What is a fetish

What is a fetish

What is a fetish? See the list of top sexual fantasies

In the past, having a specific type of fetish was quite stigmatized. However, with the evolution of studies regarding sex, we have become more open when it comes to matters related to what is done behind closed doors.

According to the study in The Journal of Sex Research , approximately half of us are interested in sexual behaviors that are considered “abnormal” – with a third of us satisfying these desires at least once.

  • What is a sexual fetish?
  • The most common causes of fetish
  • The most popular fetishes
  • Are fetishes normal and safe?
  • Improving your life with sexual fetishes

So what are sexual fetishes? And what does it mean to have an erotic fetish?

What is a sexual fetish?

Fetish is a typically sexual form of desire with kolkata escorts. Usually connected to certain areas of the body or a specific object, fantasizing about or physically touching, the result is sexual arousal, followed by erection and orgasms.

It is important to note that fetishes are not just male desires, but many also have their own way of getting aroused.

Currently, without the taboo of talking about this subject, more people are able to have the experience of living out their fantasies.

In fact, after the Fifty Shades of Gray ratings phenomenon, the shame surrounding fetishes began to fade.

The most common causes of fetishes

Many experts say that there is no cause for many of the fetishes. However, some claim that many of the cravings may have their origins in childhood. Some even raise the possibility that many fetishes are developed before people are aware of their own sexuality.

Therapist and body sex educator Anna Stella Sonnenbaum claims that fetishes arise from past experiences. According to Sonnenbaum, being a trauma, “a stethoscope or nurse’s uniform can be fetishes attached to children traumatized by medical treatment, turning their emotional response into a sexual pleasure for their resolution”.

However, according to the specialist, it is also important to understand that “not all fetishes are related to trauma. The foot sensitivity area of ​​the cerebral cortex is located very close to the region connected with the genitalia, so it makes sense that a lot of fetishes are concentrated on the feet.”

For many, the concept of a fetish is one of eccentricity and a departure from what is considered traditional and normal sexual activities. But most fetishes do not indicate mental illness .

Although it is riskier sexual behavior for some, it goes beyond ordinary sexual intercourse. Therefore, fetishes allow you to explore desires more deeply without the fear of shame or judgment.

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The most popular fetishes

Happening in many bedrooms and, of course, beyond, our data suggest that many fetishes, particularly sexual ones, are more common than you might initially think.

See here a very complete list with the explanation of each fetish.

  • BDSM – Also known as bondage and discipline, domination and submission, sadism and masochism. BDSM is all about power between two consenting adults with the submissive person doing whatever the dominant says.
  • Cuckold – The cuckold is the fetish in which the man takes pleasure in seeing his partner going out and relating to other people.
  • Foot Fetish – Referred to by some as foot worship , this fetish is fairly common and takes the concept of massage to another level, with kissing and smelling involved.
  • Cross Dressing – It is the act of wearing clothes and accessories that belong to the opposite sex. Immensely popular with many, cross dressing allows people to dress without judgment from society.
  • Swing – The most interesting fetish for many couples, swinging involves changing partners with full consent on both sides. Whether a relationship with other individuals or with couples, it is also known as wife swapping.

More Fetish

  • Group Sex – Having sex with more than one person, whether it’s a threesome or an orgy, is a common fetish for many people. It works in a secure environment where all participants give consent.
  • Edge Play – A form of orgasm control, edge play works on all the genitals, and allows the submissive partner to be pushed to the limit – but is stopped before climax. This can be done repeatedly.
  • Golden Shower – Although not widely discussed, getting aroused by urination is a common fetish, and has its own term: urophilia.
  • Voyeurism – One of the most popular fetishes of all, voyeurism is an observation fetish. People get turned on by seeing naked bodies or watching people having sex. Like internet porn at its peak, this is a fetish that many are not aware of, but certainly practiced in times of social distancing.
  • Masochism – A fetish involving one person deriving their pleasure from another’s pain, masochism can be practiced either physically or emotionally. The result is a strong sensation felt by spanking, humiliating, or even spitting on the other person.
  • Choking – This is the act of lightly choking on something, usually a penis. The arousal stage in this case comes from the man being big enough to induce the gagging sound in the other person. Likewise, the partner may find the act of choking on something in the throat pleasurable.
  • Exhibitionism – Preferred by many people for the risky element, exhibitionism refers to outdoor sex, and the thrill of being caught at any moment by anyone nearby. It is worth remembering that the balconies also count here.

types fetish

  • Leather / Latex / Rubber – Whether getting aroused by the feel of latex, leather or rubber, or by the smell, this type of material generates a lot of sexual excitement in those who have this fetish. This is normally used as an easement.
  • Role-playing – Role-playing is a way to experience characters that exist only outside of our everyday lives and enhance sexual pleasure through some imagination skills. This is a fetish that can suit anyone who practices it, be it classic, common or even shocking, as you like.
  • Uniforms – Similar to role-play, uniforms can generate excitement by men or women dressed in specific uniforms. From police officers to firefighters, nurses to teachers, role-play can be added here for added intensity.
  • Anal – Although not considered a fetish per se, many people are excited by the concept of anal sex. For this reason, it has become more socially acceptable for both men and women to enjoy the act.

fetish different

  • Suffocation – Typically the most problematic of fetishes, smothering is used gradually during sex, but at any level it is dangerous. Considered a game of limits, suffocation involves giving up any control, so it requires consent, understanding and extreme caution.
  • Used Underwear – Some people, particularly men, enjoy the smell of women’s underwear. Whether it’s baggy, tight, or other undergarment items, the act of sniffing these pieces of clothing can sexually stimulate many people.
  • Humiliation – Not all fetishes are physical, and humiliation is an example of this, with the use of language to elevate sensations in sex. This can range from name-calling to verbal abuse, but when agreed upon in advance it can have a powerful positive psychological impact during the sexual act.
  • Dogging – This fetish involves the ancient act of having sex in a car, but is now best known for its element of voyeurism by those who wish others would watch by signaling it with the car’s interior light.

Are fetishes normal and safe?


Fetishes are perhaps not yet a widely debated subject. However, many of us still have them and act on them safely.

For many people, this is a healthy way to release the urges to control the environment, and often with partners who share the same needs. Finally, it ensures that people don’t suffer in silence or feel isolated because of these desires.

However, that being said, there are times when some people make their fetishes problematic. Thus, occasionally, some fetishes go beyond accepted limits.

This means either that those involved have not consented or that the desires in question lead to anguish, both physical and mental, and in some cases even potential death.

Coach and certified sexologist Gigi Engle says practicing safety when exploring a fetish is “knowing your fetish and how to bring it into sex safely.”

Improving your life with sexual fetishes

If everyone participating in a fetish fully agrees, and if it doesn’t harm anyone, a fetish can be a great experience.

It goes without saying that some of the riskier ones, such as dogging and showing off, must be carefully considered due to their possible consequences.

As long as comfort levels are discussed beforehand, safety is paramount and a key element of trust – a fetish can be the ideal way to take your sex life with escorts

to the next level.

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