stay safe as a Kolkata escort

stay safe as a Kolkata escort

How to stay safe as a Kolkata escort

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When working as a Kolkata escort it is critical that you are safe at all times. One result of the growing debate about the profession has been the demand for better protection and safety for escorts and all those working in the sex industry.

Whether due to lack of knowledge or the existence of many myths about Kolkata escorts, this is a profession that must be looked at closely when it comes to health and safety.

Therefore, in this article, you will find best practices, safety measures and other recommendations to maintain your safety as a Kolkata escort.

Best practices for companions to stay safer

Below are the three essential areas that escorts should focus their attention on to ensure their safety in the profession. This includes communication, control and trust.


Communication - keep your security

Let Someone Know – Always let someone know where you are going when you go out to meet a client. It should be someone you trust and someone you can contact immediately (such as a close friend or family member) if necessary. If your family does not know about your profession, it is advised to have a solid communication/network with other stay safe as a Kolkata escort you know.

  • Point of Contact – Please provide details of where you will be, a preferred contact number and guidance on how long you intend to stay. So if you don’t come back on time, you’ll have someone who knows where you went.
  • Carry a cell phone – Always carry a cell phone with you, ensuring it is fully charged and available for use. Let us know your point of contact so they know you’ve arrived. Make sure you have a secure pouch that locks to ensure your phone is safe in case a customer tries to take it if you go to the bathroom, for example.
  • Prepare in advance – Find out who your customer is and talk to them beforehand. By chatting with a client before starting your session, you’ll have the chance to find out more about them, get an idea of how they behave, and verify that they’re not under the influence. If meeting at a hotel, make sure you get the room number details. Search. There are several websites that allow you to get more information about known clients. If you have any concerns during this phase, or warnings, please work around the situation and consider canceling the date.
  • Meet before – If you are unable to speak with your client before the program, organize a meeting in a public place and agree on how it will be during the meeting.
  • Business First – On your first date, be sure to confirm costs and make it clear what will happen during the client’s time.
  • Know your itinerary – Find out the place you are going to visit, be it your home or hotel and plan your route, having an idea of the location beforehand.
  • Know your surroundings – When you arrive at your destination, be sure to pick up as many useful visual details as you can, including the room/house number, noting exits, etc.
  • Bring a companion – If you have to meet a client you are not familiar with or don’t like the area, consider using a driver or someone who will be waiting for you outside.
  • Sex Positions – Let your client know immediately what sex positions you are willing to allow in initial communications, along with the type of sex you will be having. Many companions are encouraged to avoid the client standing in the back, as this position allows them more control, leaving the companion in her most vulnerable position. Remember that you are not obligated to do anything that you are not comfortable with.


Control the dynamics with your customer

Determine what you are willing to offer your clients before your work begins.

While some escorts provide specific services, others try to satisfy a variety of customer preferences.

The important thing here is to let your client know what they can expect from you and what your services cover. But understand that you can say no to anything you’re not comfortable with and walk away.

Accessories – some clients may like to incorporate toys into their sessions. It is advisable to bring your own toys for hygiene safety. If you use toys/accessories with a client, keep one hand for the toy and the other for the client, keeping them separate. Again, make everything clear up front and allow only what you feel comfortable with.

Bondage / Fetish – Many clients choose escorts for services they would not normally request at home, such as BDSM and other fetishes. Unless you are an experienced dominatrix or a particular fetishist it is not recommended to venture too far into these quests. If you allow this type of activity, set the ground rules right away and make sure you are not put in a vulnerable position.

Protection – In addition to your physical safety, always make sure that condom use is discussed early on in the meeting. Unfortunately, the concept of unsafe sex is not uncommon throughout the sex industry, but it is never recommended. Don’t let customers suggest otherwise, and always protect yourself. Also, make sure YOU apply the condom and not the client.

Privacy – Keep personal information about yourself as private as possible. A client is only paying for your sexual services, so he doesn’t need to know about your personal life outside of what you agreed.


Trust is key for sex workers

Being in control as an escort can also relate to the way you act, the general way you carry yourself, and ultimately your confidence.

As a stay safe as a Kolkata escort, you are your work tool; therefore, you must be able to protect yourself as best you can. Undoubtedly, some unscrupulous clients who utilize Kolkata escort services may prey on any vulnerability and not think twice about exploiting their lack of confidence to meet their needs. So work hard to foster self-confidence in the way you work – even if you don’t fully feel it.

  • Be confident – be responsible, but professional and polite. Introduce yourself with confidence both over the phone and in person
  • Communicate – use communication clearly and directly in all your work
  • Make Eye Contact – Look your customer in the eye when discussing rules, procedures and money
  • Be in charge – Behave pleasantly, but don’t let yourself be run over. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, politely decline a service. Never be afraid to use the word NO when you need to.

Safety measures for Kolkata escorts/escorts

The sex industry is undeniably one of the big businesses of the 21st century.

This means that it can attract an ever-increasing number of people looking to exploit its workers. Therefore, it is crucial to always ensure your own safety.

Most stay safe as a Kolkata escort are able to attend to their clients and meet their needs without fuss.

However, it’s always worth remembering that this is often an industry where it’s usually just you and your client – and often away from other people’s eyes. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your safety is a priority.

Stay safe as a sex worker

Unfortunately, the sex industry is also an area where many workers are less likely to report an incident if they are assaulted. But, any violence used is unacceptable and illegal. When possible and feasible, be sure to report abuse to the responsible authorities – your profession is no reason why you should not have all the respect and consideration that any other citizen should have.

The key to ensuring your safety is to stay vigilant, keep all lines of communication open and utilize whatever outside support you have available. Do everything you can, within the bounds of the law, to ensure that your companion’s safety remains your highest priority in your work and personal life know more misskolkata.

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