After all, does small penis matter? Find out if size matters

small penis matter

Does size matter? This is probably one of the most famous questions in the Portuguese language, and it talks about something that usually generates anxiety among men: the size of the penis. After all, many people think that a small penis is a sign of less virility or even not being able to handle it in bed. Therefore, it is common for men to feel anxious just thinking about it when looking for a company to have sex.

But we already advance: none of this is true. And, by the end of the text, you will agree, if you don’t already agree.

Size is not document

Giving the letter right away: no, size does not matter. After all, penis size has nothing to do with sexual pleasure.

If that were the case, lesbian women would never have orgasms in the first place. It would also be impossible to come in any other way than penetration, such as oral sex or masturbation . Sex toys, then, would not bring any pleasure or escorts services.

Incidentally, anyone who is unsure about the size of the penis, just look at the length of most vibrators . They are far from being what would be considered “great”.

Another concern is in relation to the thickness , and it is common to hear that it is more important than the length. However, girth may also not be as important when considering a woman’s anatomy. The vagina is very elastic, which means that it “molds” to the thickness of the penis. Also, the most sensitive part of it is no more than 5 centimeters deep.

So, it can be understood that the preference for a small, big, thick or thin penis is something much more personal than anything else.

small penis

And, if you’re still thinking that it’s better to have a big and thick penis, know that the vagina is, on average, 15 centimeters deep. And, despite her expanding a lot (just think that, when giving birth, a baby’s head passes through there) this stretching can, yes, bother the woman.

Therefore, a penis that would be considered large is not a guarantee of greater satisfaction in bed.

How big is a small penis?

There are several studies around the world about what the average penis size is, and they all point to around 13 centimeters . However, this value can change by country, and some places may have an average higher or lower than this.

For example, a 2014 survey showed that Congolese men are at the top of the rankings, with an average of 17.93 centimeters. Our neighbors in Venezuela and Colombia were tied at 17 centimeters. According to this research, the penis of a South Korean man is on average 9.6 centimeters, the smallest in the world.

And the average Indian penis? According to the survey, India is above the world average, with 16.1 centimeters.

Taking the opportunity, let’s debunk another common myth about penis size: there is no evidence that men of one or another ethnicity have a bigger or smaller penis . There is also nothing to prove that the size of the hand, foot or any other part of the body is related to the size of the member of the guy.

how to measure penis

Curious if your penis is close to average? First of all, we will emphasize that size does not matter! More important than having a penis of a certain size is knowing how to use it – and your hands, your mouth… After all, sex isn’t just about penetration, and you can have a lot of pleasure without it.

Speaking of which, get to know gouinage, the art of foreplay

But, if you want to satisfy your curiosity about the size of your member, we teach you how to measure it the scientific way !

  1. Take a measuring tape and lie down. If you don’t have a tape measure, any tape measure can be used. Then use a ruler to see the length.
  2. Then hold your penis against your body. That is, no leaving it forward: it must be towards the navel
  3. Place the end of the tape down there on the pubic bone. The measurement should be from there to the tip. Do not count the foreskin, which can add a few millimeters to the measurement.

However, to guarantee the scientific method, you can go further: the ideal, according to the person responsible for the main study, is that this be done at sea level, at an ambient temperature of 21 degrees, without having cum in the last 24 hours and after viewing pornography alone, to ensure an erection at the time of measurement.

Of course, you don’t have to be so demanding to satisfy a curiosity. In that case, a ruler leaning against the base should do the trick!

small penis matter for girls

positions for small penis

We’ve said it before and will say it again: size doesn’t matter! It is possible to give and receive a lot of pleasure, regardless of the size of your penis. But there are some positions that favor penetration in sex with a small penis.

See some of them:

  • On all fours: a classic position that everyone knows how to do. But, to favor deeper penetration, the ideal is for the woman to have her hips higher than her head (a good way to do this is to lean on her elbows instead of her hands).
  • Roast chicken: the woman lies down with her legs as close to the torso as possible, she can even lean on his shoulders for more comfort. Partner penetrates lying on top
  • Riding: it’s even better if the woman is supported on her knees, and not crouched, because that way he can penetrate deeper. Back riding can also work well.
  • Sitting: a variation of the cavalcade, the woman sits on her partner’s lap, facing him, with her legs hugging his body
  • Dad and Mom: Yes, the more traditional position also works for small penises. The tip is to have support to lift the woman’s hips, such as a pillow, cushion or towel

Ideally, the woman should be in a position that allows the guy more “space” in penetration. Therefore, the greater the amplitude, the better! Knowing this, take the opportunity to try new sexual positions and be creative in bed.

big penis matter

Remember: the penis is not the only way to pleasure someone else in bed, be it a woman or a man. So if you think you have a small penis, don’t let it undermine your self-confidence when you’re having sex with kolkata escorts. Take advantage of our tips to try out different positions and have fun experimenting with new possibilities in bed!

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