Safe Sex How to Sex Work Healthy

Safe Sex How to Sex Work Healthy

Safe Sex: How to Keep Sex Work Healthy

If you work in the adult entertainment industry, there are risk factors that need to be considered for your job and you insurance.

Practicing safer sex with clients will protect you against STIs and the risk of an unwanted pregnancy. Therefore, it is important to have regular sexual health check-ups.

  • Know your risks
  • Always practice safe sex
  • Know and research contraceptive methods
  • Reduce the risks of unprotected sex
  • Take care of your health

To help you better understand how to protect yourself and maintain your health in the first place, Misskolkata now talks more about STIs, contraceptive methods, and how to stay healthy and active in your work.

Know your risks

The best way to prevent and reduce your risk of getting an STI is to use a protective barrier every time you have a sexual encounter with a client.

Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) are transmitted mainly through sexual contact without the use of protection (condoms) with an infected person.

STIs are passed from one person to another and occur when a bacteria, virus or parasite grows inside or outside your body. Symptoms usually manifest as sores, discharge, blisters or warts.

Contrary to popular belief, STIs can be transmitted through a variety of sexual activities, not just penetrative sex. Sexual activities that can put you at risk of getting an STI include:

  • Vaginal sex with penetration
  • anal sex
  • oral sex
  • use of fingers
  • sex toys
  • Urine and feces (for those with specific fetishes )
Know the risks involved with STDs

Main DTS

See some of the main STIs according to the Ministry of Health :

  • Aids: It is caused by infection of the human body by HIV (acquired immunodeficiency virus) and compromises the functioning of the immune system to fight bacteria, other viruses, parasites and cancer cells
  • Chancroid: Infection that manifests itself through painful sores with a soft base
  • Chlamydia: A very common STI that has symptoms such as egg white-like discharge from the urine channel and painful urination
  • Gonorrhea: It is the most common STI. In women, this disease mainly affects the cervix.
  • Herpes: Disease that manifests itself through small bubbles located mainly on the outside of the vagina and on the tip of the penis
  • HPV (Condyloma acuminata): It is an injury in the genital region, caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)
  • Syphilis: Its initial symptoms include a small sore in the sexual organs (hard chancre) and bumps (lumps) in the groin
  • Trichomaniasis: The disease manifests itself mainly with greenish-yellow discharge, with a bad smell, pain during sexual intercourse, burning, difficulty urinating and itching in the sexual organs. In women, the infection can also be located in internal parts of the body, such as the cervix.

Usually, some STIs are easy and quick to treat, especially when they are detected quickly. Other infections, however, may persist and be more difficult to treat. When not diagnosed and treated, some of these diseases can develop into more serious complications.

For women, STIs should be treated even more seriously. In many cases it is not so easy to distinguish between the body’s normal reactions and the symptoms of an illness. Therefore, it is essential that they seek regular doctor appointments.

Always practice Safe Sex How to Sex Work Healthy

How to have safe sex? Barrier birth control methods such as condoms should be used at all times to protect you from an STI. If used correctly, condoms can dramatically reduce the risk of most STIs and are considered the best method of protection during sex.

To be effective, however, condoms must be used throughout sexual activity, as STIs can be transmitted through pre-ejaculation.

Condoms can also break during sexual activity. To reduce the chances of this incident occurring, use water-based lubricant, make sure the condom is up to date and stored correctly, and never reuse a condom as it is designed for one time use only.

How to have safe sex?

Choose safer sexual activities

There are even suggestions on how to practice Safe Sex How to Sex Work Healthy or safer or when with kolkata escorts and more enjoyable sexual activities that you can also practice with clients who are at lower risk of STI transmission. Here are some ideas:

  • Kisses
  • Cuddles
  • Massages
  • Masturbation (individual or mutual)
  • Ejaculating into the skin without injury or rash
  • sex with a condom

Know and research contraceptive methods

As well as condoms, which when used correctly have the highest effectiveness, with only up to a 2% chance of achieving pregnancy in the male case and 5% in the case of the female condom, there are a variety of contraceptive methods to help prevent pregnancy. unwanted. These include:

hormonal IUD

The Hormonal IUD (IUS) is a T-shaped device that contains and releases the hormone progesterone. It must be prescribed by a doctor and placed in the uterus by a healthcare professional. Its performance is through the regular release of a low dose of the hormone. The hormonal IUD lasts for 5 years, after which it must be changed.

The effectiveness of this method is 99% , but it can have some side effects such as reduced menstrual flow, acne, headaches, breast tenderness and mood swings.

copper IUD

This IUD releases copper, causing inflammation in the uterus and altering sperm performance. The copper IUD can stay in the uterus for between 5 and 10 years, depending on the type.

Its contraceptive effectiveness is approximately 99% in perfect use. It has the same indications and care as the hormonal IUD.


The Pill is an oral contraceptive that is a pill taken daily. There are several brands and models available on the market and to find out which one is best for you, look for your doctor and discuss with him.

With the perfect use of the pill, the effectiveness is above 99% , a number that drops to 91% when looking at typical use. Among its possible effects are irregular periods, nausea and increased breast sensitivity.

Contraceptive methods available on the market


With a dose of the hormone progestin, the injection is applied into the buttock muscle, it releases the hormone slowly into the body. It should only be administered by a healthcare professional.

There are monthly and quarterly injections, and their protection rate, in perfect use, exceeds 99%, but failures in the exact moment of application of the injections can make the effectiveness drop to 94% .

contraceptive patch

This patch, similar to a plaster, is placed on the skin on the abdomen, arms or back once a week.

Its effectiveness, perfect use, is more than 99% . But when the woman forgets to change the patch or does not do it correctly, the effectiveness rate drops to 91%. Possible side effects include irregular periods, nausea and increased breast tenderness, and skin reactions where you place the patch.

Vaginal Ring

This is a small flexible plastic ring that is inserted inside the vagina. It slowly releases a hormone that prevents pregnancy.

Its operation is similar to that of the pill, but it only needs to be inserted once a month and must be prescribed by a health professional. Its effectiveness, in perfect use, is 99% . When not placed or switched correctly, its effectiveness drops to 91%.

Note: These other contraceptive methods are only valid for protection against pregnancy. To avoid STIs, in addition to pregnancy, the recommended methods are the male condom and the female condom.

Reduce the risks of unprotected sex

When serving customers, there are usually several things you should consider to be safe while working and limit the risk of hazards.

When it comes to sexual activity, there are certain behaviors and attitudes that can put you at greater risk for unsafe sex due to lesser awareness or care, such as:

  • alcohol poisoning
  • Use of recreational drugs
  • Thinking that a one-off occasion is okay
  • Believing that a client does not have an STI if they say so or because they have not had any symptoms
  • Believing you can look at someone and know if they have an STI
  • Also, feeling pressured to have unprotected sex or whether you can trust the client are other likely risk factors.
Take care of your health

Whatever your choice of contraceptive, always use it in combination with condoms, as this is the best way to have Safe Sex How to Sex Work Healthy. As we said, these methods are valid for protecting you and your clients from the possible transmission of sexually transmitted infections.

Discuss your sex safety protocol with your clients beforehand and do not indulge in any sexual or otherwise activities that you are not completely comfortable with.

Keep your health and safety first

As much as your main goal is to win more customers and increase your billing at work, value your health and well-being first.

So, keep your health routine, see your doctor regularly for periodic checkups and seek help if any of the STI symptoms mentioned above are happening to you check on misskolkata.

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