Virtual sex: tips and ideas on how to have pleasure from a distance

Virtual sex tips and ideas

Having virtual sex is undoubtedly natural, beneficial to relationships and quite common. According to the Kinsey Institute ‘s International Sex Survey , conducted in 198 countries regarding sexual habits, more than 60% of people have had sex over the internet – whether by text, audio and/or video.

In times of social distancing and quarantine, caused by the pandemic, this can be an excellent option to relieve tensions or concerns, gain more intimacy with the other or even have an extra source of pleasure to enjoy.

Whether between steady couples, casual partners or even escorts , virtual sex has no limits on distance, age or any other difficulty related to personal encounters. The important thing is to be committed to the moment and take advantage of what the partner can offer.

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  • Tips for not feeling awkward during virtual sex
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Now check out some tips on how to have virtual sex free of shame and prejudice, in addition to discovering some positions that can help at H-time.

how to have Virtual sex tips and ideas

With increasingly easy access to new technologies, virtual interactions are more intense and with more quality in terms of speed, sound and image. For virtual sex this is no different.

Although “sexting” (message sex with kolkata escorts) is still widely used by many people, access to better quality smartphones and computers has contributed to the growth of video calls and photo exchanges. With the growth in the use of applications such as WhatsApp, for example.

So, in this case, there are some tips to make this moment more relaxing and pleasurable. First, keep in mind that confidence in the partner and in the moment is essential for there to be real involvement and pleasure in sex.

The famous popular saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” could be adapted here by “a picture is worth a few words”. This is because, even if you build a beautiful setting, with good lighting and silence (or with ambient music), use make-up and sensual clothes, the use of provocative and exciting words plays a fundamental role here.

Virtual sex - make the most of this source of pleasure during distancing

Use your voice and your body

Having virtual sex is not just showing your naked body in an image or video, but how you interact and respond with words and with your body to the other from a distance.

Sexy moves and close-ups/focus on details of your body (including all erogenous zones ) are the next step for your virtual sex session. Look directly at the camera, as if you were looking at him/her.

Don’t be afraid to surrender the moment, free your imagination. Describe everything you would like to do with him/her, kissing, caressing, squeezing – here is the most detailed description possible.

Remember, just like conventional Virtual sex tips and ideas, the important thing about virtual sex is that every moment is mutually agreed and totally pleasurable for whoever is participating.

When masturbating, on many occasions, one partner reaches orgasm before the other. If you get there first, don’t ignore the other person on the other end of the line, encourage him/her more and continue to pleasure him/her.

Tips for not feeling awkward during Virtual sex tips and ideas

It is quite natural to feel uncomfortable when being filmed live. Therefore, an important tip is to rehearse. Don’t be afraid to come up with some phrases or try out some poses that are most comfortable for you.

Usually we have angles that favor us. Look for the ones that suit you best. The goal here is to make you as relaxed as possible so you can really enjoy every minute of it.

Important: if you go virtual with someone you don’t know yet, consider how much intimacy you are willing to offer. If the person asks to show more than you want, feel free to decline. Do not submit yourself to any situation of embarrassment or discomfort – and that goes for Virtual sex tips and ideas between acquaintances too.

I use virtual sex to increase your intimacy with your partner

Positions indicated for virtual sex

As we mentioned earlier, nothing is more important than finding the positions and places that you like and feel comfortable with. However, here are some poses, which in this context are sexual positions , for you to have as an option when having Virtual sex tips and ideas:

  • Lying on the front: By lying on a bed or sofa on your back, you will show your body as a whole, giving the other person the opportunity to see your legs, genitals, abdomen and chest – a complete picture.
  • Out of four: Most performed by women, this position will give a unique view to another person of the rear region, back and buttocks, in addition to leaving the anus and vulva in evidence.
  • Sitting with legs apart: In this case, you will focus on the lower regions of the body, with more emphasis on the genitals region, showing your excitement and pleasure with hands and caresses.
  • Squatting: This is a variation of the position on all fours, highlighting the buttocks, vulva or testicles and penis in prominence. It may, however, be a more uncomfortable position for beginners.
  • Sideways on the couch: Supported on your side and with your arms free, here you can provide a view for your partner while you masturbate or caress your own body.

Seek real pleasure with virtual

Whatever your choice of moment, space, clothing or position, virtual Virtual sex tips and ideas with escorts services can only be fully experienced when both are fully involved and committed to the situation.

Therefore, to make the most of this sexual option while the distance is in practice, it means allowing yourself to give pleasure without worrying about embarrassment or blocks you may have to find what really gives you pleasure.

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