Top 10 Red Light areas in kolkata

Red Light areas in kolkata

Top 10 red light areas in Kolkata with a genuine price chart.

Are you trying to find greatest Kolkata red light areas districts? You've arrived at the ideal location! We'll talk about Kolkata's top 10 red light areas in Kolkata this blog article, along with a list of names, addresses, and prices. It should come as no surprise that Kolkata has grown to be one of the most well-liked travel destinations in the nation given its thriving Kolkata red light area district. It's crucial to understand Kolkata's several red light districts and what they have to offer, whether you live there or are just visiting.

Kolkata, the dynamic city of joy, is famous for its diverse cultural heritage, delectable food, and interesting history. However, despite the busy streets and brilliant hues, there is another aspect of Kolkata that is sometimes overlooked: its kolkata red light districts. These districts are home to sex workers of all ages and countries, and they are distinguished by flashing neon lights, crowded streets, and women waiting for customers.

Red-light districts in Kolkata are mostly situated in the city's center and south, with notable locations being Sonagachi, Kalighat, Bowbazar, and Park Circus. These regions are densely populated and provide a wide range of services, from low-cost sex workers to high-end escorts.

Prostitution is illegal in India, and sex workers in kolkata red-light areas are regularly mistreated and exploited. Because of poverty and a lack of education, many of these women are forced into the trade, leaving them open to exploitation. Sonagachi is the world's second largest red-light district, with 25000 plus sex workers working both day and night.

Top 10 Red Light Areas Names Listed Here.

  1. Sonagachi : Kolkata's biggest Red light area.
  2. Kalighat : Famous for Its Religious Significance & Prostitution.
  3. Bowbazar : The Heart of Kolkata’s Sex Trade.
  4. Garia: Unknown Small red-light district in Kolkata.
  5. Kidderpore : A Red Light Area with a Rich Persons.
  6. Tollygunge : A Lesser-Known Red Light Area.
  7. Lebu Bagan: Little known red-light district in north Kolkata.
  8. Khardah : A Popular Red Light area by night time.
  9. Beniapukur: A Red-Light District with a Bad Reputation now.
  10. Santipur : Red-light district that has seen better days.


Sonagachi : Kolkata’s biggest Red light area.

Sonagachi is a large kolkata red light area district in the northern section of Westbengal. It is renowned as Asia's largest red-light district and is usually bustling with activity. The region is a network of little streets and alleyways, each with a slew of small rooms used as brothels. The ambiance is defined by the presence of bright neon lights and ladies waiting for clients.

Despite its size, Sonagachi is more than just a red light district. It has also become a hotspot for a variety of sex-related activities. Approximately 20,000 sex workers, including Kolkata call girls and escorts from Kolkata, operate here, attracting both locals and visitors from throughout the country.

It's a popular sex trade destination. The number of sex workers in this location causes substantial health hazards, as sexually transmitted illnesses spread quickly.

Groups like as the Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee (DMSC) play an important role in assisting sex workers overcome their obstacles by giving necessary assistance.

The DMSC is a network of groups led by sex workers. They provide healthcare, legal assistance, job training, and support for the rights of sex workers. Their effort has changed people's opinions of the profession and improved the lives of folks in Sonagachi Call girls.

Kalighat : Famous for Its Religious Significance & Prostitution.

Kalighat red light area in South Kolkata, is another major red-light district. It is located near the well-known Kali Temple and accommodates about 2,000 sex workers. Kalighat is well-known for its high prevalence of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. Several programs, however, have been started to provide healthcare and other essential services to the local sex workers. The rates for sexual services here start from Rs. 300, attracting a steady stream of clients.

Bowbazar : The Heart of Kolkata’s Sex Trade.

Bowbazar red-light area, in Central Kolkata, is another well-known located in the heart of Kolkata, is another popular Red light area near me. The neighborhood is home to around 500 call girls from Kolkata who work as sex workers from modest rooms hidden in narrow passageways. Bowbazar, like Sonagachi, has had issues related to illicit prostitution rackets, prompting police intervention and crackdowns.

Sex workers in Bowbazar face exploitation, assault, and a lack of fundamental human rights because their employment is illegal. In this location, sex workers urgently require support services, healthcare, and legal help. Rates in Bowbazar for sexual services start from Rs. 600.

Garia: Unknown Small red-light district in Kolkata.

Garia Red light area near my location is a popular tourist spot in Kolkata, India, attracting visitors from around the world. Individuals that visit Kolkata represent a wide range of cultures and organizations, as well as a variety of traditional backgrounds. Do humans have the ability to satisfy their sexual desires, as demonstrated by their preferences?

