Shower Sex with Kolkata Escorts: How to Make the Experience Unforgettable


So does this mean that sex has fallen into a routine and even morning sex doesn’t happen anymore?It’s no secret that as relationships mature, sex can fall by the wayside, making your sex life less active.But wait, all is not lost. Keep reading to learn all about shower sex with kolkata escorts, the practice that will get you and your partner out of your sex rut once and for all!

Who can have sex in the shower with kolkata escorts?

We can all have sex in the shower – and safely too.

Shower Sex with Kolkata Escorts can be morning, night, or even during any activity that takes place in the shower or bath. It’s important to remember that Shower Sex with Kolkata Escorts doesn’t necessarily have to be penetrative sex. If your shower is small and you are concerned about space, you can try some foreplay such as oral sex and/or fingering. You can also use aphrodisiac bath oils and even waterproof sex toys.

sex in the shower with kolkata escorts

Can you use a condom in the shower?

The answer is simple: yes, absolutely!

Even with running water, you can use latex condoms that have silicone or water-based lubricants to avoid discomfort and tearing.

It is always important to remember that water does not eliminate the chances of getting pregnant. Therefore, if you are not using any other contraceptive method, always use a condom in the shower.

How to have sex in the shower with kolkata escorts

Here are some tips on how to have sex in the shower and how to make the experience unforgettable:

1. Plan with your partner

If this is a practice you don’t have much experience with, talk to your partner beforehand about the positions you want to try to avoid any accidents happening.

2. Use a non-slip mat

When it comes to having sex in the shower, you have to be careful not to slip. A wet shower isn’t the most stable surface, so investing in a good non-slip bath mat is a great idea. It will help you have a more stable surface to lean on and avoid accidents.

3. Test before

You’ll need to lean on something while you’re having sex in the shower. Test surfaces first to make sure they can hold your weight

4. Take some lube for the shower

It sounds strange, but it’s true: water can make the vagina drier.

So even if you don’t usually use lubricant, it’s recommended to take a little with you. Be very careful not to spill it on the shower floor, as the lubricant will make the floor even more slippery.

Tips for having sex in the bath

Before you rush off to the shower, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Try not to use shampoo or shower gel first as this will make the floor more slippery.
  • Hot or cold water? Decide on the temperature before you start, so you don’t waste time and avoid wasting water.
  • If penetrative sex isn’t working for you, try other alternatives. Oral sex, for example, is much easier and just as pleasurable as penetrative sex.
Shower Sex with Kolkata Escorts
How to have sex in the small shower

Having sex in the shower with limited space can be more complicated and dangerous. One way is to try anal sex , as it’s easier to stand upright. Or you can try vaginal penetration, but in the same position, with both of you facing the same direction.

One of the most erotic and sensual aspects of Shower Sex with Kolkata Escorts is how close the two of you need to be. So a good tip is to press your bodies together and hold each other very firmly.

You can also use bath toys. Not rubber duckies, but waterproof sex toys that are the best choice for anyone who wants to play in the shower. There are many options, from waterproof vibrators and dildos, to vibrating bushings!

If only because it will be much easier and safer to use these toys in a small shower.

Best sex positions to do in the shower

We’ve broken down the four best sex positions to try in the shower:

standing dog

This is the position we mentioned above. It’s the same as doggy, but your feet are firmly on the ground as you bend over slightly and place your hands on a solid surface in front of you, such as a wall. Your partner may penetrate you with his penis, fingers, or a sex toy.


A great option for penile-vaginal penetration. The penetrating partner sits on the floor or on a stool, while the receiving partner sits on top.

reverse lotus

This position is exactly the same as the previous one, but the person on top has his back to his partner when he sits down. The receiving partner can hold on to the partner’s knees or place their hands against the wall for support.

mom and dad standing

This is a very intimate and romantic position and is perfect for making the mood even warmer. Both partners must stand and face each other. The receiving partner lifts one leg, resting the foot on the shower wall or a stool. The tip is to hug each other for support.

Do not be afraid to make mistakes!

Your first time in the shower is unlikely to be like any scene you’ve seen in Hollywood movies. But, don’t let that put you off.

Shower Sex with Kolkata Escorts is a matter of trial and error. Find out what works and what doesn’t, and laugh when things don’t go as planned.

Always keep an open dialogue with your partner about what he or she likes. Remember, nobody is a first-class professional.

run to the shower

Shower Sex with Kolkata Escorts is one of the best ways to spice up your sex life without stepping out of your comfort zone. The good thing about Shower Sex with Kolkata Escorts is that you’re still in a safe, private space, and you can always keep having sex throughout the rest of the house.

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