A Guide to Submissive Sex with kolkata escorts: 5 Ways to Explore Your Submissive Side

Submissive Sex with kolkata escorts

BDSM, while an exciting topic, is also largely misunderstood. The acronym BDSM covers a series of erotic practices in the universe of fetishism: “B” for bondage or binding, “D” for domination and discipline, “S” for submission and sadism and “M” for masochism. Practitioners are called BDSMers . When experimenting with new sexual moves and acts, it is essential to know all the details to ensure the safety and comfort of both parties involved. So let’s take a look at submissive sex with kolkata escorts, or the “S” in BDSM.

  • Sexual submission: what does it mean?
  • 5 ways to explore submissive sex with kolkata escorts
  • Constant communication is key in submissive sex with kolkata escorts
  • Explore fantasy together

In this article, we’ll explain everything about what submissive sex with kolkata escorts is, how to safely explore it, and a few other things you can do if you’re experiencing submissive sex with kolkata escorts for the first time. If you want to explore new fetishes and are considering submission, this is the guide for you.

Sexual submission: what does it mean?

Sexual submission or submissive sex with kolkata escorts refers to sexual intercourse between two people, where each party plays a different role. One person plays the “sub” or submissive partner, while the other plays the “gift” or dominant partner.

Although the media has portrayed sexual submission as having no “control” and no limits in play, it is actually the opposite. Submissive sex with kolkata escorts relies on consent between the two people and only works if each person receives sexual pleasure from playing their part.

sub vs inferior

Many people think that subs are the same thing as “inferior”, which is far from the truth. The submissive person in intercourse plays a role that refers to someone who is in the inferior position during sex.

People who identify as a sub will often only describe their sexual preference. However, a person may be inferior but not want to play a submissive role during sex.

Submission in the context of BDSM refers to handing over power to another person with consent and with clear boundaries.

People who play the sub in sexual submission don’t necessarily need to be penetrated or stay on top. Many subs spend most of their time at the top, doing their best to please the bottom, who can also play the dominant role.

It will depend on each couple 

Submissive sex with kolkata escorts is all about a power dynamic. One person plays the role of one who has power over the inferior. However, sexual submission is not a strict category, and each couple and individual has their own interpretation.

While the sub “hands over control” to the dom, this always happens within a set of boundaries and rules. Submissive sex with kolkata escorts is always between two consensual individuals who have a clear understanding of safe words, what they cannot do, and what works for each person.

So if you’re considering exploring submissive sex with kolkata escorts, make sure you have clear conversations with your partner about it. Also, communication shouldn’t end after the first try, as it may take a few tries before you find what works for you and how you can explore submissive sex with kolkata escorts in a way that pleases both parties.

Submissive Sex with kolkata escort

5 ways to explore submissive sex with kolkata escorts

While submissive sex with kolkata escorts can be fun and add a lot to a relationship, it can be hard to get right the first time. First of all, it is always important to have clear conversations with your partner, including what you are and are not comfortable with.

From there, you can start exploring your options.

Below, we’ll look at five ways to start exploring submissive sex with escorts with your partner. These are far from the only ways to experiment, but they can be a great starting point for figuring out what works for the two of you.

1. Punishment and permissions

This is one of the most common power dynamics during submissive intercourse. If you are playing with both punishments and permissions, the sub needs to ask for permission before doing something. For example, before having an orgasm or having oral sex , the sub has to ask the dom for permission.

The Dom can deny or grant permission, and if the sub acts outside of the Dom’s rules, such as orgasming without getting permission from the Dom, they receive a punishment of sorts.

Examples of punishments during submissive sex with escorts are slapping, bondage or even chastity.

If you want to explore punishments and permissions during submissive sex with escorts, set the sexual rules your sub needs to follow before starting playtime. This could include what sex positions are allowed, whether they can reach orgasm without permission, or even what they have to wear during sex.

2. Between slaps and kisses

Slap play refers to hitting your partner with your hands or a toy during intercourse. The most common example of this is a pat, which is something many people do even if they don’t practice submissive sex with kolkata escorts.

You can use multiple toys as long as both parties are comfortable. Doms can use their hands to spank the subs, but they can also use whips, paddles, and other bizarre sex toys .

This is usually done as foreplay, as an erotic pat can increase blood flow to the groin area, which will make you even more aroused. It also causes the brain to release endorphins and dopamine, making sex more enjoyable.

3. Interpretation and dirty talk

In submissive sex with kolkata escorts, both parties are playing roles. One will be the dom, and the other the sub. However, you can move on to the next phase and play roles that portray a defined power dynamic.

It can be difficult at first, which is why most experts recommend starting with very simple role switching with basic power dynamics.

Some examples of roles couples may experience in submission include boss/employee, teacher/student, or doctor/patient. However, as with anything related to BDSM, it is always crucial to communicate with your partner to find out what you are comfortable with.

4. Slavery

While bondage is a completely different aspect of BDSM, they often go hand in hand. When experiencing bondage, the dom can find different ways to restrain the sub during sex. Some of the things you can use include belts, ropes, and more .

Restrictions are in place to limit the sub’s sense of freedom, which can increase arousal and pleasure during intercourse.

5. Fantasies

Another way to experiment with different roles in bed is to wear sexy clothes during intercourse. Most of the time, doms and subs incorporate a variety of clothing and costumes while engaging in submissive sex with escorts.

For example, many Doms like to wear leather clothing, as it helps them feel confident and powerful. On the other hand, subs can use collars, handcuffs and other things that can limit their freedom to increase excitement and excitement during sex.

Other clothing can also be used to reinforce each person’s roles. For example, the dom might be wearing a teacher outfit, while the sub might be wearing a student outfit to create a really intense power dynamic that can make intercourse that much more exciting.

Fantasies can be an exciting part of sexual submission, as they allow them to feel like a completely different person. This makes them more comfortable in their role and can be a great way to experience submissive sex with kolkata escorts.

Submissive Sex with escorts

Constant communication is key in submissive sex with kolkata escorts

There’s no doubt that sexual submission can be fun. However, it is only fun and enjoyable when both parties are in agreement and when all limits, safety words, and other precautions are adhered to. Furthermore, BDSM involves constant and healthy conversations about your sex life and fantasies with your partner, as preferences can change over time.

For example, there might be some things you might not want to try right now, but might interest you at some other time. Or, on the other hand, the things you are comfortable with now may not be as pleasant as time goes by. That’s why constant communication is key for any couple looking to explore submissive sex with escorts and other aspects of BDSM.

Explore fantasy together

Submissive sex with kolkata escorts service involves each person playing a dominant or submissive role. But it can happen that some couples want to change roles, and others always interpret the same roles. Submission is supposed to be different from couple to couple, which is why it’s important to explore fantasy together to find a middle ground that pleases you and your partner.

But regardless of how you plan to spice up your relationship, always remember that you need to communicate with your partner to find out what things will and won’t work for you both.

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