Sex movies and series available on Netflix

Sex movies and series available on Netflix

Sex movies and series available on Netflix

In times of holiday in India and the consequent isolation, having to stay at home longer can be a challenge for many of us. But, looking on the bright side, we have more time for exciting and even instructive things, like sex movies on Netflix for example – and series too, of course.

Of course, racy movies don’t necessarily have to be totally theme-focused. Instigating narratives, with provocations and sharp dialogues, with carefully thought out looks and gestures – like even a touch on the arm – can involve you even more than nude scenes.

That’s why Misskolkata decided to make a list of some of the best sex movies and series on the streaming service. When thinking about sex movies, Netflix may not be the first option, however, we found great options currently offered.

Sex Movies on Netflix

The films and series chosen here take plots and dramatic tensions into conspiracy. But feel free to suggest others you find interesting in the comments.

We believe that the more we discuss the topic and its nuances, the more we manage to open our minds to new experiences and relationships in our lives. Therefore, the films below can be a good start for many of us.

The Art of Loving (2017)

Based on a true story, the Polish film tells the story of gynecologist Michalina Wislocka, in the middle of the communist regime, who fights against censorship to publish a book that addresses sexuality – called The art of loving – in a context that is critical of customs and traditions characteristic of the time.

Despite the difficulties faced, the circulation of his written material generated immediate interest and started a sexual revolution in the interior of the country. Poland until then suffered from the rigid rules imposed by the Catholic Church and the Communist Party and the so-called defenders of morals and good customs.

With a libertarian and feminist touch, the film touches on themes such as exploring your own body, discovering what gives you pleasure and seeking this with your partner, present in the content of Wislocka’s book.

Dry Martina (2018)

Martina is a former pop star who was very successful in Argentina during the 90s, but now, far from fame and without a relationship, she feels lost and doesn’t know what direction to take in life. But when her missing sister arrives with an attractive boyfriend, Martina feels the strength of a desire that has been dormant for several years.

With a humorous tone, the film shows Martina as a woman, theoretically, dry (“dry”, in English) and decadent, but very interesting who lives a moment of lust for her brother-in-law, who, on the other hand, also shows interest in her ex- popstar.

Four Stories of Desire (2018)

Four Stories of Desire brings together four great local filmmakers to tell, each in their own way, a different tale about perspective and how each woman manages to deal with her desires in India, which has a traditional and conservative society.

Always narrated by women, the stories basically portray the daily life of love relationships. With a light, unpretentious and fun script, the dialogues are the strong point of the plot and, even where there is almost no verbal dialogue, it exists in the protagonist’s eyes and in her breathing.

Topics such as relationships, love, sex and jealousy in modern India are part of this fun film.

Sex Shows on Netflix

For those of you who prefer series over movies, either because they are more detailed, or even because the duration of the episodes is shorter, we have also selected some good options for series about sex on Netflix. Check it out below.

Painful Friendship (2019)

The series, which premiered in 2019, tells the story of Pete, a young homosexual, and Tiff, a dominatrix , who were best friends in high school, but the two who lost touch over time. Years later, they unexpectedly meet again in New York. And a longtime friendship begins to strengthen.

With two seasons to go, the sexual comedy unfolds when Tiff invites Pete to be her assistant in the fetish sessions  offered by her.

The episodes show intense experiences lived by the duo, sometimes hilarious and others a little more serious. Mixing friendship and business, their relationship always has a lot of acidic humor as the spice of the story.

Sex Education (2019)

You’ve probably heard about Sex Education (Netflix) at some point, but maybe you don’t know that it has become the most watched series since the beginning of 2020 on the platform.

With two seasons available so far, the British series features Otis, a socially inept teenager who lives with his mother, a sex therapist.

Despite still being a virgin, thanks to his mother, he knows all about sex and, together with Maeve, a rebellious classmate, he sets up his own sexual health clinic to help other students at the school.

Explaining… the sex (2020)

This series, produced by Vox, has five 20-minute episodes addressing issues about sex, seeking to explain nuances and trends.

In the first episode, for example, the theme is the taboo involved when it comes to sexual fantasies. How people often think about their own desires and fantasies.

With studies and data, the episode shows how many common biological, psychological and social influences there are on sexual fantasy themes. In different parts of the world and at different times in history.

The series is a good alternative for discussing sex as something natural in our lives.

Netflix also has sex series available

Have fun and explore the theme further

Whatever the search for sex movies or series escorts, regardless of format, duration or central theme, what matters here is to find something that pleases. Not necessarily that everyone likes it.

Whether it’s to help at home with partners, to practice some of the script’s ideas with a companion or even just for individual knowledge and fun, it doesn’t matter. Use and abuse Netflix and all content available on the platform.

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