3 essential tips for having a multiple orgasm

tips for having a multiple orgasm

3 essential tips for having a multiple orgasm

Not everyone can have an orgasm easily. Having a multiple orgasm, then, might seem impossible. But it is possible, yes!

Today, you’ll understand exactly what a multiple orgasm is and how you can get there – or help someone else get there. After all, both women and men can experience this indescribable feeling, which is the definition of the expression “only those who have lived it know”!

But, before going to action, you need to understand exactly what it is about.

What is multiple orgasm

It happens when you have several orgasms in a row, or with small intervals between them . And, just with that description, you might have caught yourself remembering some time you felt something like that…

A lot of people think that having a multiple orgasm is the same thing as enjoying for a long time, losing consciousness or something like that… And it’s not exactly that. Basically, having more than one orgasm in the same intercourse is a multiple orgasm!

Another thing worth making clear is that cumming and having an orgasm are not the same thing. 

That’s right: enjoying is the same thing as ejaculating, which is what happens when the body expels some liquid. Already having an orgasm is the feeling of climax, that thing you can’t describe. Therefore, as we mentioned before, men can also have multiple orgasms, because an orgasm is not the same thing as an ejaculation.

What are multiple orgasms

How to have a multiple tips for having a multiple orgasm?

The first thing you need to remember is that there is no “sex playbook” . That is, we give suggestions and ideas of different things to try. But each moment is unique, and each person is different! So, the best thing to do is to have good communication with your partner or your partner to know what she or he prefers.

First step: get to know yourself

Anyway, the first step to conquer the dream of your own multiple orgasm is self-knowledge . After all, those who know themselves better know what they like and don’t like, what turns them on and what bothers them and, above all, they feel more comfortable with their own sexuality Indian escorts service and, therefore, allow themselves to experiment with new possibilities.

This self-knowledge can come both from sexual experiences with other people, from masturbation , and even from dealing with psychological and social issues that can get in the way of sex. There are specialists who can help solve these problems, such as sexologists and therapists.

Step Two: Crossing the Finish Line

This first step is essential for the second: reaching the first orgasm. But no rushing or charging for it! After all, putting pressure on it will only make you and your partner worry about it. And the more worries you have on your mind, the less sex happens.

Remember: tips for having a multiple orgasm is a consequence. So all the way to get there is important. And between us, it’s delicious!

Third step: go after the next one

Then, the third step is the continuation of the orgasm . And, if in the previous step it was no use just having the result in your head, in this one it is even more important.

Many people believe that the way to a multiple orgasm is to continue stimulation in exactly the same way and in the same place, but this can be the way to get nowhere! It’s just that, after the first tips for having a multiple orgasm, the tendency is that some areas, such as the clitoris or the glans, become very sensitive. Therefore, continuing to insist on the stimulus there when the person has just reached the climax can bother and even hurt.

Therefore, the ideal is, if the other person wants to continue having sex (don’t forget that there is no sex without consent), leave for other areas! The body is full of erogenous zones , and there are several ways to reach an orgasm. Sex toys , such as vibrators, can also help at this time.

In addition, it is possible to continue the game around the clitoris or the glans, and not directly on them. Thus, they continue to be stimulated, but not directly, which can lessen the discomfort – and continue the pleasure! But always pay attention to the other person’s reaction to make sure they like it.

How to get a multiple orgasm

Have a good time!

Remember: orgasm is a natural response from the body , and it depends on several factors ranging from the right stimulus to being really relaxed or relaxed, without worries or demands.

And this has everything to do with what we expect when we talk or think about multiple orgasms. I mean, of course everyone wants to have good sex and come a lot, but getting your head fixed on that will make it difficult to get there!

In other words, it’s much better to enjoy every moment of the relationship and let the tips for having a multiple orgasm be a consequence of a well-done fuck. And the multiple orgasm, too..

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