Sexual consent from A to Z

Sexual consent from A to Z

Sexual consent is when all persons involved in any type of Sexual consent from A to Z activity agree to participate in the act. Any form of sexual activity without consent is an act of sexual violence and can cause emotional and mental harm to victims.

However, if you have experienced any form of sexual violence, it is important to know that the perpetrator is solely to blame. It is also important to emphasize that sexual consent applies to everyone.

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Historically, when it comes to sexual violence, sex workers have been stigmatized. A common myth is that because sex work involves a transaction between two people, exchanging money and companionship (and possibly sexual services), sexual violence does not exist. And this is false .

Whether you are a sex worker or not, sexual violence can happen to anyone and consent needs to be given.



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Sexual consent from A to Z 

the one of joy Happiness is vital to a healthy relationship or connection. Whether that person is a one-off or a long-term partner, you both should be happy with any sexual activity you engage in and it shouldn’t be done lightly or just to please someone else. Make sure you’re both enjoying the experience – and that you can find out just by asking.

B for Kiss

A kiss is just a kiss. Not a contract or indication that intimacy should happen (eg sex) and that you need to participate in other Sexual consent from A to Z activity. On the contrary, you are free to reject someone at any time, even if you started kissing or touching them.

C for Guilt

When someone’s car is stolen, we don’t blame the car owner for buying a good car. However, when someone is sexually assaulted, people sometimes blame the victim. Being under the influence of alcohol, walking unaccompanied, and your choice of clothing do not determine consent or causes of sexual assault; the aggressor is always solely responsible .

D for Drugs

Regardless of being sober or on any drug, consent still matters. When under the influence, some people can become violent and aggressive towards others, which is a criminal offence. Likewise, having sex with someone who is intoxicated or high may mean they cannot legally consent. Again, any form of sex without consent is sexual violence.

And of cumshot

Erections happen for a variety of reasons and are not an indication of sexual consent or desire. Likewise, just because someone has an erection, it doesn’t mean you have any obligation to engage in sexual activity with them. Only you can decide that, not your body.

F of Filming

For some, filming sexual activity can be pleasurable and satisfy fetishistic tendencies. However, it is a crime to film and share someone else’s explicit videos without their permission. According to Law No. 13718, it is also against the law to threaten or blackmail someone using this as leverage. This is also called ‘ revenge porn ‘.

G for gender

Regardless of your gender or sexuality, consent is valid and everyone’s responsibility. There is no dominant gender when it comes to Sexual consent from A to Z, no matter your race, religion or cultural background. You have the right to choose what happens to your body, no one else.

H of Hour H

Some people prefer unprotected sex because they believe it’s better and can provoke a bit of disagreement at the H-time. But having unprotected sex is risky and can increase your chances of getting an STD. It’s not okay to pressure someone into having unprotected sex or make them feel guilty about it. According to article 215 of the penal code, it is also a crime to remove a condom during sex without the consent of the other person (see: Usurpation).

I of age

According to article 217A , the age of Sexual from A to Z consent in India is 14 years old. This is regardless of the person’s sexual or gender identity. However, it is illegal to pay for or provide sexual services to a person under the age of 14.

Judgment J 

As human beings, we can sometimes fall prey to an error in judgment. No matter how aroused you are, only have sex with someone if you are absolutely sure the other person is consenting. If you are not sure, ask for consent or stop.

K de Kkkrying

No Kkkrying! We all have choices, which means we don’t have to do anything we don’t want to. If you choose to refuse a sexual act or consent to it and change your mind later – you are within your right to do so, and this must be respected by others. No one has the authority to force you to do something you don’t want to.

L of Lei

Consent is a legal requirement. Always think about what you are doing before proceeding with your actions. Consent not only protects your partner or other person, it also protects you from criminal consequences.

M of Evil

Being a victim of sexual violence can cause emotional and mental distress. Taking into account that the recovery can take a long time and the data can be depend from person to person.

If you are with someone who has experienced sexual violence, you can support them. Ask if it’s okay to touch them intimately and reassure them about their choices.

N of No

No means no, and you must stop – immediately. Furthermore, silence, non-response and uncertainty are not consent and should be taken as ‘no’. If the other person feels scared, intimidated, or very intoxicated, it may be difficult for them to say “no” or “stop.” Consent is not consent until “yes” is declared by both parties.


Dating apps and social media should be an enjoyable way to form relationships and stay connected with others. But cyberstalking and sharing unwanted explicit material like “send nudes?” happen too often, creating an unpleasant experience and offending some. While sexting is normal between boyfriends, if the person you’re talking to hasn’t asked or agreed to see explicit images, don’t send it.

Q of Questions

Asking questions is the best way to make sure you’ve gotten consent and that everyone is on top of the situation and having a good time. It’s also a way to show that you care and are considerate of other people’s feelings.

Q of Who

It’s easy to meet people online, but it’s hard to know if they’re genuine or who they say they are. For your safety, make sure you question everything about this person before consenting.

R for Relationship

Just because marriage brings you and your partner together in the eyes of the law doesn’t mean you no longer have authority over your body. When it comes to sex with escorts, you and your partner aren’t entitled to anything from each other, and it’s always important to ask, check, and listen. Consent applies regardless of whether you are married or not.

Y of Yes

Consent can be expressed verbally and through non-verbal cues. In addition to saying “yes”, other ways to express your consent could be a smile, a gesture of acceptance or enthusiasm. However, these tips do not just represent consent, but may reflect consent. Therefore, to be more cautious, it is still necessary to seek verbal confirmation.

T for Touch

Unwanted sexual touching is a criminal offence, whether it be kissing, groping or bumping someone in a sexual manner. This can happen anywhere, such as bars, the workplace or public transport. Sometimes the abuser may act in a way that makes the abuse seem “accidental” or “imaginary”, and victims may be accused of overreacting. No matter what the bully or bystanders say, nobody has the right to touch you without your consent, and that’s sexual assault.

U of Usurpation

“Stealthing” is when someone removes a condom during sex without the other person knowing. When this happens, they are changing Sexual consent from A to Z activity to one that their partner has not consented to, particularly unsafe sex . If you want to have unprotected sex (although it is not advisable), this must be agreed between both parties. Removing the condom during sex without the partner’s consent is considered a crime of sexual violation through fraud .

V for Violence

Sexual violence is an umbrella term used for unwanted or non-consensual sexual acts or activities, including sexual assault and sexual abuse. This can be committed by anyone, such as a partner, ex-partner, family member, friend, colleague, acquaintance, someone you are dating or used to date. Sexual violence is not just committed by strangers.

X for cursing

When it comes to sexual assault, many people believe that it only applies if physical force is involved. Using other forms of intimidation such as name-calling, verbal threats and bullying, or even manipulation, pressure and deceit are also tactics that can be used to harass someone.

Z for Zero Tolerance 

At Miss Kolkata, we have zero tolerance for sexual violence against anyone, including sex workers. Our aim is to participate in a world where people can safely acquire physical intimacy and sex workers can perform their jobs safely, freely and without the threat of sexual violence.

If you are a sex worker who has been the victim of Sexual consent from A to Z violence, we urge you to contact the authorities for help.

Alternatively, you can seek support from our partner, which provides sex workers with access to justice and protection for those at risk from dangerous individuals. Other organizations you can look to for support are here . And our partner , which offers a security application for Kolkata escorts workers.

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