Our Garia escorts provide customers access to high-profile personalities for an exciting and fulfilling night. As a result, if you're seeking for a female, here is the place to come. After employing her services, you'll feel like you're in heaven. Our agency's models are both attractive and professional. They may satisfy their customers by providing seductive escort services in many ways.

Kidderpore : A kolkata Red Light Area with a Rich Persons.

Kidderpore Red Light area, located in South Kolkata, houses roughly 100 sex workers. It is yet another sector that deals with the darker side of the sex trade, such as violence and exploitation. Sex workers in Kidderpore, like those in other red-light zones, confront hardships and require support services as well as public acceptability.

Tollygunge : A Lesser-Known kolkata Red Light Area.

Tollygunge Red Light area, located in South Kolkata, is another red-light district, with around 300 sex workers. As one of the less well-known red-light districts, it operates in relative obscurity compared to more popular places such as Sonagachi.

Sex workers in Tollygunge confront comparable issues, such as the possibility of exploitation and the necessity for medical and legal assistance.

Lebu Bagan: Little known red-light district in north Kolkata.

Lebu Bagan Red Light area is a little-known red-light area in North Kolkata that houses around 100 sex workers. Operating in the shadows, the women here confront identical challenges as those in more conspicuous regions. Their fragility emphasizes the need for assistance and resources.

Khardah : A Popular kolkata Red Light areas in my location by night time.

Khardah Red light area, located in North Kolkata, is a minor red light district. It is home to around 50 sex workers and is dispersed over numerous tiny alleyways. Khardah is notorious for its illicit prostitution rackets, and various police raids have occurred here in the past.

Beniapukur: A Red-Light District with a Bad Reputation now.

Beniapukur Red light area, located in central Kolkata, is home to more than 150 sex workers. However, the region has a bad image because of its involvement in illicit prostitution. Addressing the issues faced by sex workers in Beniapukur is critical for ensuring a safer and more dignified living.

Santipur : Red-light district that has seen better days.

Sanitpur Red light area, located in North Kolkata's Nadia district, is a tiny town with a rich history of commercial sex trade. Despite being scaled down from metropolitan red-light zones, it suffers the same issues as sex workers around the city.

All Red light Areas Price Rate List Here
Red Light area names Rate(Prices)

1 Sonagachi

starting from Rs. 500

2 Kalighat

starting from Rs. 200

3 Bowbazar

starting from Rs. 400

4 Garia

starting from Rs. 200

5 Kidderpore

starting from Rs. 500

6 Tollygunge

starting from Rs. 700

7 Lebu Bagan

starting from Rs. 300

8 Khardah

starting from Rs. 400

9 Beniapukur

starting from Rs. 200

10 Santipur

starting from Rs. 300

It's crucial to remember that prostitution is illegal in India, and visiting red light districts might be dangerous. Make careful to conduct safe sex and show respect to sex workers.

Frequently asked questions about Kolkata red light areas (FAQ)

.Is prostitution legal in Kolkata?

No, prostitution is not legal in Kolkata or elsewhere in India. It is considered a criminal violation under Indian law.

           .In Kolkata, how many districts have red lights?

There are several red-light districts in Kolkata, including well-known ones like Kidderpore, Sonagachi, Bowbazar, Kalighat, Tollygunge, Khardah, Lebu Bagan, Beniapukur, and Shantipur.

           .Are the red-light districts of Kolkata safe for tourists to visit?

No, going to red-light districts is not safe for tourists. Due to the history of numerous criminal activity in these locations, visitors may put themselves in danger. Participating in these kinds of activities is prohibited and can have dire repercussions.

.Are healthcare services available for sex workers in red-light areas? 

Some organized brothels may provide healthcare services to their sex workers, while illegal brothels often do not. Non-governmental organizations (NGOs), such as the Durbar Mahila Samanwaya Committee (DMSC), are actively working to provide healthcare and assistance to sex workers.

           .What social repercussions result from Kolkata's red-light districts?

There are important social, economic, and health ramifications associated with red-light neighborhoods. Sexual workers run the danger of becoming infected with STDs and becoming victims of human trafficking. It may also support gender inequality and the exploitation of women's bodies. Furthermore, the existence of these places can result in a rise in drug misuse and criminal activity, which would affect the security of locals and tourists.

            .How can the public's opinion of sex work and sex workers be changed?

It takes open communication and education to change society's view. Realizing that sex workers are people who should be treated with respect and compassion is vital. We may endeavor to create a more compassionate and inclusive society by raising awareness of the difficulties they experience and endorsing efforts that seek to better their lot in life.

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