Thai massage benefits

Thai massage benefits

Thai massage: how to do it and its benefits

Traditional Thai massage has been around for thousands of years, with the teachings of ancient medicine passed down from generation to generation . Unlike other types of massage, however, it is not a passive experience.

Along with the pressure of the muscles made with the palms of the hand, the masseuses also use the feet on the body, being stretched and twisted to relieve tension.

On some occasions, it is possible to find treatments that involve yoga positions with escorts, mixing the two ancient oriental traditions.

  • What is Thai massage?
  • Who should have Thai massage?
  • The benefits of Thai massage
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What is Thai massage?

Although Thai massage is different from other popular massages, it can be a relaxing and invigorating experience. The purpose of this massage is to clear any existing blockages in the meridian lines (energies) around the body.

This will help the energy to flow freely, restoring balance and harmony throughout the body. The result is achieved by massaging and stretching the muscles, in addition to manipulating the body with yoga movements.

Traditional Thai massage usually takes place on a padded mat or yoga mat on the floor, without the use of oils, and the person receiving the massage is fully clothed. But there are adaptations for both aspects, depending on the moment.

To begin with, massage therapists use their palms and thumbs to apply pressure along the energy lines. This will increase blood flow, warming up the muscles, before moving on to deeper pressure and joint manipulation to relieve any tension.

These initial steps are important, as they prepare the body for new movements and manipulation, obtaining better results with stretching.

For the stretching part, the masseuse will use the knees, elbows and feet to apply the necessary force and manipulate the limbs in the deeper layers. Some yoga positions can be applied, but nothing that generates any discomfort.

Thai massage helps with lower back pain

Who should have Thai massage?

As this massage is deep and tends to manipulate the body more, there may be a small amount of pain during the treatment, especially if the muscles are very tense.

For this reason, Thai massage is not suitable for people with bone or joint problems, pregnant women, people with skeletal problems, varicose veins, thrombosis or high blood pressure.

It is also not suitable for the elderly or those who have had a recent surgical procedure. However, for certain conditions, a Thai massage therapist can adapt your massage.

Thai massage is best suited for people with muscle tension and those who need to relieve emotional and physical tension. Many can start a massage feeling tired and leave completely rejuvenated.

The benefits of Thai massage

A Thai massage from an experienced masseuse can do wonders for the body and mind. Research shows that invigorating massage has a number of beneficial effects on the mind and body, including:

Relieves anxiety and improves mood

Thai massage has been linked to improved mood swings, as well as reduced anxiety and tension. In addition, deep tissue massages have been shown to reduce cortisol (i.e., the stress hormone) levels to help with relaxation.

Improves chronic low back pain

Traditional massage therapy reduces pain in those with lower back problems. Research shows that the improvement in muscle soreness is not just limited to the lower back, but can also be beneficial in other muscle groups, thanks to increased energy and blood flow.

Reduces the frequency of headaches

Thai massage is a technique that targets specific meridians. It is effective in reducing the incidence of migraines and chronic tension headaches. This may be a result of induced relaxation of the sympathetic nervous system and stimulation of the lymphatic system.

Increases flexibility

Regular Thai massages and the yoga postures performed stretch the body in a safe and controlled way, gradually leading to better flexibility and range of motion in the joints. In addition, traditional massage can improve the symptoms of osteoarthritis sufferers, thanks to its beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system.

Thai massage for couples

Because it is a massage that uses the whole body a lot, this can be a good alternative to incorporate in the foreplay of sexual relations between couples or Call girls. Leaving the bodies close and leaning against each other can be a sensual way to excite the partner as well.

The fact that the massage aims at relaxation, couples can benefit from this state of harmony and intimacy to improve the relationship and interaction in bed, in addition, of course, to help with flexibility to innovate with new sexual positions with partners .

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