Send nudes: how to send sexy photos over the internet

Send nudes

Nowadays, sending sexy photos over the internet has become so common that the expression “ send nudes ” has even become a meme. But it’s not just picking up your cell phone and sending photos around. Especially because of your security!

Therefore, in this article you will see a real manual on how to send nudes that will leave the person on the other side drooling, but without compromising your privacy.

how to take nudes

The first thing you need to have to send a sexy photo is… The photo.

And for that, you can take advantage of your cell phone’s camera to take it the way you see fit. It can be completely nude or naked, with sensual lingerie, a selfie, with the timer… However, it is worth paying attention to some details to have a more beautiful and sensual photo.

Firstly, lighting is essential for any photo to come out beautifully. Also, you can play with the light and make silhouette shots or just light up some parts to create a sexier atmosphere.

how to take nudes

Next, remember to pay attention to everything that appears in the photo. This ranges from the clothes or accessories you are going to wear (or not wear…) to the setting . These details help to make a more beautiful photo. For example, would you be more interested or interested to receive a photo of someone posing with the toilet or a garbage can behind, or with a curtain drawn or lying in bed?

Explore angles and poses

Of course, you don’t need a mega-production to send nudes, nor does it need to be a professional shoot (but if you want, we’ll give you all the tips here ). Your cell phone is enough to take sensual photos and reinforce that sexting .

You can use his camera either as a selfie or with the timer . If you don’t have a tripod, you can place the device somewhere, like on top of a stack of books, to find the best angle. You can even get creative and tape your phone to another surface, like the wall or even the ceiling, and take pictures from unexpected angles that are sure to impress whoever receives the photo!

Another suggestion is to use continuous shooting, or even record a video and then take screenshots. This way, you can try poses one after the other without having to rush to set the timer and then stop in position. After all, it takes away all your concentration! And, the more involved or involved in the moment you get, the better the photo will turn out.

male nude

apps to take nudes

You can also edit your nudes to emphasize your strengths, in addition to correcting the lighting and colors.

But remember: don’t weigh your hand in editing! Artificial photos lose all sensuality, and the idea is just to retouch, not change the entire photo.

These apps can help those who want to take nude photos to leave professional-looking photos taken with their cell phones:

  • Picsart : very easy to use, it has filters and stickers to give your photos a unique artistic touch
  • VSCO: has a huge selection of ready-made and free filters, and also allows you to make your own adjustments to photos
  • Pixlr: it’s also full of filters, effects, stickers and other resources to edit your photos for free
  • Adobe Lightroom: Also available for Android and iPhone , it is used by professionals to edit photos. You can also save your own “recipes” and speed up editing

Send nudes? Take care of your privacy

Now that you already have new ideas for poses, angles and even for editing the images and improving the quality of the final image, just grab your cell phone and play? Yes and no.

After all, we are talking about intimate photos. And, therefore, it is necessary to be careful with your privacy when taking them and, mainly, sending them. Wonder if your racy photo falls into the wrong hands?

On the one hand, the news is not very good: there is no 100% sure way to guarantee that your nude will not “leak”. After all, anything can happen: someone stealing your cell phone, hacking your cloud storage service, someone with malicious intent prints the photo you sent them for a few seconds on Instagram or Snapchat and spreads it around…

Therefore, if you want to send intimate photos, know that this risk exists.

However, it can be circumvented in a few ways . Take a look at our tips to increase your privacy when sending nudes!

back nude

How to safely send nudes:

  • Don’t show your face . This already greatly reduces the chances that someone will identify who the person in the photo is and can protect you.
  • Avoid showing tattoos, scars or piercings. These are things that help identify someone. So, if you can, avoid showing them in the photos.
  • Delete the photos. That’s right: the best way to prevent them from being stolen is to delete them from your device and ask the other person to do the same thing.
  • Use “self destruct” apps. Instagram direct messages allow the photo to be viewed only once, just like Snapchat. Telegram, which is a messaging service, also has this function.
  • Enable “print” notification . That way, if someone makes a print of your photo that was going to self-destruct, you know and can take action.
  • Trust first . Don’t send intimate photos to someone you don’t trust. Of course, those you trust can also break that trust, but a good first step is to get to know the other side!
  • Know your rights. Disclosing nudes without authorization is a crime and can lead to imprisonment for up to five years. Therefore, if someone posts their nudes on the internet or even sends them to other people, you can seek help from a lawyer. It’s your right.

These tips are as valid for those who send nudes as part of seduction with a partner or for those who work as an escort . After all, these photos can either serve as an extra service or as passive income, or to give customers a taste before the program!

Tell us in the comments: do you usually send nudes?

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