Ideas for an unforgettable romantic dinner for two

unforgettable romantic dinner for two

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Relationships can often fall into routine. There are several ways to avoid sameness. One of the simplest and quickest to try is to prepare that romantic dinner that neither of you will forget. And who knows, it might lead to a more spicy dessert at the end of the night, full of orgasms, right?

Whether you have doubts about what to serve at a romantic dinner, how to make the atmosphere more romantic or how to have a romantic evening, Misskolkata will help you create an unforgettable moment for two for you and your better half.

When well thought out and executed, the romantic dinner can also become an excellent foreplay.

Suggestions for a simple romantic dinner

What to serve for a simple romantic dinner at home?

Of course, it all depends a little on your skill in the kitchen, but one of the things considered most romantic by many people is when you cook for her.

If that’s the case, a good tip is to plan ahead and discover the other person’s favorite dishes in advance and surprise them. This is sure to impress, as it shows that you not only know their tastes, but care about serving them when possible.

In case you can’t do this research or she doesn’t have any preferences, here are some tips and recipes that can be successful, especially if they have some aphrodisiac ingredients .


It all starts with a good entry to spur the desire for what comes next. So here are some alternatives:

  • Bruschettas : they are easy to make and you can use ingredients such as tomatoes, olive oil, leaves and different cheeses, for example.
  • Antipasti : options such as canned eggplant, cheese spreads, pâtés, chestnuts and cold cuts can be a good choice.
  • Salads: here you can put whatever you think goes together, but a very safe option is the caprese salad .
Romantic dinner - starters

Main course

It’s time for the star of the night. The choices will vary according to each one’s diet, but below you will find a list with options for different tastes.

  • Shrimp Risotto with Sicilian Lemon
  • Mushroom risotto
  • Dried meat casserole
  • Cheese fondue
  • Filet mignon with mustard sauce
  • Spaghetti with pesto sauce
Romantic dinner - main course options


Of course, every good dinner should end with a good dessert. Therefore, a list with some viable options for you to make at home could not be missing, even if you don’t go to the kitchen very often.

  • Chocolate mousse
  • Red fruit crumble
  • chocolate fondue with fruits
  • Dulce de leche crepe
Romantic dinner - desserts

These are just a few simple yet effective romantic dinner suggestions to impress and please the other person. If you’re feeling more creative, don’t hesitate to make things more elaborate or spice up some of the recipes above.

Using delivery for a romantic dinner at home

If cooking isn’t your thing, these days that’s not a problem. With the existence of apps like Rappi or even with the increase of establishments offering delivery services, the gastronomic options have almost no limits.

So, here are some ideas of what you can order to create an unforgettable romantic dinner for two at home within reach of your phone.

japa menu

Perhaps not everyone is a fan of raw fish, but Japanese cuisine usually enchants many people for its color, variety and different and even exotic tastes.

Many Japanese restaurants deliver food, both cold and hot, throughout Brazil. If your favorite Japanese restaurant delivers, even better.

A tip here is to pay attention to the presentation. If food comes in disposable pots, why not transport it to your most special dishes and make the look even more attractive?

To give even more of a thematic and exciting atmosphere, you can organize your “table” on the floor, placing cushions and using oriental utensils, such as small gourds and chopsticks .

All of this will further increase the couple’s romance and intimacy , leading to hotter moments in bed.

Romantic dinner at home with Japanese menu

fitness dinner

 If you and the other person are focused on a more fit and healthy diet, with the aim of keeping up with physical conditioning, there are also alternatives.

Many places serve salads, light dishes with fish and plenty of vegetables, which are low in fat.

Keeping a light and relaxed atmosphere, with options for lighter starters and, perhaps, a white or rosé wine to accompany this menu, you will have a special moment without losing your fitness focus.

Italian night

Just by mentioning Italy, we can automatically think of a romantic atmosphere full of charm. Be it like a nice pizza, a risotto or a pasta dish drizzled with a well-seasoned and juicy tomato sauce.

Surely you have one or more Italian restaurants that you like in your city. So why not use them for your romantic dinner?

To make the atmosphere even more authentic, use a checkered tablecloth, typical of Italian canteens. If you don’t have it, take care of the candles to create a mood and the decoration with red, green and white – the colors of the Italian flag.

Italian cuisine is very vast and has numerous options, including vegetarian alternatives, so you might want to order a different variety of dishes that together will make you feel like you’re in the country.

Don’t forget to have a good Italian wine on hand, as it will be the final touch to lead to an even more enjoyable evening after the meal.

Romantic dinner at home - Italian night

How to make a romantic dinner set

First, when deciding how to have a romantic dinner, it’s nice to create something that is special and creative, but that has a connection with the couple. It’s not because some people like decoration with balloons or more sumptuous things that everyone will find it cool.

Therefore, as well as choosing the menu, the tip of understanding better and knowing what will please the other person applies to the decoration. Whatever the choice or theme, there are some basic suggestions that can help with your creativity.

lighting and candles

One of the most basic options to make your home or the environment of your unforgettable romantic dinner for two more intimate and cozy is the reduced use of lights and candles. They give an even greater charm to any environment, so look for some options that can give that even more sensual touch.

flowers and ornaments

Flowers give a special touch to any environment, so don’t forget to use this type of decoration on the table and around you. If you’re even more inspired, spread some flowers around the house, including the bed, because dinner will definitely inspire you two when it’s time for sex.

custom decoration

One of the main ways to please the other is to use a decoration dedicated to someone else, such as photos of the couple, places they like or items that have special meaning, such as a family object or a special gift for the person.

Romantic dinner at home - Italian night
How to have a romantic night

The unforgettable romantic dinner for two is just one of several alternatives to make your romantic evening even more exciting and to increase the moments of pleasure for two.

This type of interaction improves not only your health, but also your sex life with escorts service and your levels of endorphins, the hormone responsible for your feeling of satisfaction and happiness.

So how about trying out some of these tips and creating a unforgettable romantic dinner for two for your better half?

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