5 sex mistakes that put your health at risk

put your health at risk

Everyone knows that having sex is delicious, but there are also many risks involved, especially in relation to your health. One carelessness and that’s it: you can catch or transmit an infection or even hurt yourself badly.

But we know that thinking about these things cuts the mood at the right time. That’s why, in this article, you’re going to see 5 mistakes that you might be making behind closed doors that put your health at put your health at risk, but that are simple to avoid. This way, it’s easy to prevent yourself from them and just focus on enjoying the moment!

1. Taking a while to put your health at risk the condom on

There are many people who think that condoms are only for preventing pregnancy. This is one of its functions, but not the only one: the condom is there to protect against STIs, Sexually Transmitted Infections. Chlamydia, gonorrhea, HPV, AIDS, syphilis… The best way to prevent yourself from all of them at once is to use a condom.

But there are also people who think that it’s only when a man comes that any of these things happen. So if he cums outside, nothing happens, right? Wrong! Very wrong.

Incidentally, not only is it wrong, it is very risky: the pre-ejaculatory fluid, which comes out of the penis to lubricate and facilitate the passage of spermatozoa, can also have both these infections and spermatozoa, which can lead to pregnancy.

So yes, it is possible to catch or pass on an STI (and get pregnant) if you cum inside or cum outside. And, of course, this doesn’t just apply to men: women can also pass on and catch STIs.

Condom prevents pregnancy and disease

2. Oral or anal sex without a condom

Since we are talking about condoms, they are indispensable for any type of sex, including anal and oral sex. After all, even if it’s not possible to get pregnant by giving a blowjob or giving the furic, it’s perfectly possible to get a disease doing so.

In the case of anal sex or kolkata escorts, it is still possible to get an infection from bacteria present in this region. It is for this same reason that you should never go from anal sex to vaginal sex with the same condom : carrying these bacteria from back to front can cause infections in the woman. Already in oral sex , one of the biggest risks is developing oropharyngeal cancer, which is caused by the HPV virus.

Still on this subject, don’t fool yourself into thinking that the other person has clean parts, without any wounds, so he doesn’t have any disease. There are diseases that, at certain stages, really leave visible marks… But most do not. So, you can’t tell whether or not a person has chlamydia, syphilis, AIDS or any other STI just by looking at their face (or dick or vagina).

In short: are you going to get laid? Condom in hand before clothes on the floor.

3. Mind-blowing positions without preparation

Training new sexual positions is a delight to spice up the relationship, experience possibilities, connect with your partner or partner and experience new forms of pleasure.

But take it easy! First, because not every position will work for every couple. And, secondly, because there are positions that really require extra physical conditioning.


It looks like a joke, but it is not! There are studies that show that one in three couples has already been injured during sex , and mainly had strained muscles, back injuries and skin grated by the action on a rug or carpet.

This is not counting the cases of penile fracture , which is when a structure in the penis, called tunica albuginea, breaks when it is erect. In addition to hurting a lot, very much, to solve the problem it is necessary to have surgery to put stitches on that structure and the recovery takes about four weeks.

Did you know that sitting or riding is one of the positions in which penile fractures happen the most?! See how to avoid this problem when the woman is on top

That is, at least a month without having sex. So, take it easy on the slutty, respect each other’s limits and don’t let joy overcome the signs that your body won’t handle the boldness.

4. Alcohol, drugs and other substances put your health at risk

So far we’ve been pretty serious, and it’s time to be even more serious: be very careful if sex comes after drinking, using drugs or any stimulant, like viagra. We’re not just talking about the put your health at risk of making bad decisions, like having sex without a condom, cheating on your partner, or being too daring. But in some cases, the risk is even death!

Yes, it is possible to have a heart attack or stroke during sex . These cases are very rare and are usually linked to some put your health at put your health at risk condition that the person already has. But they can be enhanced by substance abuse that can overload the heart, for example.

So it’s best to avoid mixing sex and drugs, because the chances of something going wrong are high. And if you go on a date and have chances to sleep with the person afterwards, remember: drink in moderation!

5. Using the wrong “toys”

Everyone has heard the story of someone who, when the boner hit, masturbated with something that wasn’t made for that and ended up needing help or even ending up in the hospital , right? It is very common, in the absence of a suitable erotic toy , to use anything else to touch yourself, from fruits or vegetables to everyday objects, such as shampoo packaging or nail polish bottle.

It turns out that each body is different, and yours can react in a very unpleasant way when having intimate contact with materials such as plastic, glass, metal or fruit peels. After all, in the simplest cases they can be dirty and cause allergies or infections . But in the worst cases, the thing can hurt badly, for example, by getting stuck inside the person, causing cuts or injuries.

For this reason, have your own erotic toys and remember them when it comes to acting out , whether alone or alone, accompanied or accompanied. But also don’t forget that they need to be sanitized after use, otherwise they can also carry bacteria and cause infections.

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Did you know about all these put your health at risk when having sex with escorts If there were any that you had never imagined, tell us in the comments of this post! And remember: now that you know, the least is to be safe and ensure that the night will be a pleasure, not a headache.

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