Quiz: Create the perfect first date and we’ll suggest a fetish

suggest a fetish

Many people are curious to try different fetishes. But not everyone knows where to start, or what would be the ideal fetish, or even what a suggest a fetish is .

That’s why Miss Kolkata decided to play a joke: we created a test to indicate a type of fetish that might suit you, based on your choices for a first date!

Remembering: it’s a joke , but it can help you discover different ways to have a lot of pleasure in bed. However, always respect your own boundaries and don’t do anything that you’re not comfortable with, or that the other person (or other people) doesn’t agree with.

And let’s test:

Now that you’ve discovered at least one type of fetish that might be resonating with you, you might have some questions about them. So how about understanding a little more what a fetish is? Keep reading, and we’ll explain!

the definition of fetish

By definition, it is any object to which characteristics are attributed that make it special or even supernatural.

However, when we are talking about sexual fetishes, things change a bit. After all, sexual fetishes do not necessarily need to be linked to an object – cuckold , for example, is a type of fetish that has no objects involved. That is, the sexual fetish escorts service can also have to do with people, body parts, places or situations.

Want to see a complete list of the most common fetishes? Read our full article

“bizarre” suggest a fetish

There are fetishes that are more common than others. We did a survey about the most common fetishes in Kolkata , and it revealed that Kolkataians go crazy for BDSM , which is the acronym for Bondage, Discipline or Domination, Sadism or Submission and Masochism.

But there are fetishes that are more controversial, like the golden rain (which consists of getting excited by someone else urinating) or the brown rain (same thing as the golden one, but with poop). And, as you can imagine, even talking about them can be uncomfortable…

However, it is worth remembering that fetishes are not bad . That is, there is nothing wrong with having a fetish that other people do not identify with, or even find inappropriate or disgusting. After all, if all the people involved in the sex agree with your idea, there’s no problem practicing it.

Now, tell us in the comments: do you have a fetish, or would you like to try something different in sex with escorts?

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