Sex role reversal: how this increasingly common practice works

Sex role reversal

If you like anal sex , you need to add role reversal to your sex bucket list right now. It is becoming more and more popular, with several sex experts claiming it to be one of the latest indoor trends.

Doubt? A survey by the social network Sexlog with 4,000 people showed that 43% of respondents have already done it, and 54% want to. That is, more than half want to try this modality!

So how does role reversal work and what’s the best way to practice? Keep reading to find out.

What is role reversal?

Role reversal can also be called by its English name, ” pegging “. It is a sexual practice that usually refers to the anal penetration of a cis man by a cis woman using a penis strap. And while it’s usually associated with heterosexual couples, lesbian couples can indulge in this type of sex, too with escorts.

For women who want to take control of their sexuality, role reversal can be very rewarding. On the other hand, for men, the practice can be extremely pleasurable, as it stimulates the prostate – a very important erogenous zone for them, but which is often forgotten.

Sex role reverse

4 reasons to love role reversal

In addition to sexual satisfaction, there are several other reasons why people can’t get enough of inversion, such as:

  1. A new perspective: this practice offers a new perspective on sex, as heterosexual couples have the opportunity to play with gender stereotypes, especially women, by assuming a role that is normally associated with men. That in itself can be exciting and excite both of you.
  2. A chance to explore fetishes: Whether you’re a BDSM fan , a man who likes to be dominated in the bedroom, or a woman who likes to take control in bed, role reversal lets you explore power dynamics and your personal fetishes
  3. Experience stronger orgasms : For men, anal action is ultra-exciting, and many often include it when they masturbate. After all, they can experience a phenomenal orgasm with the stimulation of the prostate, which is the G-spot of men.
  4. Promotes sex positivity: Due to traditional roles in bed, role reversal will require a lot of confidence from the couple. Therefore, it promotes sex positivity as it provides an opportunity to talk about sex and one’s sexual needs, resulting in a more fulfilling relationship.
Role reversal can bring the couple closer

A guide to role reversal

  • Have your partner’s consent: As with any sexual activity, consent is the first step. It’s essential to make sure your partner is open to being penetrated before trying. Also, this is a way of establishing trust, showing that you respect his boundaries and that his voice and wishes are important.
  • Buy a girdle: Since cis women don’t have a penis, a girdle with a penis (also known as a “strap-on” or “contralto”) is essential. However, a vibrator or rubber penis will also work, as they can be used to penetrate by hand. If it is the first time, please consider the size, shape and material, to ensure it is suitable for the couple.
  • Clean the buttocks: if you are the one to be penetrated, give that general one to guarantee hygiene and avoid discomfort for you and your partner
  • Too Much Lubricant: Unlike the vagina or penis, the anus does not provide enough natural lubrication to be penetrated. So it’s super important to use a lot of lube before penetration with a strap – or any other sex toy . Thus, you have more comfort and pleasure during penetration.
strap with penis

More About sex toys

  • Start with smaller sex toys: If this is your partner’s first experience of backdoor play, it’s best to use less “threatening” sex toys first, such as anal plugs. You can even use your fingers if you both feel comfortable doing so.
  • Find the right sex position: Positions like mom and dad, on all fours, roast chicken, and on your back work well for role reversals. Beginners should start with simple sex positions before moving on to more advanced ones.
  • Clean sex toys: After sex, always remember to thoroughly clean the strap-on (and any other sex toys you may have used) with warm water and a mild soap. This is essential to ensure hygiene and safe sex . After all, using toys that have not been cleaned properly can result in infections and even transmit STDs.
  • Communication: People can sometimes feel very vulnerable after experiencing a different sexual practice for the first time. That’s why it’s important to maintain communication before, during, and after the role reversal to make sure you’re both happy with what’s happening and know how you feel about the experience.
How to do role reversal

Try role reversal today

Remember: patience and taking it easy is essential to start practicing sex role reversal. In addition, it also allows the partner who is penetrated to get used to the sensation while you become familiar with what turns him on.

Important: never share sex toys, even after they are sanitized. And, if you’re in an open relationship, have toys for each partner. You can also put condoms on sex toys that are used for penetration to be on the safe side.

So, does role reversal appeal to you? If you would like to try it, talk to your partner about your desire.

If he or she agrees, make sure you have the right toys to start with and follow all precautions to make this sexual experience safe with kolkata escorts and comfortable.

Being the first time, it’s natural to feel a little nervous. However, you can continue to research more pegging tips until you feel comfortable putting them into practice. Also, you can hire an escort who offers this service to try out today.

Have you practiced or would you like to practice role reversal? Tell us in the comments!

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