Sex and Yoga: a perfect combination

Sex and Yoga a perfect combination

You have certainly heard about some of the benefits of yoga for your body and mind. But what you might not know is that yoga and sex are intertwined too. Yes, the practice of Sex and Yoga a perfect combination can revolutionize your sex life.

  • What is yoga and how to practice
  • The link between sex and yoga
  • 4 benefits of yoga for sex
  • 5 yoga poses to improve sex
  • Discovering new sexual positions with yoga

Studies on the numerous benefits of yoga are still being studied and evaluated by modern experts. Research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine on the importance of yoga in female sexual dysfunction is an example of how the subject has been highlighted in the scientific community.

What is yoga and how to practice

Yoga (or yoga) is a concept that refers to traditional physical disciplines originating in India. The word is associated with meditative practices and is typically associated with hata yoga (Hatha yoga) and its asanas (postures) or as a form of exercise.

Despite being an apparently calm and peaceful practice, postures combined with breathing are powerful to strengthen and stretch muscles, increase body flexibility, improve balance, combat various pains, reduce fatigue and even improve the functioning of various organs. .

Currently, there are several establishments where you can take yoga classes. But if you need or prefer to do it yourself at home, several platforms, such as YouTube, have classes and recommendations from professionals.

Here are some tips on how to prepare the environment (and yourself) for practicing at home:

  • Establish a routine with time and place
  • Choose a quiet environment without noise or interruptions
  • Avoid eating or drinking before yoga (30 minutes minimum)
  • Choose a rug or mat to perform the positions
  • Choose to wear comfortable and elastic clothes
  • Always respect your body’s limit. If it hurts, stop.

The link between sex and yoga

By encouraging people to know and balance their body internally and externally, yoga is closely linked with sex kolkata escorts. The energy channeled during breathing and exercises creates an inner connection that allows people to experience a relationship with themselves and with others in a more complete and pleasurable way. Yoga practitioners are able to donate more and more intensely and completely, being able to receive and provide more pleasure – an essential element during sex.

Therefore, one of the main effects expected from yoga is the increase in the intensity of orgasms. As muscle control is greater (in contraction and relaxation), the person has more power in the pelvic area and the muscles of the sexual organs. Therefore, men have stronger erections and women have more intense sensations of pleasure with more robust vaginal muscles and an impression of more “tightness”.

benefits of yoga for sex

4 benefits of yoga for sex

See below some of the main advantages of doing Sex and Yoga a perfect combination for your sex life.

  • Body definition and toning: One of the great benefits of yoga is to leave the body stronger and more defined. In addition, it leaves the body more relaxed and balanced, more conducive to making sex even better.
  • Muscle strengthening: Yoga works with strengthening the whole body, but one of the most used areas is the pelvic muscles, giving more control to the area, in addition to reducing any pain or discomfort.
  • Increased libido and psychological improvement: The practice of Sex and Yoga a perfect combination can help with self-esteem and a sense of well-being, in addition to acting directly on libido or sexual desire if practiced regularly.
  • Improves circulation and reduces sexual dysfunctions: Sex and Yoga a perfect combination helps with blood irrigation, regulating metabolism and hormone production, as well as helping with dysfunctions such as premature ejaculation.

Yoga breathing and balance in sex

Similar to sex in some ways, yoga works with certain breathing techniques – which can be more complex than you can imagine – and knowledge of each part of your body, beyond its limits. As it is a technique that contributes to a rhythmic and detailed exploration of the body, yoga can help in foreplay, often neglected, but essential to increase the intensity of pleasure. Combined with a tantric massage it can be even more enjoyable.

With the balance of body and mind, providing greater awareness and control of breathing and movements, yoga allows for better harmony with the partner as well. Synchronizing the energy of the bodies will contribute to a better interaction in sexual interaction.

5 yoga poses to improve sex

The benefits mentioned above are achieved by practicing Sex and Yoga a perfect combination as a whole. But there are some positions that can enhance its effects, in addition to working specifically with the pelvic region, increasing blood circulation in the genitals, helping to increase libido .

Check now which are the most suitable positions or postures to help during sex:


In this position you sit with the soles of your feet together, with your spine straight and shoulders relaxed, contracting in your pelvic area and relaxing your groin.

It will help in blood supply to the genitals and increase sexual desire and libido.

yoga poses to improve sex

Bhujangasana or Serpent Pose

Here you should lie on your stomach and keep your legs straight, with the instep touching the floor. Support your elbows on the floor and stretch them out, supporting your body weight to its limit.

With this position you can activate the glands and tone the genitals leaving you more prepared for sex.

Bhujangasana or Serpent Pose

cow and cat pose

In this position you will form a kind of table with your body, resting your hands and knees on the ground. Hands should be at shoulder height and knees at hip height.

For the Cow Pose, contract your abs by arching your back up. Then change to cat pose, pushing your buttocks up and throwing your head back. Repeat the switching motion from one to the other three times.

Exercise will strengthen the pelvic muscles, which are actively called upon during intercourse and during orgasm.

kolkata escorts yoga postion

bridge posture

Here you will lie on your back on the floor with your knees apart and bent. Then you lift your hips, keeping your shoulders and head on the floor and contracting your muscles. Hold this position for 60 seconds or 10 regular, deep breaths.

This posture will help to tone the quadriceps and hip muscles, strengthening the region and generating more intense orgasms.

postions for escorts yoga
open leg posture

Sit with your legs as far apart as you can, keeping your toes and knees pointed upwards. With the help of your breath, stretch your back as you breathe in. As you exhale, lean your torso forward – without straining or causing pain.

Open your arm to hold the balls of your feet, or as far as you can reach. Hold in this position for 10 breaths. Every time you take a breath, try to stretch your back a little more, and when you release it, try to put your body as far forward as possible.

This position is good for increasing libido as well, as it improves blood flow in the pelvis.

sex postion yoga for escorts
Discovering new sexual positions with yoga

The different positions established by yoga also help when it comes to finding new sexual positions . This is because the greater strengthening of the body together with greater flexibility allow you and your partner to vary movements, have more elasticity, in addition to more vigor during the sexual act.

As you evolve in the practice of yoga you will become more coordinated and able to try new things, including in bed. Once you’re more confident, why not try more elaborate sex positions with escorts services like those found in the Kama Sutra?

You might be surprised when you can perform more unusual and seemingly difficult poses after a few Sex and Yoga a perfect combination sessions.

Final remarks

Yoga is a practice focused on you. This activity must be carried out without rushing, free of distractions, very fixed schedules or even without any objective of competition with the other.

Focusing on your body and energy through postures and breathing is most important during Sex and Yoga a perfect combination. Never force your body or subject it to pain, know your limits.

Finally, if you are not familiar with the technique, seek guidance from professionals in the field – as mentioned earlier, there are several options online – and avoid any injuries during the exercises.

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