All about the G-spot: what it is, where it is and how to find it

the G-spot

If the treasure map of sex had an X, that letter would definitely be something else: a G. After all, the legendary G-spot is the key to intense orgasms and promises absolute pleasure… If you or your partner can find it .

In that case, we have only good news. First of all, the G-spot exists in both women and men. And we’ll teach you exactly how to find it to provide an unforgettable night out, either with company or alone and alone. After all, sexual conections with call girls self-knowledge is everything!

What is the G-spot?

The G-spot is so named because it was discovered by the German gynecologist sapna. That is, the female version, which is the “original”. Let’s talk about the male G-spot too.

Contrary to what many people think, the G-spot is not the clitoris , although the clitoris is one of the woman’s erogenous zones and can lead her to orgasm. The G-spot, in turn, is also full of nerve endings: it is believed that it is a kind of extension of the clitoris , that is, it shares the same nerves that can lead to multiple orgasms , but in another place.

the G-spot

By the way, you read that right: “it is believed” because there is no consensus on the G-spot. In other words, it is not certain whether it is a region, a structure or something else.

Also, there are many women who report never feeling any kind of arousal when being stimulated where the G-spot should be. That is, not everyone will experience pleasure in this way. But the bright side is that there isn’t just one way to feel pleasure, right?

But where exactly is he? It is now that you will find out.

Where is the G spot

As we said, the G-spot and the clitoris are different things. Despite (possibly) sharing nerve endings, the clitoris is on the outside, so it’s easier to find. After all, he is visible!

On the other hand, the G-spot is inside the vagina. That is, you can’t see it, just feel it, either with your fingers, with a vibrator or with your penis.

the G-spot girl

The woman’s G-spot is located on the anterior wall of the vagina, between four and six centimeters from the entrance to the vaginal canal. To touch it, the best way is to have your palm facing upwards and put a finger inside.

Depending on the woman and the level of excitement, it is possible to feel a roughness , as if they were ripples, where the G-spot is. To stimulate it, just caress that textured part – if you use your finger, that “come here” movement can drive you crazy.

But beware: as it is a region with many nerve endings, it is a leap for pleasure to become a nuisance. Therefore, more important than knowing where the G-spot is, is paying attention to your partner’s reactions. After all, as we said before, not all women will feel pleasure in this place.

G-spot for women vs G-spot for men

The body anatomy of women and men is very different. But men also have an area where sexual stimulation takes them to heights and can make them experience super intense orgasms.

However, first of all, it is worth explaining that calling this region the “man’s G-spot” is a simple way to understand what it is, as if it were an equivalent in terms of pleasure. After all, she, in a way, is. In this way, the male G-spot is the prostate .

The role of the prostate is to “manufacture” semen, but it also breaks the branch in sex with escorts . That’s because the prostate is, just like the female G-spot, full of nerve endings that can cause a lot of pleasure. In addition, it is also not visible, because it is between the bladder and the penis. That way, the way to stimulate it is through the anus.

And, just like in the case of a woman’s G-spot, stimulation with fingers, erotic toys or the penis is also important here. However, the natural lubrication of the anus is much less than that of the vagina. Therefore, using a water-based lubricant for any action on the back door is essential to ensure more pleasure and avoid discomfort and even pain .


Did you already know that it was so simple to find the G-spot, both in men and women? Now that you know where he is, you can discover a new way to give him a lot of pleasure in bed. However, remember: not all people are excited when stimulating this region , and there are people who don’t even like penetration – both men and women. Therefore, always ask if your partner accepts being touched in this way, and pay attention to their reactions, whether positive or negative.

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