunscreen and use moisturizer (yes, they can make a difference).

That’s because although many people say that image treatment can work miracles, you’ll want to look as natural as possible. After all, you want your prospects to hire and find you.

A good night’s sleep, or nights of sleep, are also essential for your photos to be even more attractive.

Hair and makeup

When choosing makeup, avoid the use of heavy colors, which you would use in a ballad. The use of lighter makeup, in addition to helping when editing photos, gives your image a more real look. Often, less is more.

If you have doubts about which makeup colors to use, maybe the suggestions below can help:

  • Light skin: Use pastel tones with a slight pink undertone in the colors.
  • Dark skin: You can use pastel tones too, but maybe go a little bolder with darker shadows to highlight your face.
  • Black skin: The use of gold is for you, enjoy.
Makeup for sensual shoots

About hair, many people say that it can characterize our personality. Therefore, avoid making hairstyles that are too elaborate and full of elements that you would not normally use.

For those with straighter hair, a good brush is enough. Now, if you have kinkier or curlier hair, why not value this wave in your favor and highlight the curls?

Give your sensual book a personal touch

Finally, try to show your trademark in your photos, what can differentiate you from your competitors.

When choosing the photos that you will actually use in your ad or website, look for a good variation of angles and poses, showing a lot of your body – if possible, without revealing everything.

Even if you choose not to show your face, whether it’s just showing your body or blurring your face, try to express your personal touch in the photos. It’s not just because the photo is professional that you need to present yourself artificially. On the contrary, the photographer can often more clearly show his essence and his main strengths.

Sexy shoots - lighting and personal touch
Sexy essay alternatives for those on a budget

Professional photographers are really one of the main indications when it comes to producing your photo. However, if you’re tight on cash but want to try something different for your ad, the above tips can also be leveraged for a quality photo in your ad.

If a friend or acquaintance is the photographer but doesn’t have a lot of experience, you can talk about different sets, clothes, accessories and especially the lighting they’ll be using.

You can also try to apply all the techniques using your camera, smartphone, a tripod and good light. To help, get feedback from people you know, and don’t be afraid to redo your sexy at-home shoot until you find a result you like.

Keep your security and privacy

It’s not because you will eventually use your photos in your ad that they should be accessed by anyone.

Be sure of the suitability of who will take your photos – through testimonials or referrals from professionals – and only allow them to be used on other sites, for example, after your express consent, preferably in writing.

Now that you know the best tips for an erotic essay or sensual essay, your ad will surely attract many more customers. Use your sensual book and post your ad on Misskolkata Escorts.

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