Sex foreplay ideas to inspire you

Sex foreplay ideas to inspire you

Sex certainly goes far beyond the act itself. He understands every interaction between those involved, especially before. Therefore, foreplay in sex is an important, if not fundamental, part of most sexual relations.

Like a dance , foreplay sex works as a warm-up for what comes next. It’s a nice introduction to the most anticipated moment. But, on many occasions, it can even become the big moment of the occasion.

When foreplay in sex happens by mutual agreement and reaches the maximum of interaction and horniness, they create a conducive environment for the sexual act to be even better.

Best ideals of foreplay in sex

So, to help you innovate when it comes to foreplay, we’ve created the list below to spark your creativity.

Sexy clothes & striptease

One of the main senses used in sexual intercourse is vision. Teasing the other with a sexy outfit or with some piece that can reveal only one part of the body can be ideal to get the other in the mood. Why not tell him or her ahead of time about what you’re wearing under the clothes you’re wearing to work, for example?

If it’s interesting to talk about what you’re wearing, show off and make the moment when you undress sexier, it’s even more enjoyable. The good old striptease can be the excellent perfect trigger for sex with escorts.

Sex Foreplay - Tips

Massage and touches

Speaking of senses, nothing more intense during sex than touch. Whether using erotic massages or caressing the other person’s main erogenous zones , the use of hands and fingers can have an incredible effect when it comes to making the other person aroused.

Go through the whole body, change position and intensity when performing this type of stimulus. Sometimes, the other wants something stronger, sometimes he may want light affection.

coordinated movements

As caresses go both ways, making coordinated, or mirrored, movements can help you understand what the other wants. That’s because we tend to do in the other what gives us pleasure.

This is one of the sex foreplay that is a bit intuitive. But if you pay attention to your partner, you can pick up a lot of hints of what he or she likes.

mutual masturbation

Of course, this is one of the national (and world) preferences. Masturbation can be used in many ways and it doesn’t have to be selfish.

Here it is worth doing a masturbation showing off to the other person, doing it to her and receiving it at the same time as you are doing it to her. The use of hands, fingers, vibrators or other toys are part of foreplay.

If you want more tips on how to please her more in that Sex foreplay ideas to inspire you, check out our female masturbation article .

Know the foreplay of sex

oral sex

This is perhaps the favorite preliminary for all of us. Many times it can be more than a Sex foreplay ideas to inspire you, but it becomes the great attraction of the moment.

As our text on oral sex already indicates, for its best execution, the ideal is not to go straight to the point, either on the penis or the clitoris. That’s because both areas are quite sensitive. So, the person’s body, the region around the genital areas.

Good oral sex happens when there is involvement and commitment of both. If you’re the person on the receiving end, let yourself relax and enjoy every second, letting you know what you like and don’t like at all times. Guiding the partner helps a lot to find the best.

erotic movies

A cinema session with a more exciting film can help a lot when getting in the mood. Or even be a source of inspiration to try new techniques or tips that appear in these contents.

Whether it’s a movie or a series, this type of production can contain short stories, spicy stories, educational elements, in addition to several other ways of dealing with sexuality and relationships. All of this can help you connect with each other even more and make this moment an excellent way to start any sexual relationship.


If you have a bathtub, a jacuzzi or even a swimming pool, don’t waste the opportunity to use it to make sex even more interesting.

With or without foam and bath salts, hot water is a conducive environment for the body to relax. In addition, of course, to giving a more sensual feeling when interacting with the partner.

Being in the water can generate a pleasant feeling of pleasure in itself. Therefore, touching, masturbation and oral sex carried out inside a pool or bathtub can be explosive.

Foreplay With Sex - Bathtub

erotic toys

How about using erotic toy(s) to stimulate you and the other person in a different and fun way? Currently, the variety of types of vibrators, lubricants, oils, gels, among other toys, is huge.

Here, there is no right or wrong about what to wear between four walls. Who defines the best erotic article to be used is you.

Erotic toys are great not only for giving pleasure, but also for whetting your fantasies and desires.


This is perhaps one of the Sex foreplay ideas to inspire you that perhaps you practice the most, but you haven’t realized it yet. Sexting is nothing more than that erotic conversation you can have with the other person, either by text message or audio before the sexual act.

The vast majority of men love to hear the other person moaning during sex, but what turns them on first? And what spurs them on to be even more turned on by you? To know what to say and how to stir up the other’s desires, test sexting and don’t be afraid to find out more about what the other wants to hear.


Sexual fantasies vary from person to person and can be linked to different elements. Therefore, exploring the other’s fetish can be a good alternative to bring the connection between you closer.

For example, if he has a foot fetish , why not try on some new high heels or massage his body with your foot? Or, if she likes to be dominant and you’re horny about being submissive, why not try some BDSM elements in Sex foreplay ideas to inspire you?

As with the other tips, there is no formula or right answer here. The important thing is to understand what you and the other person want and how you can experience this to make sex even better.

Sex foreplay - fetishes
Sex with foreplay is always better

In addition to being a great stimulus for sex, Sex foreplay ideas to inspire you is a great thermometer to assess how good and intense the act itself can be.

Exploring the more romantic side and/or activating the erotic imagery, sex with foreplay is a form of erotic conversation, in which one shows the affection and physical attraction they feel to each other.

If possible, do not neglect the foreplay of sex with escorts service, as this is when you can both indulge in better pleasure and new experiences.

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