Sex in the car: everything you need to know

Sex in the car

Team November 13, 2022 comments Car sex: everything you need to know

When it is not possible to get home or go to a motel, sex in the car can be one of the best solutions to satisfy our desires.

But opting for this resource may require some care before and during sexual intercourse.

  • Is having sex in the car allowed?
  • How to have sex in the car?
  • Best positions for sex in the car
  • Nice and safe car sex

To help you have a safer and more enjoyable experience, we have listed here some of the main basic information to make the most of this adventure.

Is having sex in the car allowed?

First, you must understand that, under Brazilian law, having sex in the car is not prohibited. What you cannot do is commit an obscene act in a public place or in a place accessible to the public.

That is, when sex in the car is practiced inside a private garage, private areas or in a motel drive, for example, there is no problem. The important thing is not to be in a public place.

Therefore, even if the desire is close to exploding, be careful when deciding to use the car for sex escorts services.

How to have sex in the car

How to have sex in the car?

Although it is a very exciting idea and part of one of the main fetishes of women and men, having sex in the car can prove to be a challenge. It may require balance, elasticity and the ability to mold itself into the car with parts such as the handbrake, steering wheel and dashboard.

So, here are some tips on how to better enjoy the moment.

foreplay in moderation

Before you decide where you’re going and move on to the actual lovemaking, why not start with foreplay? Caresses, kisses and more daring touches can be a good appetizer for what comes next.

But attention: no doing anything with the car in motion. As much as the driver thinks he has control, don’t risk ending up in the hospital without an orgasm.

Use the time when the traffic light is closed, or even during any stop, such as at a pharmacy to buy condoms, for example. Because, yes, safe sex should apply in all environments and circumstances.

The foreplay continues when you find the ideal spot – masturbation on her or an erotic massage on him is a good thing to start with.

Choose your parking spot carefully

As we mentioned earlier, to avoid problems with the authorities, don’t risk having sex in your car in a public place.

For those who do not have a garage or private area to park the car and have peace of mind, there is the option of so-called drive-in motels . They are often the ideal choice for an intimate moment for two, as they have reserved parking spaces where you can park your car and enjoy the moment.

Many of them also have drinks and snacks services, if you get that hunger before or after sex.

Avoid challenging positions at the beginning

For those who have never had sex in the car, the ideal is to try it for the first time without much complication.

Therefore, in a heterosexual relationship, for example, one of the most suitable positions is the man sitting and the woman on top, controlling the movement and logistics of the moment.

If possible, try laying down the front seat, giving more comfort and space for the two of you at the right time.

If you’re past the bread and butter of car sex, however, and want ideas for sex positions to try in the car, here are some suggestions from Misskolkata.

Foreplay in car sex

Best positions for sex in the car

Discover now five sexual positions to drive you and the other person crazy in sex in the car.

1. The cross

This is one of the most exciting positions. She lies in the back seat with her stomach up, with one leg straight and the other bent. So he comes on top and manages to have a good opening angle and can control the pace of penetration.

2. Puppy (or worship)

Here, she is on all fours, in the back seat, leaning against the window. He, who will have control of the movement here, comes behind her making the back and forth movement.

3. wide open

She positions herself in the back seat facing the front of the car, with her legs open upwards, resting her heels on the front seat. He, in turn, is kneeling in front of her in a very privileged position and in a perfect fit for a deeper penetration.

Best positions for sex in the car

4. Half nine

There are no special tricks here. But the classic mid-nine (69) can be a great alternative to sex in the car. Her on top and him on the bottom, having mutual oral sex might be a good place to start.

5. Leg up

With her lying on the back seat with her leg extended upwards, leaning on her partner’s shoulder. He kneels in front of her, holding her legs and lifting her body with one hand and placing the other on her thigh.

Nice and safe car sex

Safe sex with kolkata escorts can be an excellent option for a change and get out of the routine for long-term relationships, a hot adventure for those who want a casual date or even an alternative to try new things with escorts.

Whatever your choice, be aware that it is important to do it in places that are not public, always using protection against diseases and unwanted pregnancies and, of course, taking into account that the car has limited space, so be careful not to get hurt.

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